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  1. The farm shop has pretty bad concrete, all cracked up, any one have a recommendation for a good low creeper than rolls across uneven, cracked, chipped concrete? I'm thinking it almost needs large rubber wheels.
  2. I cut the resistor out and I believe there was a jumper on the switch that runs a couple lights and the hazards at the same time that I removed. I only want the hazards on with the first setting, then lights and hazards, then all field lights.
  3. I think the traps shine pretty wide and farther out, so any lights shining forward I certainly would use traps. On the back if only two lights probably floods, If 4 lights then go with 2 traps and 2 floods
  4. June 23rd we got 5 inches of rain that flooded everything, since then have gotten barely anything, the storms just fall apart before they get here, since then have gotten a total of 0.7", 0.3" came last night. The corn has been starting to curl, the light ground it was curled up tight, what happened to the rainy days where you got a nice one inch soaker that took all day to fall? Central Michigan
  5. PM me your email and I'll send you all of the update bulletins
  6. Love the chrome!
  7. Thanks for taking us along on your trip. Looks like they are still using a lot of IH equipment to maintain the golf course.
  8. Lots of ground under water, roads washed out, a real mess. The corn will probably pull through, not sure how much N we lost as we just put it on, corn needs to be sprayed but don't know when we will be able to get back on the fields, I guess all the weeds will help dry out the ground, just wish they didn't use up all the fertilizer as well! There are a lot a beans that are a loss, water standing where it has never been before, now I see they are predicting several more inches of rain, ugh! If like to see more pics on the buddy seat as well, I've been trying to figure one out for my 5488.
  9. The green truck is wow!
  10. This was on fathers day and the cool part about it is I used to sit in that very same spot in the very same tractor in the very same field with "MY" dad driving doing the field work!
  11. As a comparison this is the same field last year at V4-V5.
  12. Side dressed corn last Sunday, this is all V5-V7 corn, I love this part of farming. The cart had the blade kit on the coulter's when we bought it last year and ran it that way, unless you are running in soybean stubble the blades are noting but a plugging pain in the butt, I switched it over to the nozzles this year, running 8 mph and never had a problem. The 856 went through the shop this winter, had the head off and rebuilt, set valve protrusion back to the maximum specification, Injection pump rebuilt and set 15% over, and injectors all rebuilt. This tractor now runs so smooth it is just unbelievable, the pump governor is right on with very little droop and of course the power is way better, simply a joy to run. My sidekick only made it for about 30 acres that day.
  13. yes, this is what they used on the first engine, apparently Deere helped build the second one.
  14. Our 1994 Pete with a 3406 had the cam sensor go out just as we rolled into the driveway for the next load of corn, I wasn't sure if this is the same engine or not, just an idea for you to check.