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  1. If you give me $5000 usd I can put a load together quick ,you just tell me how many. I'm guessing he wants 3pt and PTO on them though... FT All have pto and I can add 3 point with my eyes closed. Not a problem.
  2. If you give me $5000 usd I can put a load together quick ,you just tell me how many.
  3. Case 3594

    No they were never offered with a standard transmission. The last available were the 90 series. There were quite a few around here that lasted very well considering they were on dairy farms with owners that could wreck an anvil with a rubber hammer. I have personally seen 10000 plus hours on some. I would buy one in a heartbeat if I needed something like that but I can also fix it myself which makes a big difference when owning older equipment.
  4. Local 1086 for $6,500

    Location sure makes a difference. I have a 986 with a 2350 loader that looks in about the same shape for sale locally @ $4500 and no body will even come to look at it.
  5. Best tractor showdowns

    No such thing as a factory turbo 806. What good would a 212 hp 806 really be?
  6. 1066 IHC ?? Wheatland

    Sure it is I had a 966 just like that and have seen many more.
  7. Case 3594

    Sounds like you have owned one tell us your problems you had.
  8. Case 3594

    It depends whether its a consignment auction or a retirement/ estate auction. I wouldn't by any tractor at a consignment auction but if its a farm auction drive it and if it shifts really crisp go for it. The 33 and 35 have the 6 speed power shift which is smoother than the 3 speed. The 94/96 series held up well here lots with 10000 plus here running around.
  9. combine auger bed parts...aftermarket vs CIH

    A & I bought Loewen in 2007.
  10. 715 combine engine

    You will have to look at it I'm not sure of the serial number split when the change was but it has to early to have a 301.
  11. 715 combine engine

    You have to change the timing cover for sure the combine has a hydraulic pump that drives off the right side. Trying to think what else...I put a 301d in 656 a year or so ago but I'm have a bad case of CRS. Where is the sale at?
  12. The Needle has been FOUND! 3688

    I wasn't suggesting trying to bolt them on to reduce the risk of burning the lines but for cosmetic reasons, nothing looks worse than chicken chit weld hanging off something especially a tractor. Unless the OP is an excellent welder bolting is an option.
  13. The Needle has been FOUND! 3688

    Yep , AC up the left and heater up the right. If it were mine I would try and drill and tap the cab post and counter sink the holes in the mirror bracket and use bolts the same as what hold the door hinges on. If that didn't work then you could weld it. I hate welding anything on a tractor that is not suppose to be there.
  14. Farmall M w/3 cyl Detroit?

    So a 8v92 is the equivalent to a 1472 cu in for stroke?
  15. Farmall M w/3 cyl Detroit?

    A 2-71 is 142 cu/inch a 3-71 is 213 cu/inch how do you get 284?Unless I'm not following your statement correctly.
  16. Farmall M w/3 cyl Detroit?

    Rated rpm for a Super 99 Oliver with a 3-71 was only 1675 so it would't be much difference.I think the M only used a 2-71 as a repower.
  17. has not set their status