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  1. Ah, the good old days...

    I don't get it, looks like a normal Christmas here.
  2. Happy Thanksgiving Every One

    Happy Thanksgiving everyone!!!!
  3. Anyone see the new Tesla Semi

    Wow, 5's been a good thread.
  4. Anyone see the new Tesla Semi

    I'm not a Musk fanboy or disciple, I barely follow anything to do with him or the company. I just saw the truck and heard the claims at the debut and was impressed with the concept if it worked as advertised. I've been impressed with the performance of electric cars torque and intrigued by the concept of electric and hybrid vehicles for a long while. I don't really care what company they're from. I had the pleasure of taking a hybrid car on a long road trip last year that got 45mpg average over the trip, it was hard to not be impressed with that. I'd definitely be up for something like that in a pickup or semi. Torque numbers from electric vehicles are pretty amazing as well. I don't recall what the car was I drove but it was nice, not a Tesla...I think maybe a Honda.
  5. Tell me about stripper heads

    Yeah I've already been on their site. I was hoping to get some input from someone that runs one as to what to look at/for as to wear on used heads, etc...
  6. Tell me about stripper heads

    Really? No one here uses a stripper head for wheat? Wow, ok.
  7. Tell me about stripper heads

    Looking at stripper heads for wheat, oats, rye and barley. I know next to nothing about them, in need of an education.
  8. Anyone see the new Tesla Semi

    Well as far as total weight of the truck goes, it doesn't have an engine or a transmission or brakes or a drive line or differentials or a cooling system or a fuel system. It's likely mostly aluminum alloy from top to bottom, front to back and it doesn't have a sleeper or a second seat. I can easily imagine they've saved enough weight from those things to make up the gain in batteries. I thought I understood Musk to say that Tesla would have it's own power grid to service the electric vehicles so no drain on the existing grid. I don't know much about it but that's what I thought I gathered from the debut.
  9. Deer season opens today...

    I took a decent little 8 this evening. Nothing breathtaking rack wise but a good management 8. He was a 4.5 year old that hadn't changed any the last two years on camera and I needed meat in the freezer. Have to get back to hitting beans to finish up this week so no idea if I'll get to a stand anytime soon again. Too good to pass on under the circumstances. Nice deer fellas!
  10. Anyone see the new Tesla Semi

    In the original unveiling, Musk mentioned two hour recharge time at their Tesla grid stations and guaranteed a low price per kw. It seems like they already have the plans worked out for infrastructure to support these trucks. I imagine they will also have home solar and wind supported chargers. I doubt they are going to make these rigs totally automated and put tens of thousands of drivers out of work. For one thing their tech isn't nearly there yet and for another, that's just bad business. I could be wrong.
  11. Anyone see the new Tesla Semi

    Batteries will be pretty cheap, I hear it runs off of 12 D cells.
  12. Anyone see the new Tesla Semi

    Yeah a 10spd is okay, I just don't like driving a manual transmission. I have an old 1953 3100 Chevy pickup with a 283 and a 5spd tranny and that's the only vehicle I enjoy driving with a manual transmission in it, lol. Even at that, I'd like to change it over to an automatic. I have a 77 Z28 camaro with a 350 and a 350 turbo tranny I'd like to have in that truck.
  13. Deer season opens today...

    That's a neat stand. I generally hunt from ladder stands in the timber, that's what I prefer personally. I usually take the third ladder section and store it away and just use two. I like my stands about 10' tall, I seem to get by great with that height. I have a couple of home made elevated and enclosed blinds here at home that are 12' to the floor, 10'x10' platform. Those work nice. The ranch is almost fully stocked with Redneck elevated blinds on 15' stands. They're nice and all but I prefer my old cheapy ladders to be honest. I like getting to the stand and hopping up a few rungs and sitting down settled as fast as possible nestled in and ready for action with an easy 360 view. We have some dandy bucks this year, management has really paid off this year. We have several 150 range bucks and five or six above that. We've raised our average mature buck from the 110" range to ~ 130 since 2012 and increased age structure a great deal as well. We have a dozen bucks this year 7 years and older.
  14. Anyone see the new Tesla Semi

    I havn't seen any actual number on cost. I'm sure it'll be "cheap"
  15. Anyone see the new Tesla Semi

    The old one is a 1981 Kenworth K100 with a big cam Cummins. The other is a 2003 International with an N-14 Cummins. I had to have a new ECM installed in it last year and it seems to have lost a lot of umph after that. I don't know if someone had had it "tuned" or what but it's pretty lackluster now. The old K100 has a lot of power, it just has the crappy old air assist steering. Still hate driving a 10spd.