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  1. Brochure Comment and Video

    Good stuff, those early tractors didn't look too streamline, but it sure beat following the south end of a horse, heading north. BK
  2. The third IH pickup

    Tony, that should keep you busy for a couple hundred years, lol. BK
  3. Rantoul Revisited 2017

    A little something for everyone. Enjoy. Working on some video too. BK
  4. Rantoul Revisited 2017

    Well... it is an old USAF Base. BK
  5. Rantoul Revisited 2017

    You're right, Bill. I feel like I didn't see half of it, and sooo many people I didn't get to chat with. BK
  6. Rantoul Revisited 2017

    The Growler replacement, lol. BK
  7. Summer Parade picture of Petey 😊

    Looks Great, Danny!!. The Cheese Festival? BK
  8. Rantoul Revisited 2017

    I'm not green with envy... but I kinda like the old "G", our neighbor, back in Brady Township had one. BK
  9. Rantoul Revisited 2017

    Massey Harris red. BK
  10. Rantoul Revisited 2017

    Another shade of red. BK
  11. Rantoul Revisited 2017

    Red Reaper, where are you? And a little variety. BK
  12. Rantoul Revisited 2017

    And more Red. BK
  13. Rantoul Revisited 2017

    A selection of exhibits at the Half Century of Progress, Rantoul IL. Lets start off with some Red. BK
  14. Chapter 6 State Show

    Great Show. BK
  15. Last ride for 2017! KS State Fair

    Eeee Haaaa, great. BK