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  1. My daughters new Tractor

    Good point but at 6 she is over 4’ tall so I figured she would be ok with it later on
  2. My daughters new Tractor

    Already has someone tell me it’s worth money and let em know if I sell it. I don’t have one to go on it and what would it take to buy a nice straight M grill then try to paint it to match I may change the seat it’s wore out and being 6’5” I need to unbolt it and move it back anyway
  3. My daughters new Tractor

    We already have a 650 2 600’s 2 I9’s a SWD9 a WD9 a Farmall 450 a OS6 an Industrial A a F20 a Case S models 4 Deere’s and a few others the bug is already set in no more storage space
  4. My daughters new Tractor

    Well I bought a 450 wide front this past summer to fill the gap of wanting a M sized Tractor. Well we now have a M in the collection my 6 year old had her name pulled as the winner of a Farmall M a few sundays ago. We had bought a raffle ticket at a show in August not thinking we’d win but it was for a good cause anyway. The Tractor is a 1950 M from the serial Number paint on the tin work is great a 12 volt alternator on it 4 new tires it’s not a perfect tractor but for the price of a raffle ticket it’s great. We had to go about 80 miles to go get it. The day we picked it up there was a parade locally so it was already on the trailer so I took the tractor and my daughter in it. We will tinker with a few of the things on it but it will be a parade Tractor or plow day or take to a show Tractor it has rubber mounted lights on it I may put some round LED lights on it instead to be seen better and maybe a amber flashing light on it to be seen on roads
  5. Thiokol Snow Cat

    We had one years ago in the snowmobile club I belonged to ours was a imp had a v4 ford industrial in it we swapped out for a 200 Strait six and automatic out of a ford fairmont that still went into the 3 speed rear end in 3rd in the back it would do almost 35 we couldn't keep the chassis together trying to pull a trail drag to flatten the trails I think someone said the rear was from a oc3
  6. Some prayers needed

    Dad is home now he is house bound by home nursing it will still be a long road to recovery for him us kid have all been taking turns trying to take car of him he is doing better and better every day thanks for your thoughts and prayers He is dying to get outside and work on his tractors. And would like to try to get out this weekend to a local show if he can
  7. 450 tin

    Is that the hole for the switch from 2 way to single action
  8. 450 tin

    I have the old tin wasn't bad but figured the price of this just add white and change the 400 to a 450 I couldn't straighten and the old for what I have in this
  9. 450 tin

    Got some new used tin in for the 450 going to have to get some good 450 emblems the question I have is the white on the side panels is the correct color and does the whit go to the top of the bevel or the bottom where it meets the flat
  10. Some prayers needed

    Pretty tough day today surgery went well the doctors said he was pretty groggy and unresponsive this afternoon I'm going down tomorrow to spend the afternoon down at hospital my Sister had been down today and she will be down in the morning that seems to be the only way we can get any info out of any doctors down there
  11. Some prayers needed

    My dad is 74 and his retired hobby is playing with and restoring his fleet of old tractors. Well last Wednesday morning he was working on his 51 JD B that has developed a skip and started flooding this year he had it running earlier in the morning and was shut off for a while when he went to take out one of the plugs while it was off and when he did gas that was in the cylinder burst into flames and burned him bad on the hands and stomach he was by himself and got the fire out his shirt off and went and sat on the porch and called 911 he said his hand being burned so bad he could hardly use phone. He was rushed to the big hospital UMass in Worcester Ma with 2nd and 3rd degree burns. This is the man that 2 years ago had his hip replaced and said the day he spent in the bed is the longest time he had done nothing. They do seem to have him on a crackheads dream of Ketamine and Fentinal and Demerol for the pain and he said it still hurts when he isn't sleeping His skin graft surgery is scheduled for tomorrow morning they said 4-5 hrs and I don't think they have given a recovery time yet of less than a month to 6 weeks he has already told me to get rid of that tractor and he won't make anymore shows this summer. So as I sit here in the hospital listening to all these machines and trying to talk to dad when he is not sleeping I ask the extended Red Power family for a little thoughts do prayer for my Dad for a quick recovery he has a few more tractors to rebuild still
  12. I know nothing about this TA

    Like I said the lever makes no difference it also leaks oil so I'm thinking of splitting the tractor to fix the leak have a few other things to fix also. This tractor is just a project to work on it will probably just only ever be used at plow days and a parade but want it fixed rite maybe bale a little hay with it too I'm going to check the brakes on it also as one one them doesn't work the adjuster is broken off. I'm thinking of finding a 3 bottom fast hitch plow for it eventually
  13. New(er) truck

    That's a nice looking truck the red looks good even dirty I've had one now I have a black truck looks good for 5 min after it's washed till the dust gets on it. I have some friends that have had those 5.3 no they are not a big block or a Cummins but they get almost 18 mpg around town and 20 on the highway and they will pull a car on a car trailer. I've been thinking of replacing my 3/4 ton with one
  14. I know nothing about this TA

    The 450 I bought a free weeks ago is rough. I have tried the TA forward and back with the lever it seems to make no difference I have tried driving it around and tried the lever forward and pulled back it doesn't change anything as far as speed of the tractor. It does leak fluid out of one of the covers that's missing off the bottom it had about a gallon of milky 80-90 weight in it same with the transmission and rearend I cheated and went to tractor supply this morning and bought 4 pails of their hydrans and filled the rear up and the TA section up to the check plugs this is filled to here it leaks out of here i realize it's going to be split to try to fix the leak not worried about that just fixing the leak and the TA
  15. Got a ride today at work

    I have driven a mixer from Houston Texas back to Massachusetts and this one I currently drive came from the West Virginia Maryland line about 7 years ago as a repo truck. We had a septic tank truck built in Duluth Minnesota that was a nice trip back just with I would have taken the time to stop and look for more tractor parts I'm ready for another trip but there doesn't seem to be any good trucks for sale the past few years