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  1. 1460 Hystat pump

    Dad's 1978 1460 hystat pump is leaking in multiple places. P/N 128122C93 on the tag which I believe is the Eaton pump. I'm looking for a good source for replacement parts, it doesn't appear that CIH sells a full seal kit, only piece by piece, and they are pretty proud of those parts. Any good places to call or does anyone know the cross reference to a Eaton branded pump? I have access to Eaton parts through work.
  2. Chinese oil lines.

    I made another 250 miles, cut the filter again, still clean. Drained the cheap Walmart 10w30 out and gave it another panfull of 0W40 Cat synthetic DEO. Seems to have saved it this time around. To clarify a little, this oil line was installed just over a yr ago when I had the 2nd engine installed. It was a Napa "premium" part with a price to boot. Now that it crapped out and I had to replace it, the China stamp is plain to see. I call this truck "cursed", because those who follow me may remember it started out after I bought it, I had to do both the trans and engine. Then the engine went again under warranty. I have now had to do all the brake lines, then the fuel tank and all the fuel lines. I was at the local Chevrolet dealer today. They had a clean and loaded '08 Suburban for $14,900. Stopped me in my tracks, it looked so good. Then I seen it has a 188,000 miles!@#$%. Can almost garuanty the thing would need a trans within 20k, how long is anything else on a truck like that going to last? Am I of touch thinking a 188k truck isn't worth that much?
  3. Case 2290

    Thanks for all the replies and advise. Dad got it home last night, it made the 70 mile trip without missing a beat. He's going to give it a good bath and clean up the interior, I'm going to adjust the valves and make sure all the shift cables, ect are adjusted and working right & it should be field ready.
  4. Case 2290

    Just wondering what kind of damage this does. I know the shifter automatically returns to 1rst if you do step on the clutch pedal. Dad is roading it home as I write this. I just advised him to shift down first as he already was in the habit of clutching in the higher ranges.
  5. Chinese oil lines.

    Update, Drove about 40 miles, cut the filter open and it was clean, so I avoided serious damage. It appears that my oil pressure fluctuates between idle and rev'd up more than it did before (25 psi low/65 psi high - warm). This would indicate to me there is either some pump damage or there is something with more clearance than before. It probably will be worth my time to drop the pan and change the pump and roll in new bearings. Hate to lose an engine that only has 10k miles. Those of you who made their own lines, what did you do to hook up to the fittings on the oil cooler? The connections are more like A/C lines and I'm having difficulties finding a hose end that would work. On bypassing the cooler, I really prefer to keep it. Not because I'm afraid the oil will get hot, but to keep the oil warm when it's really cold. It's really tempting right now, to fix up a couple other small issues, give it a good detailing, and put this thing on CL. Go buy something newer before it bites me again.
  6. Dream job...?

    I'm still looking for that job that pays $250k annually, with generous benefits and 51 weeks of vacation a yr!
  7. Fix and sell or just sell?

    The 3010d will be the last tractor to go, it's the busiest machine on the farm behind the 1845C skidsteer. Winter, it runs the wood splitter. Spring it sprays and sometimes cultivates, as well as tills the garden. Summer it runs the brush mower. Fall it runs the augers. Not to mention it is the go to tractor for any other minor task. The 3788 gets 25 hrs a yr now, doing the tillage the 4320 used to do in 40. The Case will do the planting the 4320 was relegated to. And the 3010 still won't get a break.
  8. Chinese oil lines.

    New oil line installed, refilled the empty oil pan, fired it up and I have 60 psi without a knock. I did catch it within a mile or so, and I had synthetic oil in it... hopefully it will be ok. I run it about an hour, and I will cut the filter open in the morning. If I'm lucky, it won't be full of metal.
  9. Chinese oil lines.

    This is how my day is going. The cursed Suburban strikes again.
  10. Chinese oil lines.

    This is how my day is going. The cursed Suburban strikes again.
  11. Fix and sell or just sell?

    Been through most of the hyd system suggestions above. Still haven't found the problem. I'm at the point where I would have to take everything apart and inspect piece by piece. Which I personally don't have the time to do and is a little above dad's skill set. The 4320 certainly is a great tractor worth hanging on to. But there's no more room in the shed. I'm not going to take over the farm, so when dad decides to give it up, everything will go anyways. Might as well sell it now so it doesn't sit out and rot away.
  12. Fix and sell or just sell?

    In my other thread, Dad bought the Case 2290. Which means he has no reason beyond sentiment to keep the old 4320. I hate to see it go as it's the tractor I learned and grew up in, but I have no desire to start farming anytime soon. Here's the question, the engine is tired, the hyd pump gets starved for oil and I haven't been able to figure out why as yet. The paint is faded. The cab interior is gone. The trans and brakes have never been touched. If it were your tractor, would you overhaul and fix it up if the idea is to sell it. Or would you adjust the price and sell as is? I figure, the way it sits, someone would give $6-7k for it. Running good, probably $10-12. And you see some of these, fully restored on tractorhouse for $30-40!
  13. Case 2290

    Well.... dad is the proud owner of a Case 2290 with 4133 hrs, and my inheritance dropped another $10500. Tractor is straight and clean, though it could use a cab kit. Everything works, and it appears that it received proper maintenance. It was an extra tractor on a larger sized crop farm, it mainly spent it's time running augers, pulling gravity boxes, ect. The guy claims to be the 2nd owner and has had it 17 yrs. Said he's never had to do any work on it, but didn’t know the history before that. Anybody have an electronic copy of the service and operator manuals for these tractors? If it does need any work, I know I am going to be the one stuck with it.
  14. Case 2290

    Site froze up on me when I tried to post....
  15. Case 2290

    Last,spring, due to more hyd issues with the 4320 and engine issues with the 3010, Dad borrowed the neighbor's 2090 to finish planting.... and fell in love. He just found a clean 2290 with 4100 hrs on CL, oh-oh. It will only see 50 hrs a yr use for another few seasons before he figures out this farming is just too much work for someone in his 80's. Anybody see a good reason to tell him to stay away from it?