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  1. Pressure ,well water tank ,making noise ?

    Every few years I have to add a little air to my tank. I never hear any sounds, it just short cycles.
  2. Thieves

    I was out for a walk along the Colorado in Glenwood Springs yesterday. Big legal dope store and wrappers all along the path. Just as bad littering as beer cans. Anyone who doesn't think dope is an entry level drug is one. Legalizing it has got to be the stupidest thing tax-loving politicians have ever done. The revenue is just not worth the trouble it brings.
  3. A video for those people scared of heights

    Wow! I was fine until he started climbing the round section with the safety simply over the pegs. I have never had a fear of heights, but that's extreme height! It makes me feel a little wimpy as I get a twinge when I go over-center in my bucket truck at a measly 55'; this guy must be totally fearless.
  4. National anthem protests

    Well, it certainly has opened up the debate. I believe that there are many more avenues for wealthy black athletes to use to drive the point home that wouldn't be so polarizing and perhaps counter productive. A joint public service announcement might be one. The police deal with the dregs of society every day. It's probably quite difficult for them not to prejudge people based on skin color and where they are and what they're doing. It's not right for sure but I wouldn't want to be in their shoes and have to make decisions that are influenced by what they experience every day I'm not sure if its a freedom of expression issue. The players signed a contract with an organization that has rules just as I work for a company that has rules. I may choose to violate those rules but termination is one of the remedies the company has.
  5. Poor UPS service

    Well, THERE'S the problem!
  6. Poor UPS service

    Wow! I can't believe all the horror stories! I get everything when the tracking system says I should - from both carriers. The only problems I ever have is stuff breaking out of poorly packed boxes. I got a JD 2 cylinder clutch/belt pulley which was all broken up. The sender put it in a single cardboard box with a bit of newspaper around it! I would have built a wooden box and filled it with foam. Got a trailer hitch drop from a big outfit in the box with NO packing! It was too strong to be broken but how it was still in the box, I don't know. The box was more hole than cardboard. We get airplane parts reliably from both all the time. Since they're such high value anything heavy has a custom shipping case. I've seen one of the brake boxes damaged but the brake, all $100,000 worth of exotic carbon disc, survived. Must have dropped from a belt loader. When a 38" tire gets lost the drug testing program for the guys in the sorting area must be fixed.
  7. Poor UPS service

    No problems with either carrier here. Shippers sometimes under pack things. If it's heavy and there's any way it can move around in the box, it'll get loose and possibly broken. A good shipment will survive all that "53" can give it, even glassware.
  8. Pressure ,well water tank ,making noise ?

    In my case (dug well) the check valve is a foot valve in the well, so you can't hear it leak. The key to finding it was when the pump would run with no demand. Pump's in the cellar so it's obvious. Just replaced one on the barn well for that reason. They're cheap, as is a the check valve on a submerged pump so just replace it.
  9. Retirement

    I want to go until about 70. I'm in my peak earning years and still need to save. I'd rather watch paint dry and grass grow than to play golf or do any of the other activities that retirement communities offer. That said, eventually I won't be able to keep the place up so I will need a place that's easier to maintain but I don't want to give up the privacy. It's not going to be easy to find.
  10. Pressure ,well water tank ,making noise ?

    pump running a lot?
  11. In happy news

    Now if someone could just take his twitter account away he wouldn't be giving some much ammo to the opposition! X whatever as well
  12. Colonoscopy by Dave Barry

    Pretty much my experience. Came home, slept for hours, got up, had supper, slept again 'til morning. The anesthetic is really tough on me, either that or I got an extra dose. The anesthesiologist said "things are going to get different" after administering the stuff. I guess! I think I was talking to god, or maybe it was Morgan Freeman, I don't recall.
  13. Time change

    Used to do Gander, Goose, and St. Johns all the time. New planes overfly them all now. The one I don't miss at all is Frobisher Bay. Not Newfoundland but Nunavut - friggin cold in the winter and swarming with mosquitoes in the summer. Descend from altitude and it's no warmer on the ground than it was at FL450. Still stopping occasionally at KEF or Helsinki for mid-east trips, Osaka for Indonesia or Malaysia when going west-bound. There's a few other places with 1/2 hour time zones; India is one as well as Burma. My old room mate said Iran is 1/2 hour. I only fly over it, don't want to land there. All of China is one zone! It's easy but it's only really right the way we think of it in Beijing and Shanghai. When you get over to Chongqing where I used to fly it really should be another zone. The whole country should be 3 or 4 zones but central planning reigns!
  14. Time change

    Some of the New England states are contemplating moving to Atlantic time and doing away with daylight saving time. We're on the far eastern edge of the time zone and the switch back to standard time is the killer. It's dark so early it takes all the ambition out of you. Somehow darkness in the morning doesn't seem as bad. I'm constantly moving across multiple zones which seems to have given my internal clock a bit more flexibility - to a point. I still don't like far east or around-the-world trips. I'm all for switching to Atlantic time but they haven't asked me. It seems that some states are lurking, waiting for others to make the move. I think it's Massachusetts that says it'll move if the rest of New England goes AND New York. I don't think they'll get NY so it's probably dead.
  15. Woods bush hog ???

