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  1. Finally got the JD 318 fixed

    Mom and dad bought one new in 87'. Even has a 150th anniversary emblem on the dash. It was repowered a few years ago with a Vanguard when the Onan died. It still goes otherwise though, you just cannot kill it. Dad bought it with a 54" power angle plow and a 50" mower deck and upgraded the tires to ag tires and got a set of chains for it. About a year after they bought the tractor and attachments they purchased an MCS setup for it that was powered by the rear pto of the tractor. That thing and the mower deck made that old Onan work in heavy grass but it never let us down. I was 11 when they bought it and have plowed snow with it almost every year since it was new. The full hydraulic plow was so I could operate it while dad used the H with the 33A loader. Dad has a New Holland skid loader now with a heated cab for winter now so the 318 spends the season at my house for my plowing duties. I think 460 is right, they were the best tractor of their era. They are still pretty well sought after. If dad ever considers getting rid of it I will buy it because it's just so dependable.
  2. Tile plow accident

    Sad deal for sure for those families. I spent most of last week working alongside contractors that were replacing a gas line in the middle of a state highway that runs though 1 of our sewer districts for the township. Our lines were put in back in the 40's or 50's and there are maps of where they run but no measurements and no records of laterals in that district. We tried to locate the lines for them with a crawler camera in the line and using a hand held locator to detect it. The problem we ran ran into as well as the gas company is that Verizon has a MAJOR fiber optic line in the same roadway. Major as in controls things of importance in New York city. Their line is 1 main with 2 backups in the same trench. The line puts off so much interference even buried 4 to 6 feet down that it threw off everyone"s locating equipment to the point is was not even reliable to use. It took them the better part of 4 days with crews working around the clock to dig up a line and repair it in a trench not even 150ft in length. Hitting the sewer or water lines while not good would have been a far cry from hitting that fiber optic line!
  3. 7.5-18 wheels

    Whatever I end up putting on needs to stay with a 34 to 35 inch outside diameter because if we stray too far from that it will change how are side mount flail works and also our front lift for our broom. Also the front tires will be industrial or truck
  4. 7.5-18 wheels

    Looking for the possibility of putting narrower tires on our tractor at work to put a different style Tire on it then a four rib. The tractor is a 2014 John Deere with 8 lug Wheels. Even though it's green I no it's a standard size wheel. There are other tractors out there using tires of that size but my question is have any of you guys ever seen an 8 lug wheel in a 7.5-18? It currently has 10.00 x 16 tires on it but they wear out too quick because the tractor only does road work and we want to go to a narrower Tire to eliminate some of the scrubbing that's done by riding down the road all the time. I picked that particular size in order to keep the same height as the 10.00 x 16. So has anyone ever seen a 7.50 x 18 inch wheel with an 8 lug bolt pattern? So far I have not been able to find any. The little research I've done already I know that the 7.5 x 18 tire actually has a higher load carrying capabilities than our current Tire. Thanks for any help.
  5. 10 ton bottle jack

    I always use a good heavy jack stand or substantial cribbing.
  6. Over-sized Load or Under-sized road?

    x2 I was expecting that to be the end of the story honestly.
  7. Asking for prayers, held out as long as I could

    Prayer's to you and your entire family in this very rough time from myself and my family. Do not get frustrated with yourself. You're doing the right thing by asking for prayer. You may not be able to "get it done" or "fix it" this time but you are asking all of us to take it to "Our Father" who will get it done. Keep the faith and remember there's nothing he can't do.
  8. Over-sized Load or Under-sized road?

    Is it just the way I'm seeing the picture or is the passenger side of that barn laying on the berm and the field? Sure looks to be on the truck crooked. 25 years or so ago now we had a neighbor that passed away and his farm was bought by another neighbor that only wanted it for lots. Well we were given a 40 ft long by 25 ft wide corn crib with a 6 ft crib on each side of a 12 ft drive through shed. The catch was to get it moved. My grandfather spent 2 or 3 weeks during the day with my dad and I helping at night to jack the shed/crib up about 3 ft and then we got access to 9 railroad rails (I can't remember if they were 30 or 40 ft long anymore). We took the boxes off our 4 gravity wagons and used just the running gears under the crib. 2 on each side, 1 in front of each other. The rails were laid in with 2 on each set of running gears running with the crib and then 5 more were spaced evenly from 1 end of the crib to the other running across the other 4 rails. Everything was then tied to together to fasten it securely. The front 2 running gears had extendable tongues that were pulled out all the way and they were placed at the front of the building within reach of a tractor drawbar. The back 2 wagons tongues were secured so they couldn't steer. Then came the moving day, the pulling power came from our 2 M's. It took a little over an hour moving in low gear and being cautious of any power lines but we got it moved the 3/4 of a mile to it's new home on our farm. We only were on our twp road for a 1/4 mile but had no hiccups. I wish I had pictures but we didn't take any.
  9. I'm no help on the serial number location but welcome aboard the forum. That looks like a real nice clean track loader you don't see many of.
  10. Dad's (Blue) Tractor

    I agree with Tony. I love the looks of those 8 and 9000 , 86-9600. Open station with those unique fenders they look real cool. Guy I work with had an 8000 and he says it was a beast and worked great.
  11. Unusual Phobias or fears

    Heights and snakes. Anymore I don't like being under big equipment when I work on it such as the Wheel Loader and big trucks at work.
  12. Project truck for someone.

    That things really cool!
  13. Got the Cub Cadet out

    Add a gear drive clutch to the driveline so you can disconnect the hystat when cranking the engine over and it will spin a lot faster and start easier too. I did this to my 107 and it makes a word of difference.
  14. Hey Santa.....

    The 8-16 that was used on our farm back in the 1920's.
  15. 4186 When you have time, no panic

    That is correct. Wasn't thinking about it when I posted that.
  16. 4186 When you have time, no panic

    1440 did also.
  17. The Other Green Invating From Down the street

    BEAUTIFUL Tony! My great uncles farm where mom and dads H and M came from had a straight 88 gas like that only with a dual wheel tricycle front. I loved that tractor and am just biding my time till I can own one to replace it with. His was sold at auction in 1990 and I hae no idea where it ever went too. Hopefully it found a good home, that one of your friends sure has.
  18. What a sharp restored White 2-180 we have here

    Are they not the Workhorse models? I have heard the Workhorse models hold their value very well.
  19. Not a huge Massey fan but I love watching and listening to that tractor. I'll route for it over a greenie anyday.
  20. I remember many years ago seeing the Underdog pull at the Lycoming County Fair. Been a lonnngggg time like you said since I've seen one pull.
  21. Rantoul show pics

    Keep the pics coming guys. They're great. This is one awesome show that I am sad I keep missing. One of these years I'll make it. Guess I should start planning now for 2019.
  22. Some neat ole JD green pics

    Those are cool pictures. I like the 730's, green or not. I think they're neat.
  23. Rantoul or Bust

    That 180 is cool! I've never seen one equipped that way before. I have always kinda liked the looks of that series of Massey's.
  24. Steiger CVT trans

    Just found this on youtube.
  25. A Video Of The B-29's At China Lake

    The Navigator Theodore "Dutch" Vankirk was from my town and is buried in the cemetery about 1,000 feet from my house. Same cemetery they'll put me in some day.