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  1. I had one break a rocker arm, messes with compression and the fuel don't burn. Is your timing set right? You also mention it is turned up, you may be over fueling.
  2. Have you done a compression test?? You may have one not firing.
  3. Are those some type of brace on the light bar?
  4. Kinda looks like a body spoon
  5. Another vote for the Holland
  6. Vandals????
  7. The port should have had a cap on it too????
  8. Linkage looks way off, get manual and set it up, then diagnose from there.
  9. First you have a no crank situation. Second it seems you have a meter, so do some checking. If you lose the dash then you have no voltage due to bad batteries or poor wiring.
  10. It would be nice if the OP put up some pics. I have a couple of the #8 in good working order
  11. I bought parts from him before. Everything was as advertised or better!! His prices were reasonable also.
  12. IH shows quack grass points for the #8 in the book.
  13. That looks like a #8 to me, 9 has wheels inside frame
  14. Same as my 560. I would try to re-thread if otherwise good. 3/8 NPT as I recall, should thread almost by hand as you are straightening damaged threads on pot metal. I have straightened warped bodies also.
  15. Ya gotta start it straight even that means filing with a 3 point or thread file to get started. Some of the threads will roll back and others will be cut. If you get it straight it should seal up Any pics of this thing?