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  1. NW Ohio plow day

    I found some very good pictures from plow day... here's my 560 and Floyd's JD together again... We had several young people learning how to plow...
  2. NW Ohio plow day

    Great job, BJ. we missed you today, but understand you were needed elsewhere.
  3. NW Ohio plow day

    we had a great day to plow. this was the view when I got to the field around 7:30 this morning. A few tractors arrived the day before, including my 560 and my good friend Floyd's JD 3010 just to the left of my Farmall. soon may trucks with trailers began to arrive and we started to help with unloading. After donuts and a few announcements we got busy Smoker seemed pretty relaxed for first thing in the morning John has a sweet outfit that looks good coming... and going... some spots were tough enough to make em smoke a bit.. I think we had about 45 registered to plow this morning... we had a good crowd for lunch... At the end of the day, just my 560 and Floyd's JD were left in front of the field that was all plowed... It was a great day...
  4. NW Ohio plow day

    You would be ok with that plow. There are a few spots that will give the older, light pull type plows a challenge. They will have spots where the plow will want to ride up out of the ground, and then large areas that will go pretty good. Having good shares with some suck to the points will help. I just wanted to warn everyone that might be coming some distance, that there will be a few spots on some high ground that will be tough.
  5. NW Ohio plow day

    We are not cancelling, just want everyone to know that areas of this field will be a challenge, some of it is plowing pretty nice. Owner will go over all of it with big ripper when we are done, so not as big a deal if not a perfect job. just so you know...
  6. NW Ohio plow day

    Letting everyone know that the field that we will plow tomorrow has some hard spots. You may want to reconsider coming tomorrow, the plowing will not be as good as I had hoped. just so you know... I hate to see some people drive a long distance and be disappointed.
  7. Went to a show yesterday

    nice variety, thanks for the pictures.
  8. NW Ohio Plow Day

    Drove the old binder over to the field where we will be plowing.
  9. NW Ohio Plow Day

    sorry to here that BJ. I thought for sure, you would be trying out that new gooseneck. next time.
  10. NW Ohio Plow Day

    I always push enter more than once when using my phone, sorry
  11. NW Ohio Plow Day

    Getting the old 560 tuned up, ready to plow.
  12. Rantoul or Bust

    Our plow day is August 12th. I'm sure that we can find you a tractor to drive if we know you're coming.
  13. 806 injector problems

    I think I spent about $900 to have pump and injectors rebuilt on my 560.
  14. No more borrowing trailers for me!

    BJ, that is sweet! Very nice. You will be able to drive your tractor and plow on easy enough. You might still want to have the plow lifted off. Those pull type plows are a real trick to back. Looks great!
  15. Looking at buying 1026

    that's exactly what those hoses were for. He would plug it into his pickup to warm it up if it sat outside on a ditching job. I looked under hood for air conditioner lines and compressor, and didn't see anything.