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  1. Forbidden

    Just read this. https://www.ctvnews.ca/mobile/canada/manitoba-woman-charged-after-man-stabbed-house-lit-on-fire-1.3768554 Maybe he has a new girlfriend and she doesn't like Cats. How often you think news like this happens in Lynn Lake. John.
  2. what are they called

    The way the lamps are attached to those arms are sorta Mickey Mouse. Easily knocked off by branches or mud slung from the tires. I've repaired mine a few times which is likely why they cut them off. If your handy you could take some rectangular tubing and make your own with some commercially available lites. Just mt thinkin, John
  3. What's your favorite snack

    Anything sweet,salty,vinegary or savoury. Pickled herring, pickled pigs feet or pickled beef tongue. Crackers optional. After that sardines or kippered herring. Then there's always raw oysters. John
  4. Fuel tank restoration

    Well I was going to start restoration of my 140 tank but I found that what I thought was POR-15 is a product from Western Radiator. Anyone know if it's the same as POR-15. Has the same sequence of detergent cleaner, tank prep and coating. Just don't want to go to all the work if someone has already had issues. Thanks, John
  5. MX Magnum Help

    Mine is at a dealer rite now with really hard steering and I know the trans fluid does have some water in it. Steering brakes trans and park brake are supplied by the small supply pump I believe while most else is supplied by the variable flow pump (don't scream at me if I'm wrong,no one has really explained it for my small mind to understand). So yes possibly the amount of water your talkin about could well be the issue that's messed up the pumps and filters. One other thing is I thought they told me I'd need 45-55 US gal to change out my rear end so you could be low at 30 and starving the system. YMMV, John
  6. Hidden foreign land ownership in Wisconsin

    Here in Ontario one investment group is buying land and renting it back or to others at 2.5-3% of the purchase price. Equates to a return on investment better than gic's as long as the prime lending rate is 1% or less. Once the lending rate goes higher other forms of investment will be more lucrative and they will be looking to dump the ground but since they paid more than market value at time of purchase and with the higher lending rates they may have an issue disposing of it. My thiughts, John
  7. Kevingewq has given you all the info you need to tighten your tracks. In your first post the last picture of the yoke shows a cap and one of two bolts you remove and under that cap is a gease zerk. Attach grease gun and pump it up to the above suggested track tension. Nothing needs to be loosened or tightened just add grease to the desired tension. John
  8. 496 disk cylinder

    Prince made the phasing cylinders for numerous equipment suppliers Kongskill, McKee and others. My MRX690 disk ripper has Prince badged CNH on it. If the stroke bore and shaft size is the same then all you have to do is put it on and make sure the relief is in the proper orientation as the other wing. The relief is that plug on the cylinder usually up and at top of lift. John
  9. 496 disk cylinder

    No it's usually a bypass valve fitted in the piston that activates when the piston bottoms out at end of stroke. Some of the Prince cylinders have a block welded on the side at one end of the sleeve which lets air and oil bypass around the piston seals. This is so the air can be bled away and also to allow cylinders to synchronize at the top of the lift. John
  10. 2388 vs 8010

    Basically just drive faster. Combine works best full. John
  11. Hi. Rocko59 here

    Nice to hear from you Rocko. Lotta politics goes on here from time to time. Keep checking in, lots of questions have been asked and we know you have the answer. John
  12. Bottle bombs

    I see those bottles along the way and feel so inadequate. I couldn't reach the neck of a bottle with my turkey neck. No way LOL John
  13. Retirement

    Retired 5 years ago after 35 years in the rat race. Been so busy working farms and other adventures that I'm considering looking for a full time job again so I can go to work and have a day off. Great time of life, I just need to some how step back and slow down a bit. John
  14. Fill me in on the MX240 tractor