    Save up and buy something newer; plenty out there. The first thing that breaks will put you behind the curve. $50 and a set of belts, run it 'til it breaks, maybe.
  16. Hi Ranger bucket lift - again

    Found these guys looking for a manual. Maybe they can help you find a manual:
  17. Hi Ranger bucket lift - again

    Mine has the control tubes - I replaced all of them last year as the squirrels gnawed through them. No joystick but three levers for both booms and swing. The hydraulics on mine are always pressurized with a reducing regulator for the control pressure. Mine started moving slowly but only from the remotes in the bucket. I removed the regulator valve spool and cleaned it without moving the pressure setting and it restored normal movement. I have no idea what the control pressure should be but it has to be less than the air brake type tubing can take with hot oil in it. Speaking of hot oil: Mine seemed too hot. 5 gallons in the reservoir, the turret base, cured that. Again, I have no idea how much should be in there. That was slowing it down a bit as well. It sounds like yours has an open center system that pressurizes electrically. Can you identify the solenoid valve and confirm it's moving? PTO pump? Pump turning? PITA working without a manual.
  18. Hi Ranger bucket lift - again

    I've got a bucket truck as well It's a C70 with a Powers Sky Master lift. I've never found any information on it. It seems to be ex military as under the paint it's OD. A couple of weeks ago it stopped working and I found the pump shaft key had just given up. Both the pump shaft and the PTO are quite worn but a new key got it working. I never go up in it any more without my harness and 100' of 11mm climbing rope and a belaying rig. No electrics at all on mine so I'm no help. I'm looking for info on mine so, not hijacking, but if someone knowledgeable on these things responds I'll tag along.
  19. What I've been doing today

    Is that a vent pipe going up by the garage? How much sand under the pipes? I'm hoping my system last forever but just in case... I don't want one of the mounds I see around. Our tank is so old it has horse shoes cast in the lids for hooks.
  20. Plastic gas tank repair

    It seems the squirrels just must like to gnaw. They gnawed the plastic fuel cap on my log splitter and chewed through the plastic hydraulic control lines in my bucket truck A mouth full of hydraulic fluid couldn't have been pleasant. What a PITA replacing all those lines! Now it's squirrel jihad at my place. Get near the house, shop, or barn and it's 20ga time. They steal my paper towels and make a general mess. JB weld did stick to the fuel cap but I have no idea if it would have been permanent as I replaced the cap a few weeks later.
  21. Chevy C65

    The last time I needed a long block in a hurry I used these guys. My engine had a cylinder cracked on a + 40 bore, must have been core shift on a SB. No extra charge due bad block. Out of the way for you but $1895. for a big block:
  22. Chevy C65

    I did my '79 in mid winter so I didn't want to do it outside. Left the hood on, pulled the radiator, grill and supports and pulled it out the front in the warm shop. If I wanted to take it out the top I would have needed to use a loader as my engine crane doesn't have the height. It really was a wash time-wise as having all that stuff out of the way made it real easy to work on. Standing and reaching in rather than crawling over the top. I gave it a nice power wash before hand and it was an almost pleasant job except for the rush as it's my (wife's) plow truck.
  23. Tinnitus

    When it get worse you'll be paying about 6 grand for hearing aids that get amplify and enhance the frequencies that are damaged the most. Mine automagically cancel the feedback, are programable with my cell phone and, in fact, talk to my phone. I get calls and listen to directions directly through them. My hearing continues to deteriorate somewhat so take care of what you have. Headsets are a must even for that quick job because it usually turns into a longer job. It's funny that my wife will talk louder to her dad, a B47/B52 mechanic and career body man, but not so much to me.
  24. Tinnitus

    Funny, it's the high frequencies that get knocked out first making women think we're not listening. You lose the ability to hear consonants and start to guess what was said. It's sometimes quite humorous what I come up with without hearing aids in. We think we're invulnerable as kids only to find out later what damage we've done. The prop and jet noise, especially the early jets, the rivet guns, real guns, impact wrenches, grinders, open headers and stacks, good rock music waayy too loud, all beat the crap out of your ears and it's never coming back. Oh well, try to tell your kids.
  25. Tinnitus

    I have it from listening to JT8s on the Jurassic Jets. There doesn't seem to be much you can do about it. Strange thing is I have considerable hearing loss and wear hearing aids. The tinnitus is worse when the aids are out! Loud loud noises like gun shots will aggravate it but the occasional shot without protection is OK. It fades to what I've become used to. Try to ignore it as if you actually listen to it the guys in the white coats will be coming for you.