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  1. Topic question

    I'v gotten the page not found error a 1/2 dozen times since last week. My youtube locked up once or twice on Sat afternoon as well. However, I haven't had that thread or any other repeatedly not work. I just attributed it to heavy web traffic. The cold weather keeps everyone inside in front of the tv and everyone's on the computer finishing Christmas shopping.
  2. Pasquali tractor

    Watched a couple you tube vids of them, they actually look pretty stable. Looked at tractorhouse, several of them for sale in Spain and they are quite affordable, I wonder what it would cost to get one shipped here. I could see one being very handy to do work I currently beat up my atv's trying to do. It would also be a perfect platform to build a mini 2+2.
  3. Can I Nominate a Minnesota Senator?

    I'm sure o'l governor crazy eyes Dayton has the perfect intentions biased, gender neutral, LGBT, globull warming, community activist, nutcase picked out to take Stewart Small D#$'s place. Gotta love MN, washed up pro-wrestlers for Governor, failed comedians/actors for senators. At least we didn't have to crash a plane & endure an activist funeral to get rid of this one.
  4. Fed Emissions test results fo Suburbam

    Big dose of E85 in a nearly empty tank? Running pretty c-lean. Back in the e test days here in MN, my old carbureted 200k mile F150's had no chance passing without a little help. So I took a washer fluid jug and filled it with isopropyl and ran a fuel hose through the cap, zip tied the jug up under the hood. I would pull into the parking lot across the road from the test station and swap my fuel line over to the jug, then proceed to get it tested. Get my "pass"certificate...... that thing was a clean air machine! Drive right back to the lot and swap back. Enough people were cheating this way that the state just dropped the testing requirements.
  5. bolts vs studs

    Just a guess, but I'm thinking it has to do with the surface finish attainable on the hardened stud vs the castings your clamping together. Being the hardened nut is turning on a hardened stud rather than a hardened bolt turning into a rather soft cast iron or aluminum, (less thread friction) the torque applied is more directly converted into clamping force.
  6. Cat c15 OH

    On the pushing coolant, yes - probable head gasket, but if the engine got as hot as you say it's just as likely to have cracked the head. In rare cases we see the air compressor head gasket go and build pressure on the cooling system. The ACERT engines have a water to air precooler between the turbos that can crack and push coolant out the overflow, but usually it goes the other way in that case. Injector trim codes... yes if you reuse your injectors and put them in the same holes they came out of, no need to reprogram. You WILL need to recalibrate timing, the engine may run fine without doing so and it may never hurt anything, but there's a good chance performance will suffer. Putting in "cheat" trim codes... 5232, 6999, 7858......ECT. We have a chassis dyno for trucks and have played around with these. Hate to burst anyone's bubble, but we never seen any real difference in hp and torque numbers. There does seem to be a slight change in idle quality, the engine sounds a little lopey. The biggest change in the engine when these codes are installed is that any warranty on recently installed parts becomes void. When you get to the SDP and later ACERT with DPFs, the engine doesn't even run without the correct codes installed. On that note, we have installed the fuel temp resistor, and seen about 8 hp increase at the wheels...... Which wasn't anywhere near the 40 hp claim. Someone above noted the ACERT piston were 2 piece with aluminum skirts. In single turbo 3406E/C-15 that is true. I admit we seldom pull the piston out of the liners, but I don't recall seeing that in BXS or later, they have all been 1 piece steel. Service manual... We don't even buy paper books at the dealer anymore. It's all on Cat SIS, you have to be careful using paper..... Sometimes things get changed in new parts and torque specs are different. PM me your S/N and what you are doing and I can email you the proper info. Your local Cat dealer should be happy to do so as well. Pic of a C15 ACERT piston taken out in an early product update.
  7. Cat c15 OH

