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    I own a 57-F cub, IH 274, F-560, F-SC LP, F-A , Ford 4000, Ford 2000, JD M, corn pickers, hay equipment, Cub cadets, AC mowers and hay equipment. Sweet Potatoe equipment. Lots of Vegetable planters, plows etc. Ford F600,and two Scouts diesel.

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  1. Set the parking brake on the MD for the last time

    Have fun. I am 62 i retired in 04 and it has been great. I started young, and retired young from the County.
  2. Got my shed built today

    I wish they were close to me.
  3. IHC top ten produced tractors?

    This is the top ten, not in order. F12 ,F20, H, Cub, A, M, C,SC, 706, 1206,
  4. Farmall 240 fun and a question.

    That look like the seat on a 560.
  5. Farmall 240 fun and a question.

    I like how it looks with that seat. That seat mite work on a SC, but it would not look as good.
  6. Farmall 240 fun and a question.

    I like your 240. There was a all fuel 240 at our dealer back in the 80s.
  7. Where has this been all my life...

    Thats nice, I wish l had a C 72 belly mount for a SC. I ran a motor grader for years, that why i want a C72 blade.
  8. Snowy day in Alabama

    I had to get out in it with the tractor and turn a hay bale over that the bull turn over. I miss having a cab tractor then.
  9. Deer strike back

    I can no longer truck farm because of deer.
  10. Hair Sheep in the south. Have I lost my mind?

    I have used Ivermectin sheep drench for years. About ten years ago i started useing Albendazole a broad spectrum dewormer. For the last few years i have been useding Diatomaceous Earth, which works good. Not grazing your grass too close will help alot. I am buying only St Croix breed now. No sworms.
  11. Hair Sheep in the south. Have I lost my mind?

    We had a 18 wheeler to take out a power pole this moring at 10am, power just came back at 5:30 pm. I will look at what i am useing and post tomorrow. Which i do not have to worm, except maybe one a year.
  12. New to me pickup.

    Good looking truck.
  13. Hair Sheep in the south. Have I lost my mind?

    I have had hair sheep here in Tuscaloosa Al since 1980.
  14. Happy birthday Tony in Ca.

    Happy birtday.