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    I know there are a few groups that do drive their tractors there. I think they take off from Big Rapids and plan on 2 days to get there. You might win the record though if you drive your tractor all the way from Minnesota! Just remember you'll need to come from the south as the parade starts in Mackinaw and goes north to St. Ignace. I don't think the bridge authorities will let you drive south bound across the bridge to get to the start point!
  2. John Deere splits in half

    Here it is.
  3. Apple question.....

    Depends on the variety as to when it's harvested. Probably easiest just to pick one every week or so and try it until the desired taste and firmness is achieved.
  4. narrow front wedge on M

    Definitely a caster wedge. The way yours is installed won't make it steer easier but will help take care of tire shimmy at speed. They use something similar on leaf sprung front axles on trucks to add or subtract caster as needed.
  5. Grandparents Merc

    Nice car! My buddy has a '64 Montclair with a similar story behind it. His great grandpa bought it new and passed away 5-6 years later. His great grandma literally drove it to church on Sunday and to the store once a week until the late 80's after that it was parked in a garage for the next 20 years! He got it out and running in the early 2000's. It gets run a little every year but needs some engine work. Everything else is real nice on it. Those Mercs are nice cars!
  6. What's Your Heritage?

    Scotch-Irish on dads side. The family name was McGee but the "Mc" part got dropped off at some point in time. Not real sure on moms side. I know there is some Swedish in there but that's about it.
  7. IH Mccormick Orchard O4 Parts

    That's going to be tough to find. Not impossible but tough. I know where a couple O-4's are sitting and one looks like a parts model but he won't get off of them. I've tried several times. Could you weld it back together for the time being?
  8. International 340 head problem

    Were they seated before you worked on it? Are the sealing washers still on the plugs or did the fall off?
  9. Pto clutch change help 1086

    This how to blog from Redrunrite helped me out on my 706. http://www.redrunrite.com/blog/ih-tractor-pto-unit-repair-information-b881d4/
  10. Heat Gauge

    I haven't heard of or seen any new gauges with the proper logo. I think we're stuck with poor repops or if you're lucky NOS if you can find them.
  11. Fired up the 784

    Take it easy with that kimco front axle! The steering arm bolts like to loosen up and cause issues. Nice looking rig though. We had one on 30" rubber that had a 2 post rops and canopy along with a 2250 loader. It was our "BIG" tractor for a lot of years.
  12. Iowa "Tony Award"

    That's nice! It's a winner in my book!
  13. A Big Weather System Here!

    Ended up with 7/10! We'll take it!
  14. A Big Weather System Here!

    The rain keeps missing us. It's horrible dry right around my area. I've been watering newly planted trees for a week now. Today I had to start watering trees planted last year, we sure could use an inch or two over a day or two!
  15. Average Weight of Your Twine Square Bale

    I put up orchard grass bales 36"-38" right around 50-55 pounds. Much heavier and the horsey people start squaking about how heavy they are.