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  1. Yes ,and the Gm LS series engines use 11mm head bolts and flywheel bolts The 3800 Buick uses a mixture of metric and imperial in the same engine
  2. 1/4, 3/8, 1/2, 3/4 etc etc. ....no sense in having to buy two sets of everything .....no point in changing the size of the drive anyway....just more cost for the manufacturers
  3. 885XL experimental?

    Thanks Danny, interesting to know Heath
  4. IH 1456

    1026 hydro trans housing??
  5. 885XL experimental?

    Yeah thanks Danny, that one would fit in real well down here, plenty of parts around to get it back in shape. Do you know any detailed history of it by any chance??? Any idea what kind of testing was done with it?? Heath
  6. 885XL experimental?

    I thought that was your one Danny, it looked kinda familiar. I wish it was coming my way, ...plenty of parts down here to fix her up . it will be interesting to see how much it goes for. Heath
  7. Case-IH 5130 kicking our butt- suggestions needed

    You pretty much read my mind.....that was going to be my next suggestion if we found out there are two clutches trying to engage at once. hopefully the pressure gauges will tell the story. It makes sense that the pressure switches would be very erratic in their operation if the pressure was going to various places all at once. naturally the controller would be goin nuts trying to deal with it all and the fault codes could be pretty random. I once saw a Magnum burn out the odd/even clutches because of damage to the seal rings on the shaft. hopefully we can sort this thing out. I wonder if it has some wear inside the oil supply hubs at the front of each shaft and /or worn out seal rings ????
  8. Case-IH 5130 kicking our butt- suggestions needed

    Hi pirlbeck, sorry to hear about the frustration you are having. just a thought,....can you put pressure gauges into each individual p/s pressure port and see if you are getting multiple clutches trying to engage at once......from memory there are access plugs on each p/s valve section............I'm wondering if you have a bad gasket or o'ring that is leaking pressure across the ports and trying to engage more than one clutch at a time......your comment about the engine "choking at idle" makes me wonder....( we once had an MX maxxum Try to engage 2 clutches and almost stall the tractor.......although I realise the valve setup is different). Another thought......p/s solenoid o'Rings that are damaged could give similar issues I guess??? regards Heath,NZ
  9. Farmall BM serial number identification

    Hi Steve , sorry mate, my mistake .. it's just a regular BM not a "super"....got my wires crossed with the numbers and dates. It is still a 53' though appologies for the stuff up Heath
  10. Farmall BM serial number identification

    Hi Steve , going by the serial number it appears you have a "super" BM that was built in 1953. Regards, Heath
  11. CaseIH 85 - 95 Series Tractors.

    It is a small lever type switch to the left of the steering wheel.These tractors were developed with the option of T/A from the beginning in the early seventies with the 74 series.
  12. Rantoul 2017 - pictures

    Nice to see that 956 XL in the line up...pity more of those didn't make it to North America....great tractor
  13. Hi IHkiwi,

    Do you have any leads for tracking down 3 Ace (8' or 9's) shares for my McCormick International A-8 tractor plough (made in Great Britain) , A comment on this site said that someone in NZ may even cast them - would you know who that might be. Cheers

    1. IHKIWI


      Hi there, right off the top of my head nothing comes to mind but I will keep it in mind and ask around for you.

      Entirely possible they were made here but I have no idea who might have made them, sorry mate.


    2. Kiwi Farmall H

      Kiwi Farmall H

      No worries - still have a few leads to try Sparrex aren't finished yet.

      Keep me posted if anybody has some ideas

      Cheers Roy

      16-12-26 I phone upload 369.JPG

  14. I'm gonna get one

    Y'all might need to get me one and send it wayyyyyy down south for a real southern software upgrade.....pretty sure Marty can handle it in time for Rpru next year...then we can get ourselves totally lost ....but dang we could have some fun on the way Heath