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  1. Good looking tractor, Mark. Go for it!
  2. Nice lookin' BJ! Let's see now.......if I pull the cap off my truck and install a gooseneck hitch I could......oh never mind. Hope we get to see it at Van Wert plow day.
  3. Thanks for the info, Jeff. That's really interesting. Wish I had the $$$ to buy one or both.
  4. Thanks for the reminder. Remember it well. I read the other day that the average "smart phone" has 1000 times more capacity than the computer that was on the lunar lander.
  5. Best wishes on your birthday, Todd.
  6. For RPRU next year in Montgomery.
  7. Congratulations Bill and Linda! Wishing you all the best
  8. That's great to hear, Mark. Can't wait to hear it run and see it in the field again. Nothing better than working with your son is there? Looking forward to meeting him.
  9. Sounds great, Bill. Hope we can get together in Rantoul.
  10. Nice find! You better do something nice for her. 😄
  11. Prayers and hopes for a quick recovery from Ohio.
  12. Last time, the elevators docked us anywhere from 1-2 dollars per bushel but at least they took it.
  13. That same system hit us Thursday & Friday. I had 4" here and just south east of me got 6". It looked pretty bad Friday night but the fields have drained off pretty good now. Our biggest concern now is the wheat crop. Just hope it's not going to be another vomitoxin year.
  14. Based on the picture maxuum 140 posted, I'd say yes. Looks just like the seat in my 5088.
  15. Amazing. Absolutely Amazing.