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  1. pressure wash till all residue gone. then go to farm store n get a sand blaster gun in hardware dept for 20 some bucks. put sand tube into a pail of used motor oil. hook air linde to air n spray oil on like using spray paint gun. easy as sin.
  2. GOT MILK?
  3. WOW!! And I thought Christy Brinkley was pretty.
  4. Where's the shifter??
  5. Nice. For sale?
  6. MTO, we must be close to each other. Yesterday had Bullskin stone bring load gravel & spread on lane with the skid loader. Then put a new chrome stack on the 10 as I got it from Santa & was gonna hear about it if I didn't do it. Probably gonna go deaf now. With the sagina 2 post, new paint, decals & now the stack it really looks sharp. With the 3lm 466 on it sounds nice. Wish I knew how to post photo.
  7. must be a 2 cylinder. I remember them moving so slow they'd put you to sleep
  8. I wonder the same thing. Never see anybody at these things & hear rent is high. Maybe some kind of tax write off. Probably for internet sales. LOL
  9. They're factory looking as far as size appears. my neighbor does shop work & I've seen a good many 66 series & lines look stock. thanks
  10. Don't know of any local dynos. I thought that'd be good place to start too, but never heard of any locally
  11. went to local pull last nite. pulled 13,500. 5 tractors. came in last again. 3 of these were built up pullers but our pull has hardly any rules & let them in farm instead of hot farm. 2years ago I put on a 3lm 466 & turned fuel up 1 1/2 turns as I read on a previous post. last year not much progress pulling. yesterday though I'd turn it up 1 more turn & no more as I use this tractor everyday & it works great. 7 shank chisel L4 or h1. 15 ft cultimulcher in h2. I;ve owned 10 years & take immaculate care of it. Don't know what pump was set at as it was unpainted when I bought it. at the pull I pulled L4 but had to torque it half way down track. other 2 10's were ihH1 & never torqued. question is could my timing be out a little. I've got case 870 & ih886 & the 10 has way more juice than them, but my neighbor says it's a dog compared to old 10 they had. Don't want to break anything, but i'd at least like to pull ih H1 even w/torque back, or do you think i'm probably where a stock 10 should be. Farming it does everything I want, but it just seems like at the pull you're not even in the game. last nite the other stock tractor was cabbed 1086 & he was back with me. what should timing be set at for general use & a little more zip. Thanks
  12. Thanx. I'll have to check
  13. Thanks so much. I'll pass this on to him.
  14. I've been chiseling corn stalks last 2 years w/7 shank Kewanee chisel plow. I replaced the 3" twisted shovels w/4" twisted ones. This year I did a burn down & I'm trying them in sod but they won't stay bounce like crazy from shanks springing up & down. The reset springs are double per shank but I think the plow won't handle 4". I'm tempted to put the 3" back one but I wanted more black dirt on top. Is this setup too light for 4" twisted slash points? Thanks for any thoughts. All, by the way, I am at least pulling them w/a nice 1066.
  15. nice pics. I just love driverless tractors. just kidding. is that a sagina machine 2 post? it looks like the one on my 1066 the way it almost reaches the fuel cap. very nice set up