    I'll try to keep this short. First, a good diagnosis is crucial. Even in a Cat shop with experienced techs, assumptions get made and unneeded repairs happen. A few hours in a shop getting a thorough investigation of where your at will be worth every penny. While it's quite possible you have a scored liner, I highly doubt there's a hole in a piston, these engines use steel pistons that are nearly indestructible. If you do need to pull the head off, I would seriously consider doing a full overhaul. To much work to get there to just patch it IMO. We have just put one liner in many times, but that usually happened when it was a low hour engine with some other failure. You will need to consider the value of the truck and what its intended usage will be to determine how you want to fix it. A full blown OH with the OPT warranty in a Cat shop will push $30k, but it's the best deal in town if the truck runs 100k miles a yr, the OPT is a 4 yr unlimited mileage warranty that covers everything replaced or inspected during the OH. Obviously, this wouldn't pay in a truck that only runs 15k annual miles. Doing it yourself, there are a few things to watch in a C15, as the aforementioned liner height. Best bet would be to tear it down, then have a machinist who knows Cat inspect the block. You will need the tool to set cam gear backlash and injector rockers, Cat ET is needed to install injector codes. You could probably get a Cat field service tech come out and do this, they can double check your work at that time as well. Once running the timing will need to be calibrated, you have to have Cat ET to do that as well. The biggest thing required when rebuilding a Cat engine is attention to detail - making sure bolt holes get thoroughly cleaned, deck is flat etc. Messing with single turbochargers etc. Don't do it, why buy trouble? You can set that engine for 1850 ft lbs/550 up and it will pull like no tomorrow. With the proper Cat software and matching parts, those engines run way over a million miles nearly trouble free. Once you start messing with them, all sorts of unknown and odd problems pop up, and 1/2 the shops out there will turn you away at the door because it has been messed with. Also, get your parts at the Cat dealer. It may be isolated incidents, but we do see the home mechanic guys come in that used aftermarket bearings, gaskets etc that are prematurely failed. A neighbor of mine rebuilt his 3406E a couple yrs ago. He had the pan off to find an internal coolant leak that ended up being a water pump. While in there, he decided to look at a couple bearings, they had odd looking wear patterns on them and all had to be replaced. He now has about 250k on that rebuild and it has as much blow by as before.
  8. What have many become? Morons...

    And the best part.... many of these "deals" are specially built products just for Black Friday. The manufacturers build batches of sub-par products to sell at the reduced prices. You can see this in things like tv's anytime of the yr. Go to a specialized store and pick a model that is also carried at Wal-Mart. If you look at the tag on the box, many times you will see a - # at the end of the model designation. If you were to put the two tv's side by side, you'll find a noticeable difference in picture quality and you can bet there will be lower end electronics inside the cheaper one.
  9. Farmers only

    How many have seen this one.
  10. Farmers only

    Got a few stories about dating off the internet but this is a family oriented site and such stories are not very appropriate ; ) Worst case scenario I had, the pics a gal used on her profile were several yrs and about 100 lbs old..... And there was no way out, she seen me so I couldn't sneak out the side door of the bar we met at.
  11. Firewood

    Few ingenious wood splitters, watch the fingers!
  12. New Sled

    I already have the biggest Otter Sled I could get from Fleet Farm, which covers 98% of what I need to haul. My bud' up north has a huge old dogsled for bulky stuff like plywood sheets and firewood logs. I would appreciate a pic of one of the sleds your talking about, never know when I might want to build something new. My long term goal is to build this into a recovery/tow unit. Big winch, small A-frame on back, incorporate a HD 12v charging system. Once I reach semi retirement, one side hustle I'm considering will be automotive towing & remote ATV/snowmobile recovery.
  13. babysitting tax question

    Use their services, demand a receipt, keep payment records...... play dumb and turn it in to the IRS, let them decide who is cheating and let them fix the problem.
  14. New Sled

    Some specs of my new baby, 1992 Polaris Wide Trak LX, 5250 miles. Apparently there was only around 700 made in 1992, this was the first model yr for the LX. 488cc liquid cooled Fuji power. Surprisingly, it has the P90 clutches instead of the P85 a normal Indy 500 would have. Kinda sucks, I have a electric start and numerous parts for the P85. Low, high, reverse transmission. 156" x 20" x 1" track, new just a few hundred miles ago, and there was nothing wrong with the old track - that came with the deal. Articulated rear suspenion skid.... The back 12" of frame pivots independently to improve ride. Extra windshield and a cover. Original owners manual. Towing capability was rated around 1000 lbs on the standard rear hitch. This sled was so successful Polaris continues to build it today...... the hood is redesigned and they dropped the 488cc liquid for the 550cc fan, but the basic chassis is the same. And it's Red, almost even the correct shade.
  15. New Sled

    Finally got myself a work sled. Been looking for the right deal for a few yrs. Usually anything worth looking at started at $3k, was 500+ miles away, or sold before I could call. Got this beauty today for $1300.