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  1. hours on a magnum?

    I saw one with 23,000 hours on it about 20 years ago.. Dont know if it is still running.
  2. 666 basic questions

    The 656 and 666 transmission and differential have more in common with the H transmission than the M
  3. National anthem protests

    I agree 100 percent..... We all should vote with our pocket book.. Find the advertisers of NFL, draft a letter to them telling of your intent.. THEN follow through on it.. REFUSE to buy Budweiser beer, or whoever is supporting these bad actors.
  4. Look at this cherry red manifold on this 1456

    OOPSIE.... The inverse is true.. There is a longer TDC dwell with the longer stroke.
  5. National anthem protests

    These guys are ENTERTAINERS!!! nothing more nothing less. Hired as entertainers, under contract as entertainers and (in my opinion) should be paid as entertainers.. Just like a comedian that only tells offensive jokes and loses his audience so should the protesting ENTERTAINERS loose their jobs... They can do anything they want when they are out of the arena. BUT if they worked for me and insisted on protesting on my dime, they would be out of a job.. We can all look at what happened with the Dixie Chicks, One critical political comment and MASS boycott.. Then same should happen here. P.S. I do support the freedom of free speech
  6. Look at this cherry red manifold on this 1456

    Interesting observation. I would think that the longer stroke (also slower piston speed) would allow more time for intake air to mix and cool the cylinder???
  7. led question for 66 series

    You may want to try Tiger lights.. Good guys to deal with with a good product.. http://tigerlights.com
  8. Look at this cherry red manifold on this 1456

    I do not know what Ford engine that is.. I assume a european gas 6 cyl.. If you notice the exhaust on the MF pulling tractor, his water injection did not come on.. The noise you hear at the end of the pull is what remains of the pistons trying to find an exit strategy...
  9. Look at this cherry red manifold on this 1456

    Not IH but red...
  10. Blue jeans

    I usually buy at Sheplers. Order 10 pair at a time as an incentive to stay on track weight wise..
  11. Look at this cherry red manifold on this 1456

    I know that in the 800 to 900 degree range the cast manifold is a orange to dull cherry red. 1000 starts getting bright cherry. 1200 shows some white. 1350 was a cutoff point for before turbo pyrometer for years. My 1456 used to glow bright cherry for hours on end when plowing. Never had any issues with that engine.
  12. 1966 BBC 396/427 film

    The ElCamio SS396 one of my friends had kept breaking push rods. 3 times it went back to the dealer with a big mess under the covers.. He finally sold it and his troubles were gone. I do know that any of the real hard running BBC engines have LOTS of braces and heavy parts in the valve train to make them rev.
  13. 1966 BBC 396/427 film

    I dont know if anyone else had the valve train issues that I saw in the early porky headed chevys.. But for me it was enough to make me NOT buy one.
  14. Mcv pump

    I always lathe spin and clean all of the valves in the MCV, have seen too many tight spools over the years. I have not encountered any issues with using the larger pump on the 856s and 1206s I have updated.