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  1. I visited the HD Museum, just after it opened, WOW!! Wish CIH had a museum like that. This is Springer's 17th season, it will be hard to part company. BK
  2. Yes, I have 3 buds that already have 17s, and they love them.
  3. I'm thinking Road Glide Special, have several friends that love them. BK
  4. We have a good friend in Nice, is that anywhere close to you, Jean? BK
  5. Bob, I'll see if I can get a waiver from the DOL, lol. Come on over anytime. BK
  6. Don't have this years itinerary complete yet, lol. I will be in Des Moines, but not sure if I'll ride or fly. Also want to hit the Mid Michigan Old Gas Tractor Association Show, in Brady Township (2 miles from my Mom's house), and Rantoul. So many tractor show, so little time. BK
  7. She's got over 150k on her now. Seriously considering a new scooter, maybe a touring model, something with a little more comfort, lol. BK
  8. Spring has officially sprung in Spokane County. Dragged Springer out of hibernation, and she fired right off, AFTER I remembered to turn the fuel switch back on, lol. BK
  9. Tom,good luck with the new career, and wow, that's some machine, looks faster than the clay tile trenching machines I remember. BK
  10. Pretty cool. BK
  11. Dooah, lol. My apologies to all the ladies in the group. BK
  12. Must be an English commercial, lol. BK
  13. Thanks guys. The W-9RS is something I've never run across before. BK
  14. Good news, Bill. BK