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  1. As one of those guys who had a birthday yesterday, thanks for all the kind wishes! I've always felt it was the perfect day to have a birthday... no school as a kid, no work as an adult, plus fireworks and cookouts!
  2. Fitting name for an IH fan!
  3. It has been a pleasure reading through this thread. Ole 815, I'm sure glad you found "your" 1206. As others have said, it's a great story. It's pretty bittersweet in that that tractor is now a "family heirloom" to two families, and I'm sure no one can blame the current owners for wanting to hold on to it now. At least you know where it is, and that it is still going strong. Having said that, life is funny sometimes; we never know what's coming at us, and at least the current owners know who and where you are... maybe an opportunity will present itself down the road. Kristen's story is always an inspiration to anyone looking for an old family tractor, I have seen his 1206 at a few different Red Power shows now, and just thinking about that whole journey kind of gets to a guy when you stop and think about it. We are lucky to have several "family" tractors on my mom's side of the family, I wish I could find some that were on dad's side, especially a 400, 560, and 806 that my dad spent a lot of time on 45- 50 years ago, but there's about zero chance of even finding serial numbers at this point, I'm afraid.
  4. specializes in Deere, but work on all makes. I've had good luck with them, they may be worth a try for you.
  5. Hickory Hills was the name of IH's photographic center located near Norway, IL. It was situated on an IH owned farm. Still photos and motion pictures were both taken there. Operated, I'm guessing, from late 50s to 80s. There is a nice feature on it on one of the Farmington Implement dvd's. I believe it was also used at times to train sales and service staffs on the use of various equipment.
  6. It is, but I believe there was a thread on here a year or so back stating that there are at least a few buildings standing and being used by the groundskeepers. Seems like I remember there being a few grain bins, too.
  7. As long as it's so close, it would be neat if they photographed it at the old Hickory Hills photo grounds before it's potentially sold and moved
  8. Just read this morning that Sears is selling its Craftsman brand to Stanley/ Black and Decker for something like $900 million. Kind of a sad day for me. Both Sears and Craftsman tools were staples for me and my family as far back as I can remember (and before my time, as well.) As I have been thinking about Sears selling off lines and closing stores, it struck me that it feels a bit like what IH went through in the 80s.
  9. I'm not normally much of a betting man, but I will put a couple hundred bucks down saying that no matter if the Republican or the Democrat wins, there will most certainly be a presidential election again in 2020.
  10. I knew the operator killed in that accident. A very nice guy, very sad time for everyone involved.
  11. Not to say that I don't enjoy a beautifully restored tractor (who doesn't? ) but honestly, my favorites at every RPRU I've attended are the ones with a "good story." These old tractors were so important to the daily lives of their owners, and at one time were all shiny and new, and someone's pride and joy. Seeing them, and hearing those stories is a great way to honor those people so important to us that have moved on. I'd say bring them out!
  12. Wow!! Very neat!! And at 500 bucks, it's well within reach for many of us who would never have dreamed of such a thing a few years ago. I'd love to have one someday... pretty useful, and lots of fun, I bet!!
  13. I was going to post a question here asking if anybody made it to the winter convention. I had been planning on going, as I have enjoyed every winter convention I have attended, but circumstances changed, and I wound up having to stay home. Hope a good time was had by all, I bet Sherry put on a nice program.
  14. No military service for me, either, but I sure have enjoyed the freedoms that you fellows who did serve protected for me. Thank you for that.
  15. Dale, I sure hope your story doesn't drum up any bad memories for MTO about his 400# high school sweetheart!