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  1. Hubs on straight axle

    I think I have a couple pairs of 3 1/4" hubs and rims.
  2. Hubs on straight axle

    Fawcetts has them part #hc1287801c91 or if you have a red or green dealer close they probably carry A&I and they have them as well.
  3. Hubs on straight axle

    You can buy brand new aftermarket wedges for $175 a side.
  4. Wheatland 6788 2+2

    Yes no problem the front tank held 90 gallons so it was more than enough. I sold it but kind of wished I didn't.
  5. Wheatland 6788 2+2

    It is not rare by any means. I would bet that there was not 1 shipped to western Canada with 3 point and I have seen lots of 6x88's for sale out there and is one for sale right now. I bought a 6388 a couple years ago with no hitch and added it to it. You can see in the picture I still had the swinging drawbar because I couldn't find the proper drawbar support however I had everything else installed. I also have a 5088 right now with no hitch from western Canada.
  6. Need Help Figuring Out What to Do

    I don't think he is looking for a project, that tractor needs transmission work. It has no odd gears.
  7. 710 or 720 IH plow questions

    There was something wrong with your set up if you could not plow stalks a 16". I plant 32500 population and average 180 -200 bpa dry and have no problems. The 735 I bought was seized at 16" and came off a tobacco sand farm and they plowed stalks with it. No matter what you say something wasn't right.
  8. 710 or 720 IH plow questions

    A 720 16" bottom will not plug in cornstalks as long as you have decent coulters and they are set correctly. I have been pulling 5-16's for years and it has euro bottoms on it as well. Last fall I acquired a 735 vari width with super chief bottoms on it and against my better judgement I did half my plowing with it. This spring after riding over the ground it plowed I was ready to cut it up into small pieces and send it to China. Half of our land is hard enough it doesn't crumble when it leaves the mouldboard so the good old super chiefs leave it standing straight up no matter how fast or slow you go. The euro's lays it over flat and smooth. And yes the euro bottoms pull easier I know because I have both and even the amish manufacturers are using euro bottoms because the pull easier and do a smoother job. I will never use super chiefs again.
  9. Wheatland Rear Wheel Centers

    I have one of those centers that I pulled off a tractor I wrecked a couple years back.
  10. Newly purchased 986

    The western interior was that ugly tan colour with the pattern in it.
  11. Gotta try it

    Thank you. I wished I didn't sell it now. That tractor had 1350 real original hours on it.
  12. Gotta try it

    I gotta try this
  13. Anyone watching the Stanley Cup?

    I would rather watch paint dry.
  14. 766 and 1066 difference?

    They are not shorter, same frame rails just a longer fan shroud.
  15. IH 886

    the rails are the same and even drilled all you need is the shorter fan shroud from any model with a 400 series engine.