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  1. snow shovel

    The Bull Shovel with the stainless steel edge wears really well. It can grip textured concrete sidewalk a bit too aggressively, however.
  2. 2350 loader

    Smoker 1's numbers are what I have. as well. Be aware that there are two, pin positions for the top bucket pins as seen in Smoker 1's photo. The lower pin dimension is 10". I'm not sure why there are two pin locations...the same buckets get used on a 2250 but use the lower hole or perhaps for Case IH's optional quick attach? Somebody with more knowledge can help out.
  3. Dual 3100 loader question

    Yes, both skid steer or Euro/Global quick attaches are available for the DuAl 3100. PM me for details.
  4. Dual 3100 loader question

    I agree, Dale. Theoretically, it is a great design. Like anything else, there are some drawbacks. There could be bucket clearance issues when dumping the bucket at full height into a largeTMR or tall dump truck, for example. DuAl compensated for that with the multiple positions for the lift cylinders. Like ZachGrant said, it a beefy design. Those torsion members and braces are larger than anything at the time.
  5. Dual 3100 loader question

    Mader, the center line dimension of 9-1/2" from top pin to bottom pin for the Woods DuAl 3100 and 3150. That pin-to-pin dimension is closer than average for that size of loader...which delivers more swept area (rollback and dump angle) than if the pins were further apart. Having the cylinder on the bottom delivered superior rollback power without compromising total swept area. The cylinder extends during rollback taking advantage of the cylinder's full piston diameter instead of the rod side on a conventional loader design. Some Allis Chalmers loaders were built the same way.
  6. School Buses we Rode on as Kids

    The two buses that took me to elementary school were either bus G14 or G1. Both were '70-'72 Fords with Superior bodies and the FE engine. G14 had an Allison and G1 had the 5-spd. manual transmission. The bus company later moved to IHs with Allisons. Our region had very few GM chassis for buses. Ford and IH were strong early on in my school career and then IH totally dominated as time moved on.
  7. Harrisburg Farm Show ?

    560Dennis, the PA Farm Show begins this weekend, the 6th and goes to the 13th. I used to go religiously since I was a kid. The crowds, the lack of ag equipment, and the high parking price of $15 keeps me from attending. I go only once every five years now and then wonder why I went. I chalk up my desire to go to the food. The food stands in the food court are fantastic and are almost all run by state-wide associations. My food favorites are the potato doughnuts, french fries, milk shakes, and the roast beef sandwiches. The PA Farm Show has become a intro to agriculture for suburbanites. My intolerance for strollers and crowds keeps me away. Skippydoo, the Keystone Farm Show in York is a real equipment farm show like Bdse25 said. I attend that York show fairly regularly.
  8. Any of you guys remember rendering lard?

    I never had the pleasure of butchering. My grandparents did, but it got lost in the following generations. Thankfully, the use of lard did not. In my opinion, the best potato chips are cooked in lard. If the chips are not cooked in lard, I can easily let the temptation pass.
  9. A little fun on a deere powerlesshift

    That photo & caption are awesome! Thanks for the hearty laugh.
  10. Vintage IH Firetruck

    Cool! I hope that truck stays just the way it is. I also like that Roadmaster wagon behind it.
  11. Manure bucket tine

    They do have a bevel on the front and are spring steel. I believe that your tines have a 1/2" bolt while these would be 5/8". Here is a link:
  12. Manure bucket tine

    Do yours look like this?
  13. Schwartz loader cylinder

    What model is your Schwartz loader? Schwartz did a lot of OEM work for other manufacturers of the era like Ford, Farmhand, Minnie Mo, and White New Idea. Both your loader frame and cylinder design with the cast tang looks very much like a Schwartz 1300 or 1400 which would be the same as a Ford 772. The reason I mention it is that you could possible find a cylinder from one of those other manufacturers. The Ford 772 was very popular on the 2000-7000 tractors.
  14. Looking for a Workbench Light

    We put a swinging dock light in our service area and put a monster LED spotlight in it. It's awesome!
  15. Anyone see the new Tesla Semi