    I have 2-MX240's one Na and one European no problems with either one. The CAPS fuel pumps are usually trouble free if you routinely change your fuel filters and wait 20-30 sec of ignition on before cranking engine (gives the lift pump time to prime the fuel system). I did replace one CAPS pump which I bought a rebuild out of The Diesel Shop for about 2500 and changed myself. Electrically I've had no problems save for a few bad fuses and bad hvac blower motor. I had Eco-tune program the na one to 285 hp and runs my 42ft JD 1890 ccs 68 run planter and plays with it. I like my old 5488 but after you get in one of these you'll not want to go back. Any tractor can be a nightmare, it's the luck of the draw whether you get a good one or the money pit. All you can do is drive it and get as much info as you can on the history and maintenance. I do know if it needs interior work it can get costly because the aftermarket isn't there yet on replacement parts. The Cummins motor is bullet proof and I've had no power train issues Good luck, happy hunting, John
  15. New Tractor Shed Started ,Sept 7,17

    Location location location. Here in Ontario Canada butler hadn't be seen in years and lots of other suppliers have sprung up. We have one company that just specializes in components and if you need a replacement or parts for a build just call and parts are on the way no matter if you a contractor or a building owner The quoset hut style buildings went outta favour here years ago and are replaced by hoop style buildings but for equipment storage for 10-15% more you get a better pole style building that you have more than in one end and out the other. Steel buildings like the one you are building here would be 50-80% more than a wood pole/steel clad implement shed. Great looking building and collection, best of luck John
  16. Harvest corn with a grain header.....

    Have noticed the old 8 thru 10 series heads the snout points curved up. Good thing when your down and don't want to roll a snout under, bad if your trying to pickup down corn. My 2208 with the ahc and field tracker will pickup a lot of down corn with minimum loss. Had a buddy with 50 acres down in a wind storm 10 years ago. Three smaller combines 13-18 ft heads 3 days to harvest. Later he always wanted his corn off early. One year I took his beans off dropped grain head hooked to cornhead and got ur done. John
  17. 2188 eating rotor belts?

    Had one on a 1480 that the ramps the torque rollers roll on where not flat. They had hills and valleys wore in due to bad rollers over the years and the torque sensor would not move smoothly and would eat a belt in a matter of hours. Replaced with a new torque sensor and never ate another belt in 6 years. John
  18. Galvanized dump trailers

    All my utility trailers are galvanized. The oldest one is 20 yrs old and there is no flaking or rust. Buddy with same trailer painted has replaced fenders twice and painted it four times. Only drawback to galvanized trailers is any weld repairs require grinding back the galvanize and welding. Keep a spray can of cold galvanize paint available and touch up any repairs. John
  19. 1063 corn head lubricant

    85W-140. If they leak to much you can use JD cornhead grease. John
  20. John Deere Financial

    I believe I got an email from them awhile back that they where upgrading their security and you'd have to reset your password or something like that. John
  21. Turn signals on fender tractors

    In Ontario Canada we have reguirend drivers ed for new drivers for atleast 15 or more years. I still can't believe the left hand turn people that turn rite over to the right lane no matter how many lanes they are turning into. If your turning left you turn into the leftest lane and signal to move right. If you can't get that simple procedure then you'll never figure out a SMV sign. Most farm vehicles to the younger crowd is just a hinderage you speed around no matter what the SMV is doing. My $0.02, John
  22. MX240 steering question

    My new (to me) 2001 MX has a issue with the steering. As your driving down the road without constant pressure to the left she wants to steer to the right. Also when you go to steer left at times it's like it's locked up and takes moderate steering pressure to push past the lockup and then steers easily. I have to do some testing but was wondering if you have any ideas. Is it hand pump or possibly priority valve. Thanks in advance, John
  23. New Tractor Shed Started ,Sept 7,17

    Looking at the glass being half full I guess with the delay in getting the permits means less mistakes in the long run. (Ya rite). Lookin good, John
  24. 1440 rear ladder upgrade

    I had a 1480 and found the fold down step you speak of from a salvage combine at a yard some where in Ontario. Was a great addition except for one flaw. When you folded it back it's rung and the second rung pretty well matched and was a great finger pincher. The whole unit comprised of a pair of c shaped side rails with a rebar rung and spring to keep it from flopping around. I know where the combine is and can get some pics but it will take a few days and some beer. John
  25. 3" sickle speed

    Just went thru this with my 1020 head. Previous owner had a 12" 600rpm drive pulley and it was beatin the head to death. Put on a 10 1/2 500rpm and you would not believe I had the same head. Quiet and smooth no shaken the whole combine. YMMV, John