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  1. failed oil filter ?

    Yup, Ford gauges are just idiot lights with a pointer to make you feel good inside!
  2. failed oil filter ?

    I’ve had the seal blow out on a couple of NAPA oil filters on a Briggs motor a few times when starting in sub zero weather. Thankfully the key switch was next the filter and I shut it down right quick.
  3. Wankel in a sled??

    Grandad sold a few back in the day. He was a dealer from ‘68 to ‘73. Cat wanted him to become a full line dealer but he wasn’t interested in that. He just sold sleds in the winter when there wasn’t much going on at the farm. The wankel’s were a good torquey engine and were usually pushed if the buyer was going to be pulling a Cat Cutter (sleigh) or an ice fishing shanty around the lake.
  4. What's your favorite crop to harvest?

    Dad and I were talking about the need for full mechanical harvesting just the other day. We have an h2a crew right now and are happy with their work performance but it’s definitely more costly than using migrants. A mechanical harvester would take care of a lot of headaches and cost all in one shot. There are a few in production here right now but they’re cumbersome and still require a good sized work force to operate. Most guys aren’t buying them due to price ($150k) and the lack of efficiency. Hopefully better machines will be available in the near future that can harvest faster with less human involvement.
  5. What's your favorite crop to harvest?

    An average crop is 800-1000 bpa. We’ve had crops hit 1700 bpa on good years! The amount per tree is quite variable. Anywhere from 1 bushel per tree on younger trees on trellis at 700 trees per acre to nearly 20 bushel per tree on wider planting’s (200 trees per acre) with mature trees but there will always be trees in a row that have less than that.
  6. What's your favorite crop to harvest?

    Yes, all planting’s since 2012 have been on trellis. We’re kind of late to the game! Dad was dead set against it for the longest time due to the extra expense. It took years to talk him into it. Now he really likes the trellis and how soon the trees come into production.
  7. Amazon is considering Pittsburgh

    They’re looking at Grand Rapids, Mi too! I hear it’s supposed to bring about 15,000 jobs.
  8. What's your favorite crop to harvest?

    We’ve been harvesting venison around here! My brother and mom each took a doe to fill the freezer and a friend shot the 7 point. He’s got a 17” inside spread but it’s kind of a spindly rack.
  9. What's your favorite crop to harvest?

    Money cri.... er ...Honey Crisp! At near $70 a bushel it’s hard not to like them!
  10. Fall Harvest 2017 Thread

    It’s been a tough harvest for us this year. Frost wiped out 70-80% of our crop overall and in a few areas it wiped out 100% of it. We’re 2 weeks ahead of schedule right now as it doesn’t take long to harvest a 20% crop! We added 4 new controlled atmosphere (C/A) rooms this year but we don’t have a crop to fill them! So we’re storing and packing a lot of fruit for other growers in the area this year. So hopefully the revenue from that will help with the new payments.

    I know there are a few groups that do drive their tractors there. I think they take off from Big Rapids and plan on 2 days to get there. You might win the record though if you drive your tractor all the way from Minnesota! Just remember you'll need to come from the south as the parade starts in Mackinaw and goes north to St. Ignace. I don't think the bridge authorities will let you drive south bound across the bridge to get to the start point!
  12. John Deere splits in half

    Here it is.
  13. Apple question.....

    Depends on the variety as to when it's harvested. Probably easiest just to pick one every week or so and try it until the desired taste and firmness is achieved.
  14. narrow front wedge on M

    Definitely a caster wedge. The way yours is installed won't make it steer easier but will help take care of tire shimmy at speed. They use something similar on leaf sprung front axles on trucks to add or subtract caster as needed.
  15. Grandparents Merc

    Nice car! My buddy has a '64 Montclair with a similar story behind it. His great grandpa bought it new and passed away 5-6 years later. His great grandma literally drove it to church on Sunday and to the store once a week until the late 80's after that it was parked in a garage for the next 20 years! He got it out and running in the early 2000's. It gets run a little every year but needs some engine work. Everything else is real nice on it. Those Mercs are nice cars!