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  1. Sorry to hear of your accident Bill. Hope the days aren't dragging to much while stuck in the hospital. It is good to hear that you are able to get around , even if you can't out run Linda yet. Guess that means you will have to do as you are told for a while. Hope you can get home soon and that you get that infection beat real soon. Marty,NZ
  2. Bill great vids. No wonder we didn't see much of you this time. Was a great show. Alistair you will have a great time when you get to a Red Power Round Up. There were six of us Kiwis in attendance (5 from the South Island). Marty,NZ
  3. Glad you made it home safely Billy. Thanks for the great pics and taking us along for the ride. How many miles on the scooter now?
  4. Great photos Tony. Thanks for sharing them.
  5. This 30-RB is one of very few still working here in NZ. Yarders have been used in removing gravel from rivers around here to lessen the flood risk but they were normally used in the forests for shifting logs and removed gravel when the logging season slowed down a few years ago . The anchor was normally a Cat D6 or similar on the far river bank.
  6. It is not actually the main river channel. We would not be allowed to make the river dirty like this around here. The river channel is about 40 feet this hole and the idea is to dig this hole so that when the river floods next it will shift where the river runs and save the river banks from being washed away. Macdonald Excavating run a gravel pit, so all this gravel will be screened or crushed for use on local farms. This is his fathers original 10-RB at a show a few years ago. Alistar and his brother learnt to operate this machine as a small boys.
  7. I thought some of you might like to see some photos an old Ruston Bucyrus 30-RB working in NZ today. It has recently restored by Macdonald Excavating and is the biggest dragline he currently has. It can have one more section of boom fitted ,if more distance is needed.He also has two 10-RB's ,one of them is the one his father used to own.
  8. Sorry Jerry ,mine didn't like the wire wheel on the grinder when we cleaned the Farmall A up for painting. Some of the plugs in the torque tube did have what looked like a IH logo stamped in them on my Farmall A (USA Built).
  9. Unless you need to remove the cork plugs I would leave them in. I think it looks tidier than having the empty holes and they are not hard to remove later if you need to. If you look closely they may still be stamped with the IH logo.
  10. Thanks Tony. We had a blast during our visit to USA. We all had a lot of fun. Once again red power round up was an awesome show and we really enjoyed meeting all the new faces ,as well as catching up with the old friends. Sadly the show was not long enough to see everything and visit everyone. John Kopas had the forum members sign some banners , a great idea and it was awesome to be asked to sign them. I was lucky enough to get a drive of Danny's 1206 and a very short drive of the 5388 (onto the trailer). For a guy who had never driven a 1206 and only once before driven the 5388 (at RPRU 2013) it was a real privilege. Tony it was awesome to meet you and we will work on visiting you way over there on the west coast of your big country( may take a few years). It will be great to spend some time with you, see your area ,your operation and check out your collection. 5388 1206 Two tractors I didn't notice the differences on while at the show. The grille is deeper than a standard Farmall A or Super A. The cooling system and the steering arms are different too.. Showing the difference in the grille.
  11. Well spotted Bitty. Also has temp gauge ,radiator shutters ,different manifold and carb.
  12. Welcome to the forum. Your Farmall B should be FAB 51468 going by your serial number and would have been built around April of 1941. It is possible that your B was built using some housings cast near the end of 1940.The engine should have the serial number stamped just above the magneto/distributor as well as the serial plate under the seat. These numbers should match. It should also have the long oil filter. My Farmall A is FAA 51133 built in April of 1941. The decals should be like the ones on my Farmall A. The Wisconsion historical societies website lists the serial numbers for these tractors and also shows the month they were built. .
  13. Some pics from RPRU at Union Grove. Dirt Boyz ready to load. 1086 ,5388,1206 1206 prototypes 1456 Farmall M Farmall M snow plow 5488 Farmall M Farmall A Farmall B with manure spreader Farmall C Farmall H Farmall Super MTA with turbo Letter series line up Mccormick W4 1256 504 high clear 340 Grove
  14. As Heath has already said, Thank You to those who were unlucky enough to be visited by us three Kiwis. Once again we had a blast and had to come home far too soon. As has already been mentioned, it was Dad's first trip to the USA and I think he may still be in a state of shock with everything he has seen and done. We were treated like kings everywhere we went. The hospitality can only be descibed as mind blowing. We have had a lot of fun , from going for breakfast at Hardies on a golf cart , to meeting more new faces, exploring new places and visiting some of our favorite places that we have already been too , checking out some small IH collections (from 1 to 300 + tractors) , helping work on a pulling tractor project, the list goes on and on. Once again Thank You to all those who made us so welcome , and made our short trip so special for all of us. Marty ,NZ
  15. They look great red farmer. Good to see they still get dirty sometimes Marty,NZ