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  1. Yes, in 1938 footbrakes became standard on the rubber tired tractors first, then standard on all the series. They were then made available to add to earlier tractors. They are a desirable addition to any F series, as is the optional right hand hand lever. My F30 has the aftermarket behind the axle footbrakes sold by Sears I believe.
  2. The first Farmall (regular) did and the F12/14 the F20, and the F30. Once you turned the wheel almost to full lock, a cable (rods on the F12/14) applied the appropriate turning brake. Makes turning on the end rows while cultivating a one step process and part of the reason the tractors only had a hand brake lever on the left side. You can see the steering brake cable in my photo, standard equipment on the Farmall and F series
  3. The brakes are mounted on the small gear of the final reduction drives, makes them force multiplied. You are not going to break them free by pushing or pulling the tractor.. If your skidder is big enough you can just pick em up and load em
  4. What linkage? Does it have foot brakes? The hand brake lever is mounted directly to the shaft that spreads the shoes. Take the bolts out of the brake covers, The covers are a bear to remove, do not beat on them. I use a piece of all thread and two nuts. The nuts go in between the ears of the cover, thread the all thread through both nuts until it goes through the first ear, both nuts, and the other ear. You need two, one for each side of the cover. Now take two wrenches and screw the nuts apart from each other, do a bit on each side evenly till it comes off. You are now looking at a big nut holding on your drums. Now you can try hitting them with a hammer to break them free. Some times they are just too far gone and you remove the big nut and locking washer and put a gear puller on and pull it off. Always breaks the shoes, and you will have to find used ones to reline.Good thing is the 12,20, and 30 all use the same drums and shoes so you can find them pretty easy. Pics coming in a few minutes. The cover, shows the bolts and the ears, these covers are not easy to remove (these are on a F30 but the 20 is almost exactly the same) The drum, has a flat washer behind the nut that is bent up to lock the nut. Bend it back down flat to remove the nut. The shoes and actuator, which is actually the end of the shaft running in front of the axle. Hooked to the hand lever and steering brake cables.
  5. Orchard 6 That picture is worth a 1000 words! Thanks for posting that. Hiracheta Pay close attention to what he does. He didn't old by being stupid. GT&T What you don't see is the meticulous maintenance of the mag, the carb has been tweaked to perfect, and the timing is spot on. If everything is set correctly and in top shape they start easy. He has also spent enough time with it to know exactly how much to choke it and where to set the throttle.
  6. 7 quarts of oil in the engine, but check to see its filled to the top petcock on the side of the pan. Minimum of 8 gallons in the transmission, check level at pipe plug on the front of transmission and fill to that point. The handhold covers are for checking bearing clearance and for in frame overhauls. You are dealing with a splash lubed babbit bearing engine that was made to be easy to repair in the field. It's a whole different animal than a modern engine. Not to beat the "Get A Manual" dead horse, but either get an original off ebay or buy a reprint of the owners manual,the parts book, and I would recommend finding the IH-2, IT repair manual.
  7. Well, if you get 150 different tractors and Owners together, sing the National anthem, listen to or participate in a prayer with the local priest. honor your ancestors, and spend the day driving your favorite toy, and talking to good friends or making new ones, stop for cookies and to take a leak a couple times and meet at a park for lunch grilled by the cattlemen, deserts from the farm wives. A good tractor ride is a social event full of people who love old tractors. People most of us like to spend time with. All them rules are for the liability insurance for the sponsoring club/family made necessary by insurance companies mostly, but sometimes by a dimwit doing stupid things with his tractor. Probably not a lot of fun if your a grumpy old coot who won't talk to others or enjoy crowds of people who like tractors.
  8. Found mine being used as weights on an old disc. Got the whole works plus a cultipacker for less than $100. Have seen these large weights listed buy it now on Ebay up $580 a set.
  9. I have a set of front weights for my 12, parts catalog calls them Lister(planter) weights as they are the larger of the two sets listed.
  10. I have a copy of the Heisler manual, I could be convinced to copy and send it to ya
  11. I now farm for Monsanto at a seed research facility and when I'm not there help my brother with 2,000 head of Holsteins, but I have never milked a Dairy Cow. Milked a few Beef cows for new calves though