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  1. Mecum Auction Results - Reifsnyder Back Forty Museum Auction 9-16-17

    I forgot this beauty! This 1917 International F4 truck brought $28K.
  2. Mecum Auction Results - Reifsnyder Back Forty Museum Auction 9-16-17

    You're right. Given the condition of the 4100, I thought it would bring more. The 4586 was not pristine, but it very nice shape from my perspective. That seemed really cheap at $7K.
  3. I should have had some of these photos and results up a lot earlier, but I had a busy week. There were some extremely nice items at this auction in Royersford, PA. The large IHs pulled some of the highest bids. '66 Case 1200 - $19K '74 IH 1468 - $30K '65 IH 1206 - $21K (I believe that I was correct on this...but could have been $20K) '70 IH 1026 - $18K '56 NH SP 166 self-propelled baler - $25.5K '58 JD 830 - $16K '81 IH 3488 Hydro - $32K '65 IH 4100 - $13K '71 IH 1066 - $19K '90 Case IH 5130 - $19K '81 IH 4586 - $7K '91 Case IH 5120 - $22K '48 A-C G w/ loader - $4.75K '57 Porsche Diesel Standard - $12K I stayed to see about half of the tractors sell. If you want to know other tractor prices, I can do my best to look it up for you.
  4. self propelled round baler

    You have to give it to Vermeer for thinking outside the box. Specifically the suspension, quarter-turn bale drops, the all-hydraulic system, and zero-turn steering. The ZR5 seems like a machine for custom operators or very large operations. I found two other Vermeer videos which tend to paint the case for a self-propelled a bit more in-depth: much smoother ride, less operator movements resulting in reduced fatigue, cameras with in-cab monitors, and higher ground speed for greater baling productivity. One custom operator was interviewed where he stated that it may be possible for him to go from four tractor+baler combinations down to two self-propelled balers.
  5. Quest is over, 6*88 2+2 showed up

    Congrats! I'm looking forward to hearing what you think of this animal.
  6. Neat old Oliver prototype tractor pictures

    I thought the same thing. I guess it was designed during the space age.
  7. Neat old Oliver prototype tractor pictures

    The older I get the more I respect the tractors with meadow green paint. The first photo I can't read very that White prototype a model 4-325?
  8. 3488 mfd

    Those welds look like there is minimal knitting with the frame rail and also appear pretty cold. I'm looking forward to seeing the pristine 3488 sell next week at the Mecum auction in PA.
  9. John Deere rowtrac

    Yes, the heavier tractor with less horsepower should be the winner in that tug of war. Often it isn't about horsepower but rather weight and the distribution of that weight for pulling.
  10. John Deere rowtrac

    Are you serious? I have no reason to doubt you, but I just can't understand why a company like that can't take the high road or long-term approach. I'm not super brand loyal, but stories like this affect my buying decisions.
  11. Last known IH 140 tractor Ser# 66896 Home in NC

    Was the 140 diesel actually a IH 274? (photo credit to
  12. Nice original tractor pictures

    That cast, Deere rain cap alone is probably worth nearly $100.
  13. Nice original tractor pictures

    Nice looking 4320! Your son did really well with that purchase. It looks to be in great shape. I've never seen a 3-point delete either. I've always had a soft spot for the 4320 and a 1206.
  14. Harvestore Silos

    A neighbor of mine had two Harvestores when I was growing up. They had a beef operation and didn't seem to regret the purchase. Corn silage from a Harvestore had a distinctive, sweet smell which I liked. As far as I know, they are still in use.
  15. Is There Any Level Ground In Pennsylvania?

    My uncles had farms with some fairly flat land between Manheim and Mt. Joy...but their isn't much flat land here! That silo is a monster. I wonder in what part of Berks County it was erected?