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  1. farmall m heat houser

    Just get yourself a 12 volt generator,very few people will know the difference without checking out the battery. I had to change my 400 to 12 volt when we got done with it. It has just a tad more compression than its suppose to and even with new cables and battery it was slow so we had a fellow rebuild a 12 volt genny so it looks basically original.
  2. our whole fleet

    I like your open station Cases. Is that a 870 and 970?
  3. Interesting Craigslist find

    I was at a fellows place here last week and he had one just like that he was scrapping. I had never heard of or seen one before.
  4. 786 narrow front mounted picker

    You would not need a different platform. When you pull the cab or rops off an 86 series the floor, both consoles and the dash all stays on the tractor including the seat so you can drive it and operate it no differently other than the fuel tank would need to be relocated or use a different tank. I would think a 86 series would work well due to the fact of the narrow deck when the cab is removed. The 86 or 88 series are not a true modular cab like deere or the 90 series case.
  5. I messed up...

    What are you using for paint? I don't understand why you would let it go for a day and then wet sand it. Why not let it flash off and give it another coat or even two and call it done? If your paint wasn't dry enough there is a good chance your mineral spirits might have actually started to cut your paint.
  6. getting ready to plant

    Are you welding right there beside those bales of hay or straw....
  7. Add on gauges and tach for 986

    You can replace just the dash lense cover. Pull the four screws pull out the cluster and the lense cover pops off. Would be a lot easier and cheaper than switching all the gauges.
  8. 1066 10 bolt dual hubs

    What I am baseing this off of is a good IH mechanic around here said hubs from my 186 should fit neighbors 1086. When he found out the 1086 had 3+1/2" he said it must not be an early 1086 unless somebody put 14 axles on it I owned a very early 1086 a 1976 by serial number and it had 3 1/2" axles and they were original.
  9. 3788 2+2 New Tires

    Those are good looking tires, I was thinking of putting a set on mine as well.
  10. Pics to share

    Don't matter how small the bucket is, it still beats a fork or shovel. I have pitched a 680 New Holland by hand more times than I can remember just because no one would buy anything small enough to fit in the pen.
  11. I don't know a lot about time lines on this or that but do know that 7110's use the same cast center as a 20/2290 and our 7120 uses the 23/2590 and 94 cast centers.
  12. CDL laws, or not! ??

    Doesn't matter if its 1200 miles a year or 12 if you use the road everyone needs the same rules. We have tandems with liquid manure tanks on them running around here with smv signs on them which burns my butt, there was already a hired kid killed driving one.
  13. CDL laws, or not! ??

    Here in Ontario you must have your CDL or AZ as its called here. Everything from tractor trailers right down to one ton pickups pulling big goosenecks and anything inside a 100 mile radius you must fill out an inspection log every day you use it and more than a 100 miles you must use a logbook. For straight tucks with air brakes you also need a lower grade of a CDL. It burns my a$$ when farmers think they have the right to drive and haul whatever they want just because they only have to go 2 miles to the elevator. I have had my AZ since I was 18 and have to jump through hoops to keep it. No one should be allowed on the roads anywhere without the proper license. BTW I do farm but drive truck as well.
  14. hy-capacity floor mat

    I got one without the holes and it don't look great either, there are big ugly bumps over the mount bolts.
  15. 88 series cab question

    The shifting and hydraulic consoles of both tractors stay with the floor not the cab. The right side of the 88 series is drilled for the hydraulic control handles which would be easy to plug. I have had both stripped down to their skeleton other than the A/C it would be no big deal to swap either direction.
  16. off color advice

    A 2090 should be a natural aspirated 451. Don't matter much, all case engines are torque monsters.
  17. 1206 modifing wiring harness

    Contact Agri -Services in Alden new York they will make the harness you want. We ordered an 806 harness and they asked if we wanted original or wanted to change it up to an internal regulated alternator. The fellow wanted the newer style alt. so that's what we got and the alternator light works as well.
  18. 1466 no 3pt

    Almost all 66 series sold in western Canada had no 3 point but all had adjustable front axles. There are a lot. I have owned atleast 8 and 3 were black stripes.
  19. Hardener in paint

    I have also read peanut butter puts people in the hospital and kills people as well. I surely wouldn't handle it either.
  20. What happened to 1066Smoker ?

    What happened to 1066Smoker aka Justin? He hasn't been here since July. Did I miss something ? Last time I had contact with him he was building a top secret puller. Hope all is well.
  21. 5088 Transmission issues

    See it all the time George, people want fixed what's broke right now even though there is other future problems staring them right in the face and you can't tell them different.
  22. Hardener in paint

    In my opinion all harder does to enamel is give it a harder finish when it finally cures. Plain old CNH 2150 without hardener will ball up sandpaper a year after its sprayed it just doesn't seem to get hard. I rarely use enamel, to me its a waste of time if you put any amount of work in your prep. As far as mixing hardener or clear or even spraying clear over it you still have just an enamel paint job. I also know some top coat with clear WHY? Your are buying paint and clear and hardener why not just use a single stage urethane and have a finish that will last for years. Those are just my thoughts and what I use.
  23. Ih 1066 vs JD 4430

    I have owned both a 4430 and many 1066's. There is no comparison in fuel economy and torque with the IH however JD was smart enough to design a nice console with all your controls in one spot as opposed to all over the place like IH. The IH cab was dirty and noisy compared to a SGB as well. However my 10's would out work my 4430 all day long but your days seemed a lot shorter in a deere cab.
  24. That was their brother out in Moosomin they were buying from. I bought one from him years ago as well... learned a hard lesson and not a good one. I prefer to buy direct from farmers out there now, they always seem to make their tractors sound much worse than they actually are.
  25. Yes George most are western tractors I bring in for resale. They are usually weathered a bit but the tin is usually perfect and rust free.