    I agree with those suggesting that they concentrate on segments of the market. Medium duty trucks with daily delivery routes would be best. Lower speeds, higher percentage of idle time, stop & go traffic, and more regular routes to help with any hiccups of electrification. It doesn't take long to name of some big names that could delivery needed unit volume for economies of scale: Coke, Pepsi, ice companies, FedEx, UPS, food service, and lumber yards.
  16. 3pt lift control on Fordson Dexta

    I believe that there should be a bolt and wing nut to keep the lever in the lowest position. I guess it isn't anything special since the parts list says to source locally. Messick's online parts list gave me this line drawing:
  17. Anyone see the new Tesla Semi

    I want to be clear...I'm not against electric cars or hybrids. They both make a lot of sense for some applications. I get ticked when lectured by friends who think I need to drive one. Hybrids and electrics just don't make sense for my needs...and I don't have the cash to have two vehicles in my stable. I was the owner of two VW TDIs which were great for my needs. Now that Tier-4 emissions are here, I drive a high-mpg gasser. Modern gas cars are very efficient. A guy from church had to part with his VW TDI due to the buy-back and he went with a VW 1.8T. He says that his overall fuel cost per mile is less with the 1.8T vs. the TDI. I average 40+ with my Focus. Back to the truck...the concept has promise. I definitely is outside-the-box thinking. However, I don't trust the source until I see it.
  18. Anyone see the new Tesla Semi

    I agree with you Rawleigh99. That auto plant in Fremont never produced over 450,000 units when it was run by both Toyota and NUMMI. So far, the Model 3 is a mess. Even Musk himself called it, "deep production he!!" back on October 6. The sad thing is we skeptics are considered to be anti-Musk zealots if we dare ask any question based on reality. I just had a discussion with one of Musk's disciples yesterday. I'm supposed to dismiss Tesla's major hiccups with the Model 3, the solar roof, and his home battery system and wholeheartedly embrace the upcoming truck and new supercar. Color me skeptical if Elon Musk is attached to it. He is flirting with the SEC scrutiny when it comes to his repeated corporate predictions because Tesla is a publicly traded company. Short TSLA if you own it.
  19. Dad passed away

    Sorry to hear the news, Jere. I know that it has been difficult dealing with Alzheimer's. My thoughts and prayers are with you and your family.
  20. Anybody have engine conversion in a superduty

    I am now beginning to find that a 2-stroke Detroit requires a turbo to make them pleasing to my ears. My NA Detroit tolerance is now down to the time it takes an Oliver 990 or 1950 to pull a sled once down the track...then I'm done for a month or two. However, any turbocharged Detroit Diesel is fine for me. A 6V-53T would be pretty neat, but they are HEAVY. There is a guy running around this area who put a 5.9 Cummins in an older Ford Excursion. I understood that he really likes it. I believe that his engine was a 12-valve.
  21. Shipping container vs enclosed trailer

    I am seeing the sea containers here, too. We are considering one or two. To answer your question, I believe that they are sold here since the trade deficit is so large with Asia and it makes little sense to ship air back via container ship since freight back will be about the same as the container sells for here.
  22. hours on a magnum?

    About 10 years ago, a friend of mine worked at Hoober's and said he knew of a boxcar Magnum used on a TMR with 20,000+ hours and the engine was never apart.
  23. Red n Green

    Thanks for the info. Looks to be in nice shape. Healthy rubber on the rear! My uncle had a 3020 gas, synchro range w/ a narrow front. I've always been a diesel, wide front, and PS kind of guy. I still have a soft spot for 3020s.
  24. Red n Green

    Nice! Is that a 46A loader on the 3020? What year is the tractor?
  25. Quick thank you

    No doubt that this group is a caring and supportive bunch with lots of varied life experiences. The wisdom on life matters often arrive with an in-depth explanation as to why they recommend a certain course of action. Many of you come from a similar faith perspective which I greatly value. I don't say "Thank you" enough to you guys. But, I've lost track of the times I've told people, "One of the guys on the Red Power forum said..." Drglinski, thank you for getting the appreciation ball rolling!