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  1. Dow passed 24,000

    When one gives credit or blame to a particular politician or party, it's political. That static means zip. Where was the market before the crash? The passing of time and fear, had more to do with the recovery of the market/economy. US/world economy has many more aspects influencing it than whether the US President has an R or a D behind his name. So what policies did he enact that made a difference? BK
  2. Dow passed 24,000

    Keep dreaming.
  3. My turn for prayers

    You got'em Tom. BK
  4. Dow passed 24,000

    Total BS, the stock market was blowing bubbles for years, until the November election. Weather the market's hopes come true or not is another question. BK PS: I wondered how long it would take this discussion to get political.
  5. Dow passed 24,000

    The Dow is 30 companies, and that mix gets shuffled from time to time. The S&P, of course is 500 companies, but there're all "in the stock market", there're a ton of indexes, from 30 to thousands, large cap, small cap, mid cap, growth, value, the list goes on forever. BK
  6. Dow passed 24,000

    I believe that 5% is a little low. From what I've read, it's more around 50%. Mutual funds, IRAs, all kinds of company and private retirement programs own stocks. The same thing with bonds. I've been in the stock marked since 1982, when the market dumps, I buy, the rest of the time I let it ride. I also have bonds and gold. I started out with a $50 per month allotment into a boring mutual fund, early in my military career. Keeps me in motorcycle gas, and sure beats working for a living BK
  7. Happy birthday Tony in Ca.

    Enjoy Tony, have a great birthday. BK
  8. Vintage Ads

    Oh, I remember Fury. BK
  9. Fall red iron pics!

    Great pics!!. BK
  10. Today's Birthdays

    LOL, I'd settle for 52. HBD to all the birthday boys, (and girls?) BK
  11. Best Black Friday Activity

    Beautiful pair, Tony. BK
  12. My W series collection

    Amazing collection, beautiful. BK
  13. Vintage Ads

    A 4300 brochure has been on ebay for some time now, at $150, no takers. BK
  14. Edmund Fitzgerald Nov 10, 1975

    Tragic. BK
  15. Birthday cake with red tractors

    Great cake. BK
  16. Colonoscopy by Dave Barry

    Been there, done that, TWICE!! The prep is the killer. After my first one, I woke up in the recovery room. Nurse and wife were there, asked me how I felt, I said fine, sit up, swung my feet around, slid off the bed..... and went clean to the floor. The second one... I stayed on the bed. BK
  17. Photos from the 100 years of progress show in Carthage NC

    Beautiful gathering of equipment. BK
  18. My haul from National IH auction

  19. My haul from National IH auction

    And you are correct, they don't burn any fuel, and you don't need a 40x80 shop to store them, lol. BK
  20. My haul from National IH auction

    Nice haul, BJ. Isn't one of these, the one you were interested in buying off me? You asked about at Des Moines. BK
  21. Happy Birthday ny bill o

    Hope you're having a great one, Bill. BK
  22. Farmall 140 R.O.P.S Finished

    Good job, Matt. BK
  23. Brochure Comment and Video

    Good stuff, those early tractors didn't look too streamline, but it sure beat following the south end of a horse, heading north. BK
  24. Rantoul Revisited 2017

    A selection of exhibits at the Half Century of Progress, Rantoul IL. Lets start off with some Red. BK