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  1. Just about anything will work fine in a C. Regular old hydraulic fluid, motor oil or HyTran (although HyTran is factory recommend it should be noted that in a C the hydraulic fluid is no where near a transmission!)
  2. Best for me is Jim Morrison Worst for me is Bob Sieger, dunno why but just never cared for his music.
  3. I agree, corn binder.
  4. I just googled it and found that one. I can try to look for another.
  5. Not sure about the IH pumps but the M&W's will work with a magneto. I have one for my O-6.
  6. This lil' fella?
  7. Seems like my old '94 Dodge half ton had the style of plug you're looking for but it's been a long time since I've had that truck so don't quote me on it.
  8. For me its water ponding in the orchards. Unless it's tiled and has a few risers in the low spots it can take weeks for the water to go away with our heavy clay soils. We pinched a tile in an orchard last year and it left this mess. I ended up renting a 3" trash pump and pumping it out as I needed the water out of the area to stage apple boxes. If I hadn't of pumped that water would probably stay there for a month or two or until the tile was fixed.
  9. Yes, we're with Consumers. I'll have to check that out, thank for the tip!
  10. Does anybody here use solar power on the farm? If so what are the pros and cons of it? Any hidden costs or maintenance issues a guy should be aware of? Reason I ask is we're in the process of building some more storage rooms for apples and have been contacted by a company that installs solar panels and systems about the possibility of installing them on the roof of our new facility. There are some great tax incentives to adding them to new construction projects. They're also saying that if they install a 150 kw system it could lower our energy bills by roughly $25k per year which also sounds great. Of course we'd still be on the "grid" and not dependent on solar as our main energy supply as we use a ton of energy during the fall and winter months. We are supposed to be able to sell power to or get credits from the energy company if we happen to produce more than we use though. It sounds like a great deal but I just want to make sure that this isn't one of those "Too good to be true" type scenarios. Dont wanna get burned!
  11. So..... Is there a tree in your tractor or a tractor in your tree? Haha! Looks like a nice project, can't wait to see it finished!
  12. You can add a fast hitch to a C but the torque tube is built a bit lighter than a Super C and can break under heavy loads. Also small things like the clutch and brake pedals are different between the two and a super has a hydraulic temp gauge and a C doesn't. My C has has a Super C radiator and water pump but a C grill and fuel tank mounts so the hood runs uphill and the bottom of the grill runs about an inch above the bolster. It was rolled at some point before I bought it and that's what they fixed it up with. For $600 I can't complain!
  13. I ordered parts from them with good results however for some reason the order showed up in 2 shipments about a week apart, not a big deal unless your in a jam and need your parts fast.
  14. Frosted Flakes, They're Greeeaaaatttttt!
  15. Yup, I heard that a long time ago. I think I better get a smaller belt to double make sure my pants stay where they're supposed too! Lol