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  1. Changing ta unit!

    If you have the ability to split the tractor and pull the ta housing out then you can do it all. The ta housing is actually the easy part as far as I'm concerned. Ta is the last thing that comes out, pull the mcv, 3 oil tubes. Ipto and throw out bearing. Remover top shaft and all gears, bottom shaft and all gears. Ta and quill are all that's left.
  2. 66 series steering orbit motors

    Steering is eratic and all over the place according to him and leaking. I haven't driven it.
  3. 66 series steering orbit motors

    Neighbor asked me to find him a new steering orbit motor for his 1066. Hycap no longer has them , none of my other suppliers show them. Finally found some online for $1400-$1600 for new Parker's. Also some cheaper ones that the hyd lines need to be modified. Are these things rebuildable and if so whom does it?????? Thanks
  4. Wonder what drugs they do in Michigan??
  5. Used 1086

    Just bought a used 1086 that has been sitting in a shed for almost 15 years. Owner was a elderly guy whom passes away. They said it started right up with new batteries, ta did not work. Needs all new cab kit but looks good otherwise. What would your advice be ?? Change all fluids or run for a bit and see what's going on??
  6. Convincing dad not to switch oil!

    We run the Napa white pails in older tractors. JD in the power shifts.
  7. DT466 Truck engine transplants

    I believe they went to electronic on truck engines in 1994. I was told look for 93 and older.
  8. Did not see a kit listed on Hy cap, so maxi force does not have a kit. TA either Hycap or AG Parts... Both solid units...
  9. Battery life

    We have been using Napa batteries for over 10 years.... Outstanding luck with them ...... Easily getting 7-8 years out of them.
  10. International 966 rebuild - high oil pressure

    Put an external gauge on first. Relief valve would be my 1st guess.
  11. 806 Hyd Pump Options

    Personally I would get the 17gpm from Ag parts ltd.
  12. Mcv pump

    I would go through the mcv and respring it. Kits available from hy cap / Ag parts ECT.
  13. Maybe dumb question, why no 1006 ?

    I guess another question is why did they have a 1206, 1256 and then call it a 1066 and eventually the 1086. Probably should have been the 1266 and 1286.
  14. Hydraulic fluid question

    At the very least buy the Napa hyd oil in the white pails, not yellow pails. 84405 is the part # if I recall correctly.
  15. D 360

    When I rebuild an engine, I leave then the injectors out and spin the engine over with the starter till I get oil pressure.