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  1. Jerry, did you ever follow up with that cub we were looking at, at the show? Sure was nice. BK
  2. Great Pics. BK
  3. Some Specs. BK
  4. Some literature. BK
  5. This one was on display at Red Power, in Lima OH. BK
  6. And one for the road, day 3 of Red Power. Watched the parade again, some different machines. BK
  7. Page 12
  8. Page 11
  9. LOL, and I was gonna get you a set for Christmas. BK
  10. Day 2 of Red Power Round Up 2017. Still sunny, still hot, and still MUGGY. If ya can stand it, I still have pictures and another day of video coming. Enjoy. BK
  11. Page 10.
  12. Page 9. Have a couple pics to post, and more video. BK
  13. Page 8. BK
  14. I agree, never been to a bad roundup, none are perfect, but I've enjoyed them all. Looking forward to it, Randy. BK
  15. My mother had one. Sure brings back fond memories of mother doing washing on Saturday mornings, but I don't have a clue about the mechanics of those things