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  1. Corn Crib Dismantle

    Assuming it is a round wire crib with a metal roof, I can say, "Been there. Done that". Back in the 70's we bought 4 of them and moved them about 20 miles to one of our farms. The roofs were held on with J bolts that hooked into the wire panels and ran through the roof. For three of them we hired a crane to lift the entire roof off in one piece. After the center fill hole cover was removed and the J bolts were all removed, the operator dropped the crane cable down through the center hole. We then hooked it to a 10.00 x 20 tire on a Budd rim so it was lying flat as it was hoisted up. This was the perfect size to fill the fill hole at the top and lift the entire roof off in one piece. Worked really slick. We then dismantled the roof into manageable panels on the ground and hauled them home on a flat bed wagon. Three of the cribs had long 3/8" steel rods that tied the individual wall panels together. We welded a hook onto a pair of vise grips. clamped them to the top of the rods and pulled the rods out with the crane. One of the cribs had wall panels that were bolted together. Electric impact took care of those. These were the days before cordless tools. At another location we slid 2 x4 s through the wire openings near the top and laid plywood down to fabricate a platform to work from and then dismantled the roof panel by panel from inside the crib. They were simply bolted together. That one also had the steel rods holding the side wall panels together. We just used vise grips to grip the rods and tapped them up until we got them out. Some scaffolding would definitely help with the process. Hope that gives you some ideas. It seamed like a lot of fun back then but 39 years later it just makes me hurt to think about doing it now.
  2. Midwest storms

    We dodged the bullet in my area. Got a little windy but not bad. Didn’t really need the 3” of rain but could have been worse.
  3. Anybody Subscribe To Diesel World Magazine?

    Not yet. Just found a phone number for them and another forum member sent me a phone number for Jim Allen.

    Very nice video, Rob.
  5. I just found out last night that Diesel World Magazine used some pictures of my 656 Hydro Utility in an article by Jim Allen in May or June of 2016. I sure would like to get a copy of it for my collection. I recall Jim taking some pictures of Hydro when he was here doing the layout for the 3788 but I didn't know that he ever used them. He had my permission and everything is ok that way. I'd just like to get a copy. Will gladly pay for shipping if anyone has a copy that they would be willing to part with.
  6. Hydrostatic driven Farm Vehicles

    I sure love my 656 Hydro Utility with a loader. I didn't realize how just how handy the Hydro really was until I drove my cousin's 674 gear utility with a loader the other day. The inching pedal on the Hydro is so easy to push down for a guy with bad knees and the infinitely variable Hydro is just so handy for loader work. On another note, I was in high school when IH first unveiled the 656 Hydro. Our Vo. Ag. teacher took the FFA to the local IH dealer's big Hydro field day. We got out of school, got a nice meal and we all got to test drive a 656 Hydro. I thought that was the handiest tractor that I ever drove. Tried to talk Dad into buying one but that fell on deaf ears. Well fast forward 40 some years and I finally got one. Loading the #60 plow for the trip home from RPRU 2013 in Lima, OH. Hydro's were the featured tractor so I brought mine with the snow blower attached.
  7. Happy Birthday ny bill o

    Gosh seems like you just had one of those. They say time flies when you’re having fun. We must be having a great time. Happy birthday, Bill.
  8. Happy Birthday Smoker and others

    Best wishes to all on your birthdays. Jerry did you celebrate from the combine or in the grain line? Best bday present would be if you are done. We finished up yesterday.
  9. My new old pulling tractor

    Agree with iowaboy1965. What makes it special is it's history and the fact that you knew the original puller and he was a local guy. Awesome!!
  10. A trip to Ayersville, and a bit of 2+2 action

    It was Great having you here, Daniel. Hey I got to sit in the truck, check out the latest postings on Red Power Forum, drink some of the Mountain Dew Throwback that you brought me and watch you do my work!! Can't beat that with a stick................. or a 2+2. For the record, we were disking in some rye cover crop seed that had been spread on the corn stalks the day before by my fertilizer dealer. The disk is an old 22' Kewanee and the crumbler is a Kill Bros. A vertical tillage tool would have ben great for this, but I'm gonna have to wait til they come down in price a whole bunch before I own one. I drilled some rye on another field of corn stalks and thought that I would try this method for comparison purposes. I had put in some drainage tile in last spring just before planting and things needed to be leveled up a little from the ground settling over the new tile lines. Daniel did a great job. Took to it like a fish to water. I think that boy would make a good farmer. Told him to come back next spring and plant the soybeans. (and bring more Mountain Dew Throwback)
  11. My daughters new Tractor

    Congratulations!! That's GREAT!!
  12. IH915 Air in Drive System

    One thing to keep in mind as you are diagnosing this problem is that usually air (or foam) in the system is being introduced from the suction side of the circuit.
  13. Tinnitus

    I blame mine on a 1206 with an ICB cab.
  14. Birthday for....

    Wise choice.
  15. Birthday for....

    Best Wishes, Daniel and all the others celebrating today. Daniel, does this mean I should bake a cake for you when you come down on Friday?