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  1. 574 oil leak. Stumped

    I don't know Owen, this tractor has never had the rear end opened up. There's 14,000hrs on it. I'm gonna really dig into it tomorrow and report back with what I find. I'm hopin I can diagnose it before I have to tear into it.
  2. 574 oil leak. Stumped

    I'm tryin to put a picture up but can't get it to load.
  3. 574 oil leak. Stumped

    No there's no external loader valve on it. The aux valve for the remote
  4. 574 oil leak. Stumped

    No everything is tight. I was hoping for a bad gasket or loose hose but that's not the case
  5. 574 oil leak. Stumped

    If its sitting and running PTO equipment it's always dribbling oil, but if u go from one farm to the other on the road in high gear then it really pushes oil out, the faster u go the more oil comes out. Right now the oil is low so it's not an over full problem. Oil isn't coming out bubbly or anything either.
  6. 574 oil leak. Stumped

    Oleman, the leak is most deffenitly coming from the breather as I have the seat and all of the sheet metal off over the transmission and rearend.
  7. 574 oil leak. Stumped

    No oil isn't foamy, and there have been no changes to the hyd system. I let it run at 1500rpm today for a half an hour it it leaked out a good quart, but it worse when ur driving down the road.
  8. 574 oil leak. Stumped

  9. 574 oil leak. Stumped

    I have a 574 in the shop with a massive oil leak under the seat, tracked it down to the breather ontop of the rear end housing right under the seat. When u drive down the road it is pumpin oil out of that breather in a massive amount, what could be causing this? Oil level is good, I'm stumped. Anyone have some ideas or seen this before? Thanks Chris
  10. Keystone Turbo?

    Hey Chris, are you running stock bore and stroke with your super m with this turbo kit? Also how big did you have to drill the jets out to? I guess i will have to to do some tinkering with my 400 when i get the turbo kit and do adjustments accordingly, i have a few other add ons im going to do to it such as electronic ignition, and a m&w governor . and run 15.5-38s on the rear The bore and stroke are all stock, everything inside the engine is what came there from the factory, I'm even still running points and condenser on a 6V system. As far as the jets go I can't remember now, every engine will be different so you will just have to play with it. It will also depend on what your doin with it, mine is just a puller so I have it runnin a little rich. I have a chain in place of the spring in the govenour to get the rpm that I wanted and mine is sitting on 13.6-38s
  11. Keystone Turbo?

    I have a keystone setup on my Super M, makes 95 horse at 540PTO, there was alot of fussing around with the carb and drilling out the jets to get enough feul into it, also the timing has to be retarded a great amount, cant remember now what mine is set at. I also have it turnin at 2800RPM, which makes around 15LBS of boost. Ive blown one head gasket in the 6 years that i have been pulling it. Over all im very happy with the kit, only problem is it makes you horse power hungry, always wantin more This is a 10.500LBS class http://www.youtube.com/watch?feature=player_detailpage&v=nTQqo5Q_9BY This is 6500LBS class http://www.youtube.com/watch?feature=player_detailpage&v=EbRJ9BQr0nM

    No prob, they fit right in with the red barns and red trucks and all the red tractors

    We run a tiestall here, the barn ties 48 and thats what were milking 2X a day, we have 2 big calving pens on the west end and calf pens down the south side of the barn. The cows are head to head which makes feeding alot easier. We milk with 4 units on double pulsation. Our barn is in a big T shape and out in the other part is where we keep heifers that range from 4-5 months to 10-12 months and once at breeding age we take them to the other farm which houses the dry cows and bred heifers. All toll we have 125 head. We prefer the tie stall for 2 main reasons, cow interaction, and cleanlyness of the animals. Its alittle more work to keep the cows in but the barn is desined for it with big stalls, high head rails, and good ventilation. Just an example our SCC usually runs around 96 000 and butter fat is usually 3.8-4.1. Heres a pic of the new end that was done in 2011 Here i just did a 180 from the last pic and this is the older end. It was completly redone in 1991. We are VERY fussy about the cleanlyness of the barn, i guess its a pride thing Just for the record those are red and white holsteins, NOT ayrshires.
  14. i dont believe that it would be the dump valve it dont sound like that to me. but does it pause when you shift from low to high side. Or is there any noise under the deck sometimes when you first let out of the clutch? if no to both of these masybe somebody has put a ta in and bumped the pressures up

  15. Picture Posting Made Easy

    Okay lets see if this works! My 1973 International 1468