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  1. What welders say

    Man I thought it was going to be "I can weld everything except a steel belted car tire."
  2. Best spot to get Magnum cab relay

    That is exactly what they gave me for my 1486. I said you are kidding right! not so much, what a pain to put in when nothing is the same! Old one lasted 37 years, this one better make more than two.
  3. What's your favorite snack

    Cookies! Even a bad cookie is better than no cookie.
  4. Differences 5288 vs. 5488

    I know most differences between the two, but not all. Why would you want one vs. the other and what are all the differences from all you guys who know. Thanks 1466
  5. Grinder mixers bearcat, nh, etc

    I would stay far away from the Bearcat. I would look for an IH 1350 or like model Artsway. New Holland is okay too, but I prefer the IH. We don't have a mixer currently, but really liked all our IH ones. All the neighbors had every other brand and complained a lot about all except the New Holland.
  6. How far would you drive a tractor home

    50 miles is nothing for sure. I have driven the 1680 90 miles one way in the fall on custom jobs. Our farm used to be 45 miles from one end to the other. I always enjoyed those road rides.
  7. hard on cattle

    Had same junk here, -25 below to 45 above then drizzle and a bit of snow then back to 0! So far okay, but in January it needs to stay below freezing. Cattle are tough for sure!
  8. T/As' and Red Paint

    Been using the Allied parts for 30 years and in my opinion they are by far the best. Their knowledge and custom builds are amazing.
  9. Black Stripe 1066

    Pictures are always good. Don't have my serial # book laying here, but that sounds high. Congtrats on your tractor and welcome to the "Red Heads".
  10. New to me pickup

    Did that very thing on my chrome centers on a set of chrome spokes when I was in high school. Could only do the rear though as the front had lock outs. They are still on there thirty some years later.
  11. Sun dogs

    I think I have only seen them once in the summer. Most common here when it is COLD!
  12. Sun dogs

    First sun dogs I have seen this winter. It was about 6 degrees and wind at around 30 mph. Not nice for man or beast. Yesterday it was 45 degrees. Wish it would just stay cold in January and not get above freezing. Much better for the cattle.
  13. 15 k an acre land sale.

    Not near there at all, but it brings that here in NW Iowa.
  14. Nice fenders, but are they that nice?

    Pretty sure those should bring $1000 or better. A set a couple weeks ago not nearly that nice went for $900. I need a few sets so look out!
  15. 2017 crop year pictures

    Man I am jealous! You have a really nice fleet for sure! Lot of the same ones we have only you have a lot more duplicates than us. Glad to see all those great pictures of the best tractors on earth doing what they were built for. Thanks ih crazy.