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  1. Even NASCAR likes 1206s

    Saw that too! Pretty cool I thought.
  2. The Girls all got a bath before fall.

    Gotta love em!
  3. Walking tandem

    Looks good bitty, start with enough positive on the tread like the front axle on your 66's. That stuff doesn't stay and always wears. Hate it when they are droopy, looks like the front axle on a 4630! Love your fabricating ambitions, and looks great once again.
  4. Chopping corn 2017

    Thanks for sharing, love all the chopping pictures.
  5. Quest is over, 6*88 2+2 showed up

    Had a 6588 once, my only regret is that I sold it. That one looks pretty good.
  6. I hate those things on 66's and 86's.
  7. IH 1456

    Coming right along, you really need to get rid of those rotten Good Years on the rear though.
  8. 2350 loader on 86 series?

  9. NW IA Picrutes

    I just now noticed my topic heading! What the harvey happened there? What are picrutes? Oh my either I was not paying attention or my spell check was on vacation. Lets see pictures maybe, yep it works. Who knows, hope some of you had a chuckle out of that.
  10. 5488 Tires

    If it was me I would just widen the rims you have. I have widened lots over the years, if your not a blacksmith then the local guy can do it I'd bet and way cheaper than new rims.
  11. Feeder Market

    Our last projections have a profit of $183 per head feeding high quality 500 pound steers to 900 pounds. This is really good for us. In the cattle business there are NO guarantees though. Feeders are always higher than they should be, which is why we plan on backgrounding instead of finishing them right now. Not going to get into our numbers as they are such huge variables for all farms.
  12. NW IA Picrutes

    This is dairy and moisture was running 65%. We have a lot of fun during silage time at the dairy. The food is always good and way too plentiful! Should run around the tractor every load!
  13. NW IA Picrutes

    No problems with the 10 unloading, it has even been on the big Meyer wagons a few times. The Meyers are hydraulic driven rear unload apron wagons. The Meyer wagons haul 16 plus tons.
  14. Harvestore Silos

    And fill one before noon too!
  15. Suitcase Weights

    Our scrap yard saves all the good stuff and puts it in the "Farm Yard". All that stuff is for sale for a little more than in price.