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  1. Fuel Shutoff Solenoid 7220 trouble shooting pic

    It would be pretty easy to just put a cable on these lol! Exactly right, keep it simple! lol!
  2. Fuel Shutoff Solenoid 7220 trouble shooting pic

    Many times the only thing needed is to properly adjust the solenoid so the plunger bottoms. If it doesn't bottom out in the coil, it will not always hold when the crank wire is de energized.
  3. American Bosch PSB

    This is the part about PSB's we diesel guys dislike lol! Finding parts that are a little less worn out that the original is getting tough. I'm not even sure what you have, never has been mentioned other than a MM with a PSB. Well, there's several different configurations of PSB, and all the ones for MM I've ever worked on just had a pull cable shut-off arrangement up on the top and side moving the control unit, but no shut off shaft. Good luck!
  4. American Bosch PSB

    I'm finally finishing up a PSB that's been in my shop for 6 months lol! It too the customer 4 months to get the injectors to me, so wasn't a big rush in my eyes. After finally finding enough of the little parts that were broken, or just worn out, and luckily finding a reman head in stock, it's ready for the test stand. The PSB is us pump guy's least favorite pump to work on since there's not much for parts availability. When they come in my door, I just cringe, since they have already snapped the plunger most likely, and there's virtually no heads available anymore. The time spent hunting for parts is simply wasted time and keeps me from other pumps, so they have to be filler jobs.
  5. Will a Roosa master suck?

    A Roosa pump does have an internal transfer pump, so yes, it will suck fuel through filters from the tank. If needing to draw fuel a long ways, it is best to put an electric fuel pump down low to push fuel up to the injection pump inlet.
  6. 1206 injection pump shaft and bearing

    Just an FYI, the drive adapter is a little different from a Roosa drive, to an RD to Roosa conversion drive. It is not just a different shaft, the aluminum housing is made different as well.
  7. Removing Roosa Master pump

    Did you ever make sure the return circuit on the tractor was open? Some of those older IH tractors had the fuel return in the bottom of the tank, and it had an orifice, and gets plugged up easily. If the return is not open and free flowing from the pump, the advance will not function properly, no matter how you adjust it. I agree, this simple job has really become a trainwreck. lol!
  8. 1206 injection pump shaft and bearing

    Did the pump shop tell you what caused the pump seizure? Sometimes it's hard to pinpoint, but if your front geartrain is rough, I'd suggest having a look at it. The problem is still there, and you may end up with another seized pump and broken shaft. No pump shop will warranty that, it's not their wrong doing.
  9. roosa master 1968 856

    Stuck plungers has become a very common thing in Roosa and CAV pump in the last few years. These new fuel blends have a different effect than the older heavier fuel these pumps were designed to run on. When it takes a year or more to use the fuel that is in the tank, it doesn't matter if you start it and run it every few months, the fuel itself goes sour the higher the bio content. Smell the fuel in the tank, does it smell like latex paint? I've been told the cheaper bio blends take short cuts in the removal of the glycerin. I'm no chemist, but I've had to rebuild hundreds of pumps because of this very thing. They were due for servicing anyway in most cases, but they would have otherwise been runners still.
  10. roosa master 1968 856

    metering valve and/or pumping plungers are stuck from sitting in sour fuel. Take the top cover off of the pump and look inside. See if the throttle lever moves the linkage, and metering valve is at rear of housing under cover. make sure it rotates back and forth.
  11. Neat old Oliver prototype tractor pictures

    over/unders do coast in under drive.
  12. Neat old Oliver prototype tractor pictures

    I think it is. There was reportedly 4 of them built. It is basically a 4-270 but instead of a 3306 Cat, they put the 3406 Cat in them. They are still around so I've heard.
  13. 7150 injector pump leak help?

    Fuel leaks on EP-9 Denso pumps are common. The fuel actually comes from under the barrel flanges on top of the pump housing. The number you posted is just the serial number, the model number will be 191000-9600 series of numbers. If it's oil leaking then post a pic of where it's coming from. Not going to be too many things serviceable while on the engine.
  14. Removing Roosa Master pump

    easy to find tdc #1 by pulling #1 glow plug, since a 606 is basically a 460 engine right? On the compression stroke, you will hiss air out of the glow plug hole as it comes up to tdc. If this guy has been working on pumps for 50 years, he will know what he is doing to re-install it.
  15. the "rebuild kit" is pretty much just a seal kit. The Bosch VA pump is not one I suggest to the do-it-yourselfer. The kits are available online.I really don't like selling kits across the counter. Sounds like the pump in question has some serious issues, that may require more than a seal kit.