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  1. Spit and quit on M

    Pete, good advice but I find the load screw needs to open about an extra 1/2 turn in the winter. I do not work it hard enough in the winter to get it real warm either.
  2. TA

    Get TA manual, not that difficult. Devons and others offer a rebuilt unit. You really need to find the problem as it could be in the transmission too.
  3. TA

    Sound like you better get it split and find the trouble before there is more damage.
  4. Spit and quit on M

    open the load screw some more
  5. Change is SOMETIMES better

    Ginger Zee was our local weather girl, then went to the big time......
  6. Time change

    That is very well stated!!
  7. 560 Diesel power

    They are still a faster, hotter plug and I use about 1/2 of the IH recommended times if the engine is cold. If it been running it only needs a few seconds. The DRX plug is supposed to be self regulating and I have tested that, the amp draw does drop as they heat up.
  8. 560 Diesel power

    Do you have an alternator??? I think they burn out holding them on after start as the alternator hits them over 14 volt and they are rated at 11 volt. I have had no issues since i get off the button soon as it fires, if smokey, let it die and try again.
  9. 560 Diesel power

    They are available from inj pumped?????? He replied above.
  10. Debating about down sizing trailer

    My permanent plate for a 14k was either $75.00 or $150.00
  11. Debating about down sizing trailer

    Doesn't PA have a personal use exemption???? Here they follow the Federal guidelines.
  12. Rantoul or Bust

    Not this year, we are going to Buckley to see the Snow engine.
  13. 560 diesel slobbering out the exhaust

    I had one break a rocker arm, messes with compression and the fuel don't burn. Is your timing set right? You also mention it is turned up, you may be over fueling.
  14. 560 diesel slobbering out the exhaust

    Have you done a compression test?? You may have one not firing.
  15. Not as Red anymore

    Are those some type of brace on the light bar?