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  1. Mine showed up Yesterday. Always enjoyable. BK
  2. So John, they lay clay tile anymore, lol. I'm soooo behind the times. BK
  3. Pretty cool, Art, but I don't think I'd even walk across that bridge now, lol. BK
  4. That's great, lol. BK
  5. Ramble on, Keith. BK
  6. I thought I'd bring a couple cameras, lol. BK
  7. Great job. BK
  8. Happy Birthday, Guys! Enjoy your day. BK
  9. Congrats Todd!!!!!!!!!!!!!! BK
  10. Have a great birthday, Mr. Ryan! BK
  11. I visited the HD Museum, just after it opened, WOW!! Wish CIH had a museum like that. This is Springer's 17th season, it will be hard to part company. BK
  12. Yes, I have 3 buds that already have 17s, and they love them.
  13. I'm thinking Road Glide Special, have several friends that love them. BK
  14. We have a good friend in Nice, is that anywhere close to you, Jean? BK