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  1. Also, can someone move this subject over to "IH Construction Equipment" that is where I meet to post it
  2. Mine has a vote meter, which makes me think, that it orgianly had a internal alternator. But the wire ssymatic is for a external regulator. Any one know what the wireing should look like with the internal one.
  3. Do you know what the Number on the Delco altanator would be ?
  4. I have a few questions about my TD7E (4410020 U010270). 1) Aternator - I want to convert from the extrenal Votage regulator to an Internal one, and I i can not figure out the wireing, and which Alterantor to go with .... any suggestions ? I have the wire schmatic, but it does not look quite right to what I have. 2) the Banjo fitting (after the Filters, but before the pump) is leaking. Can I replave with a normal fuel line, or do I have to stick with what is there? 3) Just curious on this one - What other engine can get put into the TD7E. I seam to have an issue finding engne part for D239 that is installed Thanks Dennis