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    I own a 57-F cub, IH 274, F-560, F-SC LP, F-A , Ford 4000, Ford 2000, JD M, corn pickers, hay equipment, Cub cadets, AC mowers and hay equipment. Sweet Potatoe equipment. Lots of Vegetable planters, plows etc. Ford F600,and two Scouts diesel.

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  1. SC wide front

    Good looking SC.
  2. SC wide front

    Thanks for the information. Any one interested in making me one since you have the patern, please let me know.
  3. SC wide front

    Yes, that is what i need and those bump stops.
  4. Farmall C opinions

    We worked a lots of cotton and corn with a 53 SC, that did not have the fast hitch.
  5. SC wide front

    I am looking for the steering bracket that monts to the tracor that turns the tire rods. I have found one for $375.00, he wants this much because he is taking it off a good wide front. My wide front is not worth $375.00.
  6. Pictures of Red Iron at local Antique Pull

    I wish my 560 looked like that one.
  7. Farmall SC fuel burner

    I just bought a SC fuel burner, on John Deere tractors they are call a All Fuel. First one i have ever seen, and every thing is there. Any one on here have one?
  8. SC wide front

    Thanks for the info
  9. SC wide front

    If i buy it i can put my narrow front end on it.
  10. SC wide front

    I want to know should you drive it with out those arms that keep it from leaning to far left or right?
  11. What is a FARMER?

    A farmer has been defined by the gov. as one acre , a mule, and an a milk cow. A hog an chicken. And at that time they said that one acre would produce food for a family of four and your livestock. In the 70s the gov. move that from a acre to ten acres. I would say a farmer is any one in agriculture, from truck farming to any size you can grow to. Below a truck farmer, is a garden. I file my tax as a small farmer, because that-bracket the gov. Do not require you to make a profit. As a hobby farmer they do. Lots of large horse farm or filing there tax as a hobby farm, any are making big money. Go line and you can see the different in farm tax filing.
  12. M&W turbo information

    What are you going to do with it?
  13. SC wide front

    Looking at a SC with wide front, it does not have the two arms or what ever they are called, that stops the tractor leaning left or right. Its has the two pads or bumper stops on the wide front, but missing the arms. With out those arms are there some damage I should look for?
  14. Corn planters

    In its day, a Allis Chalmers 60 or 70 series planter was hard to beat. You could plant as fast as you handle the tractor.
  15. Good picture of a puller in full stride

    That is a good picture.