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  1. My last IH rep is retiring

    Dad is still turning wrenches for CIH.....has been for 51 years! Not much he hasn't fixed in that time..... knows every trick in the book, and then some more!
  2. What's Your Heritage?

    Dad's side, mostly Swiss with some German. Mom's side English and French. Dad's side is pretty well documented, moms all word of mouth.
  3. IH 370 1/2 Scale Disk

    Rear remotes are T'ed to the front remotes on the second valve spool. Thanks
  4. 370 disc hitch question

    3 hitches for the 370. 1 HD with crank only 2 opt. Spring cushion with crank 3 opt. Free floating, no crank Pic is of free floating.....and will need the bar.......i don't have a dimension to share, but just went through all of this building my 1/2 scale 370 for my Cub Cadet.
  5. IH 370 1/2 Scale Disk

    When I get around to it I'm thinking 7 shanks using full size field cultivator shanks with straight points.
  6. IH 370 1/2 Scale Disk

    55 chisel plow...... Thanks Denny!
  7. IH 370 1/2 Scale Disk

    I took my new IH 370 1/2 scale disk (scratch built) out for a spin today in one of the last sweet corn patches. Worked great. Some of you may have seen this one at Red Power. It uses 20ea. 12" disk blades on 6" spacings for a 5' total cut. Working depth is 3-1/2". overall weight is 400#. I'm pulling it with my Super 782DT (super frame diesel with a turbo).
  8. 682 driveline

    Safety wire the spiroll pins as suggested.....problems will likely go away....
  9. 1/16 504 restoration

    Wesleys bleach white and a stiff brush followed by a good cool water rinse and armor all will really restore your old tires......I have done many many Ertl tires that way! and boiling water gets them off the plastic rims.
  10. 1/16 504 restoration

    Back in the day, a 544 casting, Massey 1150 fenders, and an Allis 7060 front axle could be combined to make a really slick 656 utility.........back in the 80's when ERTL didn't make 15 of everything and repaints and customs brought good's a fun hobby now, but it was a BLAST back then!
  11. Ertl 460 &560 variations

    There definately was a "cut off drawbar" version...... IIRC there are a BOATLOAD of of the most varied of the ERTL tractors. Mostly because it was carried along forever in the dime store versions for "play toys" long after the 560 was replaced by the 806. Toy Farmer made several WFE versions in the 70's and there were 3 or 4 versions of the "Fly'n Farmall" puller as well. I wouldn't be surprised if the variations of the 560 casting don't total 30 before it's all said and done.
  12. I have one sitting in front of me....VERY nice and worth the $$$. I have the 1086 and 3688 sitting side by side......looks great above the computer monitor in the office!
  13. Just found

    See if your local welding shop will weld it on the inside MIG or TIG. Have had many fixed that way.
  14. Last narrow front IH?

    Sweet corn snappers, before the dedicated special purpose machines became popular.