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  1. Air and Fuel Filters

    I bought some new old stock air and fuel filters at an auction (all for $2.00). They all mostly very large filters used on large diesel engines (probably over the road trucks). I tried to sell them on E-bay with no takers. So rather than just throw them away I thought maybe someone in the Greencastle, PA area would want them for free. The part numbers for the air filters are Fleetguard AF465 , AF979, AF942 (I have two of these ) and AF435KM. The fuel filters are Fleetguard FS1007 and Baldwin BD7153. I know this isn't the place for this site for this type of information but I thought if I could help some Red Power guys then why not. If anyone is interested let me know.
  2. I own a 1952 Super M with power steering, wide front and a Freeman loader. It runs very strong and is in great shape. I also own a 45 M and a 706 LPG wide frt and 3 pt.

    I haved worked for a major construction Eq. Co. for 38 years and enjoy working on old tractors.