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  1. What welders say

    "Grinder N Paint u'll make ya the welder ya aint".......Classic..... I may not be a good welder , but I'm a **** of a grinder........
  2. 560 vs 656

    Having run one A LOT...I can say that the 656 is about the handiest tractor to have around the farm...nimble, powerful, easy to see/drive/use.........thirsty under load, but what IH Gas engine wasn't?!?!?!!? With a front drawbar it works great for moving wagons and equipment in and out of tight places....
  3. IH 68 front mount cultivator

    Spent a lot of time looking at 3 leaf corn between the fenders of a 68 on our 656. By that time the 4 row unit was narrowed to 30"'s a long day skipping every other 4 rows in a 40 acre field to avoid using turning brakes on the ends......
  4. A Lost IH "gun" in Italia

    IH built the gun carriage, and an artillery tractor to tow larger guns as well.
  5. T/As' and Red Paint

    Low 4th and High 1st with a TA give you just about every tillage speed you could ever want out of an IH!!!!! And stacked right in there with small little jumps, no big gaps. But I agree, low 4th direct and high first TA are almost the same gear, but that 1/4 mph sometimes is all it takes!!! Agree on reverse too, prefer 1H
  6. Rebuilding steering valve JD 318

    Any luck?
  7. Memphis Belle

    Been 2x....would go again just to see "the Belle"......I can get lost in that place...wife, not so much! Might have to take the boy on a road trip!
  8. Toy tractor

    the 3088 replaced the 544 as the el-cheap-o IH toy tractor. It is actually undersized for a 3088...more like a 1/18th scale instead of 1/16th. At least the 544 let you make some nice customs back in the day...(656 utilities)....the 3088 was a plain old toy ONLY....
  9. What other vehicles do you remember from school?

    District mowed and removed snow with a Ford 600 tractor....3pt fail mower for the summer, heat houser/rear blade/chains for the winter. Neighbor has a really nice 284D that came from a near by school dist.....
  10. School Buses we Rode on as Kids

    Mid 70's Ford and Chevy gassers with 5 speed manuals...Blue Bird bodies. District didn;t switch to diesels or automatics until well after I was out of school.
  11. Rebuilding steering valve JD 318

    I also have a .PDF of the manual...see IM
  12. Rebuilding steering valve JD 318

    I have done that exact fix........without taking it all apart...wanted nothing of that!!!! There is a quadring (square o-ring) in the top of the valve leaks and fills the column with oil. CAREFULLY remove the long bolts...reverse 2 ea. to use as alignment dowels. Take of ONLY the top cover, do not separate the stack anywhere else along the way, just the top cover. Replace the quadring and reassemble. Steve
  13. IH 756 Farmall Question

    MO Mule......nice looking tractor!.......One of my favorites!
  14. 1586 from back in time.

    I too spent a bunch of hours riding behind/ beside the seat of a 1486 in the late 70's and early 80's......thats how you "learned" to farm!! Wouldn't trade it for the world!.....436 on a hard pull...sweet!
  15. ID This Cab on a 966?

    Wheatland 966, with ICB cab....rare combo!