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  1. Tractor Production Locations. re-up from 2011

    Farmall's A and B (serial numbers 501 - 198298) were built at tractor works in Chicago from what I have found up until 1947 then were built at Louisville (serial numbers 200001-220829). Marty,NZ
  2. Spare tire cover

    Mine was made up by a local sign writer using a photo of my Farmall A. The cover came from a local auto parts store. Marty,NZ
  3. 460 Utility diesel

    Hopefully the head gasket is the problem and is not the right thickness for your engine allowing the piston to contact the head. It doesn't look like you had the head milled or the block decked so that shouldn't be the issue. Before you pull all your pistons ,check the piston heights at TDC on all cylinders. Make sure they all measure the same and are within specification. I would then pull all the pistons and check the connecting rods again (make sure the one that has been hitting the head is still straight and not damaged) and also remove the pistons from the rods and check the bushings and the piston pins. I have seen engines that were rebuilt using the old pistons, where the pistons were left on the connecting rods and done low hours on the rebuild before starting to knock only to find the piston pins or bushes worn out allowing the piston to hit the head. Marty,NZ
  4. Why/where are the other countries?

    Randy I guess having some of us Kiwis take over your families farm for a few days would cause you to always remember us . I am sure you will have a armed guard on the gate now . Marty,NZ
  5. Red Power Magazine has arrived

    My July-August Red Power magazine was in my mailbox today. Great article on the differences of the Farmall A and Super A. Now to put my feet up and do some more reading. Marty,NZ
  6. Heat Gauge

    The original gauges on my 1941 Farmall A were in not bad order but the tube for the temp gauge was broken. I replaced both gauges (so the logo was not as noticeable) and I settled for the slightly incorrect IHC logo, I was lucky enough to get my gauges before OEM tractor parts shut the doors ,and the have the Rochester Manufacturing Company on the outside edge face plate like the originals that most reproduction gauges do not have. I think precision tractor parts make and sell them them now Marty,NZ. Gauges on my 1947 W4 have the two original IH logos.
  7. Farmall H 12 volt alternator conversion

    Maybe check out the videos on youtube on 6 to 12 volt conversion . They may be so some help. Steiner tractor parts have a video on there of fitting their kit. Marty,NZ
  8. McCormick B414

    The camper trailers are used by the vintage tractor and steam clubs. They are normally towed by a traction engine (steam) and used as storage and accommodation at the various vintage shows ,they don't tow them all that quick.. Normally the guys who tractor trek will tow smaller camper trailers that would normally get towed behind a pick up or car.
  9. McCormick B414

    The B414 was sold here in New Zealand from 1962 until 1969. A list I have shows 1298 B414 were sold here. The Roar of Dust and Diesel book (a story of International Harvester Doncaster) lists the total B414 tractors built as 58976. The B275 was also sold here from 1958 until 1970 with 1947 being sold. This one is a rare gas burner. . The B250 was sold here from from 1956 until 1964 with 1649 sold. The B614 was sold here from 1966 until 1969 with 74 sold. Marty,NZ
  10. OS4

    24,377 W4 produced (Listed in the International Harvester Tractor Data book by Guy Fay) 6,426 I4 produced 2,721 O4 produced 1,267 OS4 produced A OS4 at RPRU 2010 Laporte,IN Another OS4 ,hidden away in a private collection The serial number plate O4 at RPRU 2010 Laporte,IN O4 at RPRU 2013 Lima,OH Marty,NZ
  11. Bought a NEW to Me I,H, Baler! While @ Santa Margarita

    Congrats on the new addition to the Ramos farms collection. Marty,NZ
  12. Santa Margarita Ranch ACMOC Tractor Show

    Wow, that looks like fun. Big toys in the sand pit. Great photos Tony, Thanks for sharing. Great to see all that older gear at work. I am sure Danny would have loved being around all that yellow ,gold and red machinery. Marty,NZ
  13. 1957 Cub

    Welcome to the forum. You have done a great job of the cub and preserving some of your family history. If you get to Red Power Round Up make sure to keep an eye out for Triple R tractors (owned by Mike Links, a forum member) around the vendor area (if they are there this year) ,normally the forum members gather there to have a group photo taken each day. It will be a great place to meet some forum members. Some forum members may even have name tags on so should be easy to spot. I know you will have a great time and meet some really cool people,I know I have and made a lot of good friends. Shame I can't make it over this year ,looks like it will be a great show . Marty,NZ
  14. Off color, broken PTO driveshaft

    A machine shop should be able to repair that shaft of make a new shaft without to much hassle. Marty,NZ
  15. Started My 806 L.P. restoration

    Tony, Sorry to hear of your troubles with the 806. You seem to have our luck at the moment five steps forward and ten backwards. It all adds to the story of the restoration ,even though you must be feeling like sending it on a one way trip to China. I have found with most machine shops that I have dealt with ,that I have to double check every little detail of what has been done and never trust that everything has been cleaned properly. I know the special service team will get you back on track with this project and finally you can enjoy running that sharp looking machine. Marty,NZ