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  1. 1456 with detroit

    Ugly and WHY? Also appears it don't go anymore.
  2. 18.4-38's vs 20.8-38's

    Matching 1486's one with 20.8 Firestones and one with 18.4 Firestones. The 20.8's will flat blow the doors off the 18.4's in every field application where traction is needed. The road speed is a major plus as well. 18.4 x 38's are only enough traction for an 18 foot field cultivator and 15 foot disk IMO. Sure see your point in being all set up for the 18.4's though.
  3. Kory Wagons

    Right now here, $400 would stop them in pristine condition.
  4. Cattle drive today

    That is fun! Very nice herd!
  5. What to do with old tires ???

    Dump them in someone else's road ditch! Not really, but we often get that because someone doesn't want to pay the fee when they get new tires. We use them to cover the silage pile so not so bad to pick them up, but pretty low to dump them on someone else.
  6. Grinding hay in hog feed

    Dad often ground alfalfa into the feed for the sows. Protein from the alfalfa, didn't need as much commercial protein.
  7. hours on a magnum?

    Ask Bitty
  8. todays dairy economics?

  9. Off Topic: Snowblower PTO speed

    We have run the IH 80 on the 1000 shaft lots of times. No issue, just don't go crazy like others have said. Of course yours is a John Deere, though, no offense.
  10. 1020 flex head question

    Do not have ours anymore so no picture. One thing we had to do on ours was weld all the plates to the shaft under neath the head when we ran mechanical header control. The bolts to adjust where they clamp to the shaft will not stay. Adjust all the pads correctly and then a small spot of weld on each one. It drove me crazy until my dealer told me to weld them. Wish I had a picture for you hope this other info helps you too. Maybe yours won't bother either.
  11. 1975 Loadstar stretching its legs this past year

    Very cool! Like that you use it yet. I bet you get a lot of looks at the elevator. Kinda like when the boys haul with our 1466 open station, people really look, no one hauls with an open station here anymore.
  12. More tire or more weight?

    Well I know that on our farm in dry dirt like conditions the 20.8 x 38's will way out pull the 18.4 x 38's on the 1486's. 18.4 x 42's would be better but I doubt they will out pull the 20.8's. No substitute for square inches on the ground if you ask me.
  13. More tire or more weight?

    Tires for sure. Those pizza cutters are for row cropping not tillage, I am surprised you can move at all. Like said I think your narrow tires could easily be traded for some 18.4 - 42"s. Maybe even up to the right guy.
  14. Remembering the farm crisis

    We had a good FFA program. I learned more in there than all the rest of high school about real life and how to function in the real world. I t was a very good program. We did not all have our own jackets, we had used ones from previous students. Small school full of farm kids and very tough times. Mom and Dad were not going to buy any kid a new FFA jacket. Remember the 80's well as a kid and it was tough for sure. Dad nearly lost our farm, I remember people coming to look at machinery he had for sale. Somehow though he came up with a plan and everything stayed.
  15. Bought some old slides on Ebay

    Very Very Cool!