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  1. Pics of my 544 diesel

    We had one on the farm great chore tractor , loved running it . Where r u located ? Might be interested
  2. Farmall 460 TA slipping

    If it were me , as long as it's apart just overhaul the entire TA. A lot of work not to do it right , and it makes it a much nicer tractor anyway, especially with a loader. Good luck PS. Get the ta manual, you will thank yourself.
  3. Oil or fuel coming out of exhaust on 544

    I have never seen a 544 without the pull cable. But I'm not an expert on them either.
  4. Farmall 756 Addition and Introduction

    Farmer5, we need pics of those tractors. We always need pics......lol
  5. Farmall 756 Addition and Introduction

    Good looking pic, awful small rear tires. Are those 15.5
  6. Farmall 756 Addition and Introduction

    Very nice 756, and welcome,
  7. Picked up my new tractor accessory

    Nice find, have fun turnin dirt .
  8. 656 engine issues

    Maybe I missed it ? Did you recheck valve adjustment,just a dumb idea I had
  9. 696's Super A restoration

    How is that A coming ? Mine is done, and it turned out nice but I have to give it to the now ex wife . ....that's life I guess
  10. 696's Super A restoration

    nice find , better than a cracked head. keep us updated, I am doing a 51 super a right now also
  11. Post your Projects Here!

    nice lookin 10 johndeerefan, you should be very proud of it. one of my all time favorite tractors and welcome to the forum even with a name like that, lol
  12. TD40

    beautiful job guys
  13. Post your Projects Here!

    looking very good, nice job on the mechanicals . do it right the first time and the tractor is a lot mor fun to work with
  14. Post your Projects Here!

    I guess this is the before pic, I will be slowly restoring this great tractor and pics may take a while between updates. it also came with an IH dozer blade that mounts directly to the loader. serial number is 28084
  15. Post your Projects Here!

    congrats on the first baby,just remember to enjoy the child. they grow up way too quick