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  1. last one.........or not

    well the bug bit again picked up these units, the 55 is a runner the 582 and 1100 not so much, all for 140.00 buckaroo's. the 1100 is a 68. every thing there but the engine is stuck, thinking of parting it out along with the 582. my wife even came with me to get them and wasn't mad, not so sure about the 1980 chev 3/4 to 4x4, haven't mentioned that one yet. now time for more therapy.
  2. IH SW6-TA help

    does it have power steering? if not you will need popeye's arms to turn it with anything in the bucket. tough old tractors that will run for ever. i have a diesel with the t/a. welcome to the forum!
  3. last one

    wanted to buy all the ih's, the 650 is a little rarer but all flat tires etc, the w9, wd-6 and the 650 were not seized but i think i might have had to move into the shop full time, the war department would not have been happy.
  4. 2017 crop pics

    is that your square body chevy ralph? love those old girls, have 2 of them.
  5. what is this?

    hi guys anyone know what this tool is for? friend bought it at an auction and gave it to me. it has ih stamped on it and says made in canada and number is 1691T
  6. last one

    played some more with the m, it has been converted to 12 volt using a starter and generator from a w-450 diesel, now is push button start instead of the usual pull rod and switch on the starter, can't find parts for the starter here in canada, need armature and new bushings delco starter # 1108996.
  7. last one

    hey rafter i am at lemberg so we are very close, the sale was done by 2s auctions from indian head.
  8. last one

    not familiar with the m's, what is a stage 2? hey chris i have 2 td-6's but kind have lost interest just have to many tractors on the list before i get to them, sure the m will be fun to get working right, but i have a 656 and a 606 in front of it on the repair list
  9. last one

    that is the other side of the collecting bug, startedwith an 18 ft low boy trailer, but could only haul one so upgraded to the tri axle gooseneck 30 ft, now am putting a winch on it, of course then i needed a truck to pull it so bought the duramax in the picture, so investment is high BUT i don't drink, smoke or do drugs. tell everyone this is my cocaine habit, costs me as much and i get high doing it. and i see another collector tractor auction coming, oh Lord give me strength!
  10. last one

    well mister gleaner k2 i have so many tractors and crawlers, a scout, a loadstar and three cub cadets plus just bought a 67 pickup i don't think i will live long enough to get them all done, see the wife is working on her aim so might have to back off on buying but it kills me to see this old ih iron going to china.
  11. last one

    yes it is a super m, got it running yesterday, starter is pooched, dead bar on the armature and very bad bushings, massive leak at top of the rad and maybe a head problem as it warmed up quickly. on the plus side after getting the starter to crank and some fresh gas it fired right off, runs really good all the gears in the trans. work great no left brake but good right one, awesome oil pressure and sounds sweet, very good throttle response, so in the future i hope to get it in the shop and see what is going on. where these 12 volt or 6, this has a 12 volt starter and generator positive ground, gen. charges fine.
  12. last one

    east side of sask, about an hour east of regina, never done a swap so you will have to tell me if i can use the my hubs and bearings etc, thanks by the way.
  13. last one

    not many farmalls around here even less with narrow front, is this an ih axle or a schwartz?, i think ih, has broken exhaust manifold but i have a spare off a w6 hope to get it running this week, unfamiliar with the hydraulic system looks like a belly pump instead of the usual between the dist. and timing cover. am going to look into a narrow front for it.
  14. last one

    this will be my last tractor purchase ( hope ), online antique tractor auction yesterday, said to my self no more tractors but this old m went for three hundred dollars, not seized, was running last year.