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  1. Last ride for 2017! KS State Fair

    Nice, talk about blow it out the end!!!!!!!!!!!!!
  2. yeah, that is kinda where my head was, thought we were talking inches, not feet, if we want to talk miles then we could argue 5280ths! (5280 feet in a mile), lol
  3. ok, what am I missing, where is 12ths on a tape measure?
  4. The US uses 16ths, not 12ths, actually we use 64ths and the fractions get larger from there. 64 is a completely modular number.
  5. Because the imperial system is modular, things are evenly divisible, makes building and fabricating much easier than dealing with decimals on a tape measure, of course I'm not biased!
  6. Hubs on straight axle

    Rule of thumb is to run the inner tires 2 psi higher air than the duals to aid in turning.
  7. Our future "leaders"????????????

    What I don't understand is why these people want to destroy America, do any of you know? Money? Power?
  8. Front wheel weights 6788D M,H etc..

    I know that with the older letter series Farmalls we never ran anything mounted on the back due to the fact of no 3 point hitch, thus the front end was never light enough to warrant front weights. Later on the into the newer series they all have front suitcase weights so again wheel weights were not needed.
  9. 5488 Tires

    Yes, they will fit and yes they fit tight
  10. case ih 9330 front axle fluid

    thanks SDman
  11. case ih 9330 front axle fluid

    run the tractor for a few hours hard in the field then get out and feel the temp of the axle, you might be working it harder than HyTran can handle. If you do use HyTran you may consider changing it more often. For example the 9170's ran HyTran, then switched the 9270 to 80/90 to handle the workload. When I changed the gear lube in our 9270 the planetaries used to run hot, now they stay nice and cool.
  12. 86 monitors

    I just punched that bracket part number in $325.00, ouch.
  13. Different Sizes of Split Weights?

    yes, the R1 weights will not.