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  1. Farmall H (1944) i saw at red power round up in union grove Not on a Farmall H but the original decals on my 1947 W4 ( no IH logo) have the gauges ,that are nearly the same as the original gauges ,only the IHC logo is slightly different to original. Marty,NZ
  2. What's an engine worth to rebuild? Far cheaper to not run the risk in my opinion Marty,NZ
  3. Danny How is Kathy is managing to put up with you being around the house? I can only imagine what she has had to put up with. At least she will be able to out run you for now, i guess. I hope you got NOS IH or CAT hinges and not those new type hinges made of recycled Chevys. Do the dealers provide a free service after 250 hours or are they lifetime sealed? Hope you have a speedy recovery Danny. Dirt Boyz Deep South Division (NZ) Marty
  4. Merry Christmas everyone from the deep south of New Zealand. Hope everyone has a great and safe holiday season. Marty,NZ
  5. Its after 7pm on sunday 18th Dec here in NZ so you could say we get advanced info Marty,NZ
  6. For those of you who know the Bodine family from Alabama , Jana and Randy's (High Cotton on the forum) son Matt married Hannah Cox today. Congrats Mr and Mrs Bodine ,wishing you every happiness and all the best for the future together. I hope Hannah knows about the IH tractor fever that the Bodine Family suffers from and is fully prepared for it. Marty ,NZ
  7. That is factory on Farmall A and B. That serial number looks like FAA 12670 ,which most likely means the engine may have been changed as the first Farmall BN was 39715 built 31 october 1940. Serial number FAA 12670 would also have been built in 1940. Marty,NZ
  8. Congratulations on your engagement !!! Nice touch including the 1206. Marty,NZ
  9. Charlie Welcome to the forum. It is good that you have a tractor that did belong to your Grandpa. It has a history with your family and that will make it even more special when you finish your project. A Farmall BN is a great tractor to have as a first tractor project. Make sure you take lots of photos ,it will help with how things go back together and also shows progress as you work on it. You will also have a history of what you have done. The serial number is normally stamped on the engine above the magneto / distributor. Farmall A and B / BN from serial number 501 - 201000 should have matching serial numbers (so you may be able to find out when your tractor was built ,it will also help if you need to get parts) . Farmall BN from serial number 39715 to 48350 have the prefix FAA and suffix X-7. After 48350 tractors have FABN prefix. The housings on your tractor also have date codes (casting dates) on them so they may also be helpful working out what year your tractor is. Below is a casting code on my 1947 Mccormick Deering W4 , 1-21-Q is 21 JAN 1947. This is the serial number on my 1941 Farmall A just above the magneto and below number 1 spark plug. Marty ,NZ
  10. Nice work on the W4. It has come up great.
  11. Danny it is all good down here at Dirt Boyz deep south where I am. Heath is a lot closer to the quakes epicenter than me (He is a bit over 5 hours from me). Mike and James great to hear you guys are ok up there. As can be seen in the photos James posted it is going to take a long time to rebuild and clean up the mess after this quake. There are very few detours around the quake area. Trucks hauling freight, food and other loads from Picton to Christchurch or from Christchurch north now face a three hour detour which has added pressure and cost to the transport companies ,drivers and the suppliers. With rail services out of action everything will have to be moved on road ,air or by ship. It will take along time to get some roads open again ,with some bridges off the piles or complete wreaked ,roads destroyed and the cleaning up of the landslides. The local DOT have the weigh stations open to add to the pressure on the trucking companies, the drivers and all the contractors who will now be working close to their maximum allowed working hours. Some people had moved out of Christchurch after the big quakes there and moved further north only to get hit by this quake. It must be really tough on them to have to go through it all again. Marty ,NZ
  12. You will need a footplate from a Farmall B and the seat mounting bracket on the footplate from a Farmall B as the b axles are longer than a Farmall A. The rest of the seat and the mounts should be the same
  13. Sorry to hear of your accident Bill. Hope the days aren't dragging to much while stuck in the hospital. It is good to hear that you are able to get around , even if you can't out run Linda yet. Guess that means you will have to do as you are told for a while. Hope you can get home soon and that you get that infection beat real soon. Marty,NZ
  14. Bill great vids. No wonder we didn't see much of you this time. Was a great show. Alistair you will have a great time when you get to a Red Power Round Up. There were six of us Kiwis in attendance (5 from the South Island). Marty,NZ
  15. Glad you made it home safely Billy. Thanks for the great pics and taking us along for the ride. How many miles on the scooter now?