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  1. I have used radishes blended with crimson clover after wheat. It worked well for me. The challenges are getting the cover crop to grow if it is a dry July. No till to seed them and maybe wait for good ground moisture or a rain coming. In my central ohio location, the clover and radishes have plenty of time to grow if they don't get seeded until the 1st week of august. The smaller seeds of the clover and radishes have are not as robust as the larger rye seeds and so I had a year where the cover crop was almost a total loss. The clover will not winter kill but the radishes do. Expect the radishes to stink when they thaw out in the spring. I planted corn into the standing clover and then burned them down when I put on my pre-emergence herbicide. This worked well but you need good row cleaners. Watch so the row cleaners don't wrap up with the green vegetation. You also want the row cleaners to sweep a clean row so the corn has good sunlight to warm the ground and push the new corn up out of the ground.
  2. Jealousy overload here!!!! I went to an auction last summer that had a 3588. It was very well maintained with very good rubber all around. It brought $14K. Yours looks like a nice tractor. Enjoy and find me one now.
  3. Congratulations. She probably wouldn't have done it if you liked another color. She looks like to good of a woman for that!!!!!!
  4. I ran the tractor for about 6 hours yesterday shutting it down and turning it on many times. No problems at this point. I'm going to consider it fixed. Thanks for the replies!!!! Now onto the next one. I had to 'screw driver' start my CIH 885 by short jumping it at the starter last night. I think that one is just a loose wire at the switch. I thought I fixed that one last year. Guess not.
  5. I did not get the chance to do as Jeff and Bitty suggested until last night, I was posting from work the day after (don't tell my boss.) I checked last night and all connections are very sound, not loose and all check 12V. I did put in an additional wire permanently from the starter to the switch. My only thought was that the original wire had accumulated some corrosion in a connection over time and this corrosion caused higher resistance and thus the lower voltage. All seems as normal now. I will run it hard this afternoon and keep an eye on it for troubles. If there is a short/partial short, then the new battery will drain relatively quickly so I'll keep an eye on that. I appreciate the ideas as I HATE dealing with electrical issues.
  6. Jeff, Here is what I did last night also. I ran an external power wire from the starter to the switch and disconnected the existing power wire. This new power was taken after the battery connection. I had very good starting after I had the external wire connected and measured very good voltage in that line as well.
  7. I found that wiring diagram, I just didn't know if this was accurate for my machine. I know the tractors are almost identical. I did not blow any fuses.
  8. I have a CIH 695 with a voltage problem. I checked the power at the key switch and I am only getting 6-8 volts. I am thinking that the wire has worn through the insullation somewhere and is leaking voltage. My main problem is that the starter will fail to engage reliably, until last night that is. My battery was dead and about 5 years old so I replaced it. After replacing it, all my electrical was dead. No Start, No lights, No nothing. I would like to just run a new wire to replace the old worn one but I am not certain on where it all runs. A wiring diagram would be most helpful. Does anyone have this? Thanks Siefring Red Farmer
  9. What is the loader tractor setup you have in the shed? Any pics of that?
  10. I just sold yesterday and so I knew that beans would go up at least $.10 today. I just checked and they are up $.20. Dang Nammit!!!
  11. I used to run one. They are good planters and parts are easily purchased either on line or at a dealer. Hook it up to the planter tractor and check that the row units are level when it is in the ground. If the planter leans forward, the closer wheels will not work effectively and it will not plant to depth evenly if it leans back. Take it out and test it in the ground and see where the closing wheels run. The row units are kind of flimsy, you can easily bend and get them out of alignment if you or the previous owner planted around corners rather than picking up the planter. Also, the closing wheel assembly will have bushings that wear out and will allow the closing wheels to run off center. Check the openning disks for size as they will not open a good V if the disk are worn. Check the depth wheel assemblies and add shim to keep them running tight and then keep them greased. The markers on mine would malfunction on occasion and so I would have to pick up and redrop the planter. The switching mechanism is all mechanical and so there is wear and dirt that an issue there. The 7000 planter is a simple mechanical machine and you will be very glad you upgraded.
  12. Here is that tractor at Red Power Roundup when it was at Lima OH. I talked to a few people standing around it. One fellow who new the owner said, 'Some people have tractors and some people have wives' The pin striping and crome was done very well. I can't imagine that tractor does much fieldwork anymore. Probably sits in a climate controlled shed.
  13. I finally found a good hydraulic repair shop that is not to far from where I work. He is getting me the seals as well as repairing the rod all for less than 1/2 of the price of the parts from CIH. If anybody ever needs it, I went to L&B Tool in Wapakoneta Ohio. Google will get you in contact with them. Siefring Red Farmer
  14. I have a tilt cylinder on my 2250 loader that has a seal that leaks every 2-4 years. I was welding and was not carefull and boogered up the rod and this makes the seal leak. Where can I get a replacement rod for this?
  15. I grew up on a 674. Ours had a 2250 IH loader. One of the best loader tractor setups ever made IMO. We used ours for everything as it was the big tractor on the farm. The engine started making oil at 4000 hrs and it got traded in on a CIH 695 which is very similar considering the age difference.