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  1. Beware of scammers!!! Tis' the season

    The local radio news just had story woman had purse stolen with cards and phone. The bad guy texted hubby as wife saying she forgot pin numbers. Before she knew purse was gone bank account was cleaned out and cards maxed out.
  2. 1949 TD9

    Just note to everyone after Sugarmakers comment you have to make it run to tell if steering works,not true. All of the old gear drive crawlers can be towed and then you can tell if the steering works. If you can get it out of the dirt where they have settled in a 30 hp on up wheel tractor should move a much bigger crawler on level ground of course. Just yesterday I drag home a Cat D6 of the same age as these IH crawlers. The Cat had not moved in 15 years at least,engine had run out of oil and was left open for many years. And a hive off bees had made a steering clutch compartment home. Spent 2 months with it opened and bees removed 99% of the honey and 90% of the comb. Seemed like things where stuck,but loosened the brake adjustment and jerked it back and forth. This one had to come off a mountain so I used another old D6 so if brakes stopped working I could still hold it back. But in the yard to move them my 45 hp utility tractor is enough. But if rusted up and not rolling I have not been able to move a Cat with a equal size Cat. So hopefully things will go well for you with this little dozer Nebraskagrunt. Yes get that little right in the middle of your tractor fun.
  3. IH Tractors on Montana Farm

    That Case combine sure looks a lot like one from the mid 50's my uncle had. I want to say a model 301 or maybe a 401. Your feeder house looks wider than I remember,but engine and transmission look right. It was a sidehill model with single rear wheel with hydraulic motor to add power if needed. It went to China soon after my uncle was not around to save it,as my aunt always thought of it as a money pit.
  4. What model is this

    I have a IH model 55 that has the same spring and clamp for the shank. But the rock shaft is different,maybe yours is just more than 15 shanks like mine with more than 2 wheels. I don't have a parts book so no help with numbers.
  5. Hired Grain Haulers

    Knowing when to keep mouth closed around wife or other family members is only part of the battle. You really need to do it. NOT EVEN A WORD ABOUT IT,is my only hope. Guilty Maybe someday. But it will be 39 years in Feb.
  6. TD-18 known as Blaine

    Have you considered a plasma cutter? Gases have really gone up in price down here in the last 10 years. But I don't know if you have the electric power to run it handy or it would be a problem for you. I am sure you a little younger than I but also understand the not learning something new when the old way works fine.I cannot get the kids little mig to work for me so I go back gas welding tin every so often.
  7. I know I am in the Land of Fruits and Nuts,but thought basic DOT was federal? So more or less the same just how hard the locals us it to generate revenue. I had a CDL from 75 until 16,most of the time without a medical card. As there was no ag exemption here in the old days I needed it for a pickup and goose neck stock trailer. When the feds pushed making rules more the same all across the US we got the ag exemption. But did haul a few cows for the neighbors so I kept the CDL. In 2016 had to renew my license and had to get a medical card. Passed medical,but said I needed sleep appnea test because of age and weight,so no card. Insurance company called and said no medical card with CDL was the same as no licence so no insurance. So after a quick look at the Calif DMV code book regular licence good to 26,000 for hauling ag stuff. I hot footed it to DMV and got a regular licence and took it to insurance office that I was good before some welfare ,hop heat ran into me. In years past was always told by the DMV people a CDL without a medical card was a regular class C. So any of you not keeping current on the medical card make sure your state and insurance don't consider you as not having any licence. Cause that would be major trouble as I don't think any of you are homeless and penniless, so the blood suckers will come flocking to feed.
  8. IH TD9BG 1966 Stops Moving

    Dose the hand clutch snap over center?If it dose not take a little pull to move it you need to adjust the clutch.
  9. Tulare Fair ,Exposing the young to old school Ag

    You guys seem to have that down. You could take that show down the road. I know the president of the San Luis Obispo county Agriculture Education group.
  10. Mystery Machine

    Hay stop making fun of ALL my equipment. Just got rid of a JD 100 chisel plow about 4 years ago(traded a 20 shank straight cross for a IH 55, 15 shank) that was all cables and pulleys.Still have a Glencoe cultivator that is all cable lift,as well as old JD that has rock-shaft in the center and cables out to he wings. I come from a poor area in some regards.Not many years ago that guys gave up old horse drawn spring tooth all tied to a big beam to make 20 to 40 cultivators,anything that folded was looked at as modern. I have spent a day or 2 cussing the Glencoe to get it level,one trick I just learned a few years ago. Cordless impact wrench to really tighten the cable clamps,you would have it pretty good and hours or even a day later cable would slip and change it again. Oh I was not offended by anyone's comments,and was not trying to offend any else with mine. Just that a poor man has poor ways. And know clue what brand it mite be.
  11. Dad used to pull these out

    They were part of the life cycle of the heal fly.The ones I was a around any way. Dad had a horse with a warble coming in it back where the saddle sat. Had to stop riding him for several months. Some time in the mid 60's dad started using pour-on insecticide on all cattle,ended the problem. You had to be careful to us it so the grubs where in the right stage to not cause trouble. Local ag college bought a herd bull from out of state and didn't consider that and killed the grubs when they were near the spine and the bull was paralyzed. They hoped he would get better,but I don't know that he did.
  12. IH Tractors on Montana Farm

    If Tony can get back to report on the little local to him cotton I would be interested in his take on the crop. I was in his general area last week and not many cotton fields compared to the old days.But not a open bowl to be seen. I can remember the whole area smelling of defoliant at the same time raisins where being picked up off the drying paper. The raisins where about how I would of guessed but cotton way late. Well back to the main show,enough of the southern stuff for now. Well maybe one more little note from down here. The San Joaquin Valley was very full of smoke as well. The main entrance to Yosemite Park was closed just up the hill from where I went because of it.
  13. Sticky fingered women

    Look out for the grandma's. Local smaller construction company lost 1 million over 11 years to a book keeper 68 years old. Could serve 16 years if convicted of all charges.
  14. What is a FARMER?

    That would be in the U S. That is off the top of my head so I should say I don't remember how long ago I read,and could off a bit. But from one of the major farm magazines,and shocked at how high it was.
  15. Anybody have guineas..?

    Gee i didn't know how luck I have been,spent 30 years around pea fowl and never once had them attack.Very noisy and not something I would really want but everybody to there own ideas. The ranch had tin nailed to several large oak trees so the raccoons,bobcats,and foxes couldn't get to them. The population would go up and down greatly,not uncommon for a hen to hatch a dozen chicks. I think the reason to keep them was to discourage rattlesnakes. Which I think they did.