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  1. Welcome to the forum. You have done a great job of the cub and preserving some of your family history. If you get to Red Power Round Up make sure to keep an eye out for Triple R tractors (owned by Mike Links, a forum member) around the vendor area (if they are there this year) ,normally the forum members gather there to have a group photo taken each day. It will be a great place to meet some forum members. Some forum members may even have name tags on so should be easy to spot. I know you will have a great time and meet some really cool people,I know I have and made a lot of good friends. Shame I can't make it over this year ,looks like it will be a great show . Marty,NZ
  2. A machine shop should be able to repair that shaft of make a new shaft without to much hassle. Marty,NZ
  3. Tony, Sorry to hear of your troubles with the 806. You seem to have our luck at the moment five steps forward and ten backwards. It all adds to the story of the restoration ,even though you must be feeling like sending it on a one way trip to China. I have found with most machine shops that I have dealt with ,that I have to double check every little detail of what has been done and never trust that everything has been cleaned properly. I know the special service team will get you back on track with this project and finally you can enjoy running that sharp looking machine. Marty,NZ
  4. Happy year older Guys. Hope it has been a great one
  5. Sounds like you need to change the bull shaft bearings (the shaft will have to much movement and new seals wont stop the oil leak). I have the same problem with my W4 (actually the bearings have collapsed )and when I get some time ,I will fix it. Service manuals are easily available and are well worth getting. Marty,NZ
  6. Thanks guys for all the birthday wishes , had a great couple of days with IH Kiwi coming down for the weekend,and a gathering of friends for a BBQ and a few beers to celebrate my 40th lap of the sun. Sadly unless I win the lottery, I wont be able to see you guys RPRU this year (the travel fund is a bit on the low side) It would be great to be at all the RPRU shows,catching up with all my IH friends and making some more but sadly i.guess I will get to put up with the NZ winter this year. Hope you guys don't get into too much trouble without us. Make sure you guys post lots of photos to rub it in that we are not there and are missing out on the fun. Keep a look out for any Kiwis that may be there , I have heard that a couple who were at Union Grove will be there again this year. Marty,NZ
  7. Dads 1945 Farmall H and my 1947 W4 Marty,NZ
  8. At Wheat and Wheels show 2016 Ashburton ,New Zealand. Mccormick Deering W4 and Farmall H. Marty,NZ
  9. Farmall H (1944) i saw at red power round up in union grove Not on a Farmall H but the original decals on my 1947 W4 ( no IH logo) have the gauges ,that are nearly the same as the original gauges ,only the IHC logo is slightly different to original. Marty,NZ
  10. What's an engine worth to rebuild? Far cheaper to not run the risk in my opinion Marty,NZ
  11. Danny How is Kathy is managing to put up with you being around the house? I can only imagine what she has had to put up with. At least she will be able to out run you for now, i guess. I hope you got NOS IH or CAT hinges and not those new type hinges made of recycled Chevys. Do the dealers provide a free service after 250 hours or are they lifetime sealed? Hope you have a speedy recovery Danny. Dirt Boyz Deep South Division (NZ) Marty
  12. Merry Christmas everyone from the deep south of New Zealand. Hope everyone has a great and safe holiday season. Marty,NZ
  13. Its after 7pm on sunday 18th Dec here in NZ so you could say we get advanced info Marty,NZ
  14. For those of you who know the Bodine family from Alabama , Jana and Randy's (High Cotton on the forum) son Matt married Hannah Cox today. Congrats Mr and Mrs Bodine ,wishing you every happiness and all the best for the future together. I hope Hannah knows about the IH tractor fever that the Bodine Family suffers from and is fully prepared for it. Marty ,NZ
  15. That is factory on Farmall A and B. That serial number looks like FAA 12670 ,which most likely means the engine may have been changed as the first Farmall BN was 39715 built 31 october 1940. Serial number FAA 12670 would also have been built in 1940. Marty,NZ