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  1. Happy birthday guys stay warm today it’s plenty cold for us here in the Northeast
  2. Fuel problems

    I ran our loader the last few days that I changed the filters in that were full I had treated it after and let it run for a few hrs had no problem the whole storm filled it up yesterday with 50/50 kerosene and Diesel and still put Power Service fuel treatment in it as it sits outside block heater plugged in until it snows. Fuel treatment around here is not getting any dust on it on the store shelf’s
  3. Fuel problems

    Yup the same here in N central mass every one around here the last week has been battling fuel problems this was the filter on the cat loader I run for the company I work for it’s on for the state loading salt
  4. It's forwhldrv's birthday today

    Not bad for snow here the cold is settling in though it was a warm temp today of about 9 and supposed to be this way for a few weeks
  5. It's forwhldrv's birthday today

    Thanks I took the last couple days of the year off today being one of them I got to do some repairs to my pickup truck today while hanging out with my 6 year old daughter
  6. Merry Christmas and safe driving

    Exactly I am just a hired gun for the storms they stopped using sand in with the salt quite a few years ago because they have to clean up the sand in the spring and none of them want to run a road sweeper and the road side sand is environmentally hazardous to get rid of so I guess the strait salt is now it just Magicly disappears HUH
  7. Merry Christmas and safe driving

    We ended up with about 6-8 inches in about 8 hrsand now it’s supposed to be cold and windy for a while with a high in the 20’s and lows in the -0. But I was done in time to enjoy a late Christmas lunch with my family and watch the joy on my little girls face playing with her cousins now for some sleep. I’ve been fortunate in the last 18 year I’ve been doing this loader gig this is the first time it snowed on Christmas in at least 15 years. I hope everyone had a safe and Merry Christmas
  8. Merry Christmas and safe driving

    I have been out loading salt here in Massachusetts since 12:30am in the first snow storm on Christmas in a long time. No decorations and presents here I will be done in a while in time to go to sisters house for dinner with my daughter
  9. 15.5 or 14.9s on a M

    I have a set of 13.6 /38’s Goodyear s that are on IH rims like the double bevelrims on the 450 bought off the scrap guy years ago 10 ply tires and great tread got to fix one of the rims they got hungry when they used the torch cutting the studs off the tractor don’t know what I’m going to do with them yet
  10. 15.5 or 14.9s on a M

    Thanks this is what I was looking for I’m leaning towards the 14.9’s now thinking I may try a little pulling with it other than plow days
  11. 15.5 or 14.9s on a M

    I use my the company I work for account with Petes Tire Barn they give em a pretty good deal they buy a lot of tires for the mixers from them they treat us pretty good
  12. 15.5 or 14.9s on a M

    I’m asking I have a set of 15.5 firestone Sat2 to put on the back of the 450 it has 15.5 slicks on the back of it now. The M my daughter won this fall has 15.5’s on the rear some off brand they look good and the Super M I just got has a mis matched but lots of tread some cracking 14.9’s on the back with some nice new rims I was thinking replacing them with a set of Firestone’s on it was thinking the 15.5’s I can buy them through the local tire guy for around 550 a piece I thought then all three will have the same rear tires. Was just looking for advantages and did from size differences not reall caring if I loose a little top end speed I’m not roading it much thanks
  13. 15.5 or 14.9s on a M

    Got a 1950 m this fall that has 15.5x38 rears on the back of it. The 450 I bought this summer has 15.5x38s on the back of it the 53 SM I just bought had 14.9x38 tears on the back and they look bigger than the 15.5 ‘s I was going to put another set of 15.5’s on the back of the SM when I get it together the Tractor will be used at plow days to pull 3/16’s and parades and a fun pull now and then what’s the advantage of the difference in size and how many weights on the rear would you run I was thinking at least 5 per wheel
  14. M&M’s

    A few pics I just got from loading it
  15. M&M’s

    This one was only about 2 miles through the woods from dad house if it hadn’t been like 5 degrees out yesterday morning I would have driven the tractor with the three point hitch on it to pick up the front and drag it home down the road so I hooked up the unregistered trailer with no lights to put it on. Like I said it was too good to let it slip away and too close it even had decent rubber on it just mismatched I may put some new Firestone’s on the back if I keep if for long. I have 3 of these that need wheel weights on the back of them now now if I could only find a good deal on those close