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  1. Huge variety of machines at the Gas Tractor show, including a 45 gal pot of bean soup. BK
  2. We will be heading south on Wednesday, meeting up with the Lindzys, to go to the show. Hauling tractors. BK
  3. More red tractors are showing up. BK
  4. Was wondering on Red, yesterday, and found a couple lawn ornaments, F-14 and F-20. In an area called the Prairie Farms, near Saginaw, flat, rich soil, and no stones. That 14 would be a great project. BK
  5. Boys got some big iron out, and then there is the Cub, lol. Spent some time around the camp fire, catching up on the gossip with relatives, and Rusty Farmer. BK
  6. Enjoy your day. BK
  7. My first photo of the MMOGTA Show, and it doesn't start until next week. Lots of nice tractors, of all colors. There is a steady stream past my mother's house. BK
  8. Anybody going to the MMOGTA show, in Oakley, next weekend? Gathering of the Orange. Cruised by this morning, starting to fill up already. BK
  9. I took 69, stopped at the Michigan visitor center, took off my rain coat, rode a few miles, had to stop again, when it got cool, dark, and windy, rode a couple more miles and got hosed with rain, lol. Took the rain coat off again, rode by Lansing , had to put it on again in Owosso, and got hosed again. BK
  10. Having breakfast at the "Eat" restaurant, in Oakley, my only access to the outside via internet, lol. Had breakfast yesterday on I-80 in Iowa. Was in and out of the rain jacket, 4 times, crawled through about a 100 miles of road work, along I-80/I-94, got to Oakley, in the rain, about 6:30.
  11. I was too late for lunch, too early for dinner, lol.
  12. Not taking time to play tourist, maybe on the way back. BK
  13. Beautiful Harley shop in Lincoln, even had an Oliver sign, lol. Springer must have been talking to Red, about Farmall Land, she just veered of the highway and this is where she stopped, lol. Went in, signed the log and said hey. 535 miles today, had breakfast at a truckstop, just west of Kearney, spent half the day in the rain suit, didn't get much rain, but it was warm. Speed limit is 75, put if you go 75, you get blown into the weeds. Tomorrow, Brady Township. BK
  14. Subway?
  15. Yes, a huge rail yard there. BK