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  1. Gimme a minute alone with her please

    Well, there have been times I've thought about giving one of those nasty little yapping creatures a good kick - hence the title "kick dog" but there's no way I could actually do it, certainly not like this witch. Why have a dog in the city? I want to open the door and let the dog out to do dog stuff, not carry around like a stuffed toy.
  2. Chinese oil lines.

    My wife's last Suburban/Yukon was getting a bit of rust so that's what I did. Fixed anything wrong, detailed like new, and sold it on CL. Bought a 1 year old from Hertz - what they call "Certified" and couldn't be happier. Hertz sets aside anything really clean with very low miles and still under warranty for sale on their lots. This car had about 22k, really clean and was about 4k LESS than anything any dealer had. Only problem, if you could call it a problem, was that one tire had a cut so they put 4 new on it. Those were very loud tires and when they had about 30k on them I couldn't wait to put Michelins on. It's a 2013 and she's putting lots of miles on it. All I've had to do is front brakes and, the other day, replace the AC orifice. The less than perfect Hertz cars get auctioned off to dealers who then puff them up and sell them for more than Hertz will sell a clean one.
  3. Chinese oil lines.

    I replaced EVERY line on my pickup. SS brake lines and the rest plain steel from Dorman, including the oil cooler, transmission, fuel, and transmission. GM should be ashamed of the rusted out steel and poor rubber.
  4. Concrete sealer... yes or no?

    I took a different approach. All the hangars we use have epoxy floors so that's what i used on mine. Spills wipe up with paper towels and some 409. I occasionally wash it with some heavy duty floor detergent and it cleans up nice. It's beat up under the lift and around the bench where hot sparks and other stuff falls on it but it's still good to wipe up oil spills. Vehicles with chains chip it up.
  5. Today is 9/11-----

    They're reading the names right now. It was a sad day for America and we'll never be the same.
  6. I'm gettin too old for this much excitement!!!

    What a great idea! I used to throw clays with a hand thrower for my kid; tossing from my truck would had given him some real challenge. Mine has, I think, 55' reach. It's more that a little scary straight up, especially going over center. It's old and apparently ex military from all the OD paint under the fading and falling-off top coat. It's paid for itself many times over. I've never been able to find any information on it. It's a Powers lift.
  7. chevy door hinges

    I agree with "re-bush, then align" I never had any issue with Dorman bushings, or any of their products, for that matter. You do have to oil occasionally!
  8. Anybody have guineas..?

    One day I kept hearing a tapping sound and finally found that a turkey walking through the yard had found his reflection in my pickup's bumper. He had it out with it for about and hour; it ended up a draw. Turkey recovery is a great success story in NH; they walk and eat any bug they come across. My cousin had some guineas many years ago. I remember them as annoyingly loud. He also had bantam chickens that seemed to go wild. They ate the garbage we fed the hogs and roosted in the trees.
  9. Detroit 8.2 fuel pincher help needed

    Well, It worked fine yesterday and I really don't have time to do much other than check the oil right now. I don't know if the 4 stroke 8.2 has anything in common with the 2 stroke 71 series so I guess I'll have to dig through the manual. The truck does sit for weeks then gets days of use so perhaps something is gummed up.
  10. Detroit 8.2 fuel pincher help needed

    Yes, I know it's not much of an engine but that aside, it runs a yard truck and that's all i need it for. The last two times I started it the RPM went immediately to 4000 and stayed there for some time then slowly reduced to idle and worked fine the rest of the day. I don't touch the throttle, just reach in and turn the key. The key will shut it off so I'm not worried about it running away but full RPM on a cold engine......... Since it's an oddball no one I know has much information about it. Any help is appreciated. Don't tell me what a POS it is, I know. Thanks
  11. IH air compressor

    That's very much like the collection I saw. They were all hand start and one had a spoke flywheel.
  12. IH air compressor

    Went to an engine show and a guy had a collection of them along with pictures of what they had been running. One had been a sawmill engine, a couple of others had been pump engines, one had been running a shingle mill. The larger ones were like a JD "G" engine. There was a smaller one but I forget what it was. He was a collector and had figures of how many had been built. Although I don't remember the number I do remember being surprised that it was so high. They were definitely stationary engines, nothing mobile.
  13. Gmc topkick clutch cable

    I've got a C60 that my wife was having a hard time with the clutch. It's not a cable type but it was still a hard push. I changed the coil spring clutch cover for a diaphragm type and it's a piece of cake now. Diaphragm gets lighter as you push instead of heavier. She's happy, I'm happy. So if a new cable doesn't make it light enough a diaphragm clutch probably will.
  14. IH air compressor

    The two cylinder engines are all belt drive and used on lots of different equipment not manufactured by Deere. The difference is that you bought the saw or pump, or whatever and specified or installed the engine of your choice or ran it off the tractor of your choice. They just didn't lend themselves to a mobile application like an air compressor as an inline engine does. They sure made a lot of them, though. Probably contributed to a lot of guys saying huh?
  15. D 360

    It should prime up on its own but an air nozzle in the oil fill tube whilst cranking will speed the pump prime if it's slow to prime. Just lightly stuff a little paper towel in the draft tube and use a rag to seal the blow gun. It doesn't take much pressure.