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  1. failed oil filter ?

    This is an old study so it may not be true anymore. It does note that the NAPA silver line is NOT a WIX whilst the regular NAPA is. I don't believe the internals of the WIX , specifically the metal to metal bypass seal is correct as the last one I cut open had a silicone seal. WIX and others have heavy duty filters with stronger construction/more filter area as well. The no-name filters may have sourced their product from someone else since this study, perhaps off-shore, so there's no way I would ever install one on anything. The basic Fram filter is about as effective as a screen so I wouldn't use one of those either. Again, this is a very old study:
  2. as God is my witness

    My absolute favorite episode! Plus I was in love with Baily Quarters.
  3. failed oil filter ?

    Ha! I like it. Sort of like the trash collector who advertises "Satisfaction guaranteed or double your trash back". The only spin-on filter I ever saw failed was a no-name. It didn't split but was leaking where the end was crimped around the can. It's hard for me to imagine a seal blowing unless the old one was stuck to the base and the new one installed over it.
  4. failed oil filter ?

    NAPA filters are, I believe, WIX, one of the best.
  5. Beware of scammers!!! Tis' the season

    If you have some time to kill check this guy out. He messes with scammers until they get mad. He'll get them thinking they hit it big and string them along forever, wasting their time and perhaps keeping them for scamming the vulnerable. He even got control of one scammers computer and shut the boiler room operation down! If the link doesn't work just search hoax hotel.
  6. National anthem protests

    I don't consider myself super sensitive but the hypocrisy of millionaire athletes protesting the country that provided them the opportunity just doesn't sit well with me or many others. Those athletes are positioned to make a difference in race relationships in a positive manner; the protests do offend many and are counter productive. I don't doubt that police treatment of blacks is different in some places but there are two sides to that story. So yes, I'm a middle class white football fan who wants all discrimination to go away, AND one who is offended by anthem protests.
  7. Pressure ,well water tank ,making noise ?

    Every few years I have to add a little air to my tank. I never hear any sounds, it just short cycles.
  8. Thieves

    I was out for a walk along the Colorado in Glenwood Springs yesterday. Big legal dope store and wrappers all along the path. Just as bad littering as beer cans. Anyone who doesn't think dope is an entry level drug is one. Legalizing it has got to be the stupidest thing tax-loving politicians have ever done. The revenue is just not worth the trouble it brings.
  9. A video for those people scared of heights

    Wow! I was fine until he started climbing the round section with the safety simply over the pegs. I have never had a fear of heights, but that's extreme height! It makes me feel a little wimpy as I get a twinge when I go over-center in my bucket truck at a measly 55'; this guy must be totally fearless.
  10. National anthem protests

    Well, it certainly has opened up the debate. I believe that there are many more avenues for wealthy black athletes to use to drive the point home that wouldn't be so polarizing and perhaps counter productive. A joint public service announcement might be one. The police deal with the dregs of society every day. It's probably quite difficult for them not to prejudge people based on skin color and where they are and what they're doing. It's not right for sure but I wouldn't want to be in their shoes and have to make decisions that are influenced by what they experience every day I'm not sure if its a freedom of expression issue. The players signed a contract with an organization that has rules just as I work for a company that has rules. I may choose to violate those rules but termination is one of the remedies the company has.
  11. Poor UPS service

    Well, THERE'S the problem!
  12. Poor UPS service

    Wow! I can't believe all the horror stories! I get everything when the tracking system says I should - from both carriers. The only problems I ever have is stuff breaking out of poorly packed boxes. I got a JD 2 cylinder clutch/belt pulley which was all broken up. The sender put it in a single cardboard box with a bit of newspaper around it! I would have built a wooden box and filled it with foam. Got a trailer hitch drop from a big outfit in the box with NO packing! It was too strong to be broken but how it was still in the box, I don't know. The box was more hole than cardboard. We get airplane parts reliably from both all the time. Since they're such high value anything heavy has a custom shipping case. I've seen one of the brake boxes damaged but the brake, all $100,000 worth of exotic carbon disc, survived. Must have dropped from a belt loader. When a 38" tire gets lost the drug testing program for the guys in the sorting area must be fixed.
  13. Poor UPS service

    No problems with either carrier here. Shippers sometimes under pack things. If it's heavy and there's any way it can move around in the box, it'll get loose and possibly broken. A good shipment will survive all that "53" can give it, even glassware.
  14. Pressure ,well water tank ,making noise ?

    In my case (dug well) the check valve is a foot valve in the well, so you can't hear it leak. The key to finding it was when the pump would run with no demand. Pump's in the cellar so it's obvious. Just replaced one on the barn well for that reason. They're cheap, as is a the check valve on a submerged pump so just replace it.