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  1. I always take the old bushing out of the shaft when replacing and put it in the new shaft. One less thing you need to buy and the bushing ist doesn't wear that much.
  2. Do you have 2 rims that have different offsets??
  3. Yes UTV's are allowed, just no 4 wheelers. You will have to register it at the administration building I believe.
  4. National seal # 472258 is all we use in the PTOs we rebuild. A lot of the aftermarket kits come with the cheap blue or green seals. Nationals have twice the thickness rubber then the blue or green usually.
  5. I live 2 miles south of Hwy 30 at Mechanicsville. I don't believe there is any traffic cams in CR along 30. I think they are all up in town along 380. Hwy 30 is a bit rough in spots. It's 2 lane from DeWitt to Mt. Vernon. 4 lane from Mt. Vernon to about 15mi west of Cedar Rapids. Then 2 lane from there to Tama/Toledo. 4 lane from there all the way to I35. Could cut down to DSM from Hwy 30 on Hwy 330. Quickest way across Iowa is definitely I80. Any more questions about the eastern half of IA send me a PM. Hope to get to see/meet you again John!
  6. Heres a link to the pics of #1 and #13.
  7. #1 and #13 are in the same shed in eastern Iowa.
  8. Nice looking 12! Not too many 12s or 14s around these parts, but quite a few 8s. So it's always nice to see those big ones from you! Is that a 1206 grille and screen? Did they carry those over to the 56s or is that just what was in there?
  9. An hour?? Sounds like the thermostat may be stuck. Used or 856 to move some things around and about 10 minutes it was up to temp. Anyways, always glad to see a 56 series turning some dirt!
  10. If the low side of the TA holds and you can almost kill the engine with it, the engine clutch is just fine. The TA clutch is slipping, time to split it again and pull the clutch off the front of the TA, as long as everything is adjusted correctly.
  11. Also hoping to get this together and running soon and to the show. 1966 806. I bought it from a tractor jockey in November with 2 spun rod bearings. Tore the engine down and building it from scratch. Going to put a IH turbo setup on it when I get to that point. Wanting to use it around the farm and will probably get a corn picker mounted on it this fall.
  12. Hopefully bringing this baler to the show. A one owner 46 twine tie baler that is all original. I will be the second owner when the weather straightens out and we can get it out. Went and looked at it a month ago or so. While looking over the baler I opened up the twine box and there laid the original owners manual. We worked out a deal as he wanted it to go to a good home. The original owner is 92 I believe and still gets out to feed a hundred or so head of Angus cattle twice a day. I think with some soap and water it will look almost brand new. I have had the thought about buffing and waxing the paint.
  13. Also, a different cylinder is expensive. If the stake pin is loose in the wishbone you can taper the hole and put a tapered bottom stake pin in, and use a new block then everything is tight again. Then if the need ever arose, the axle will already be tapered for the tierod end style.
  14. To go to the tierod style end you must have a new style cylinder (86 series). The trunion supports are welded to the barrel in different spots the on the block style setup.