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  1. So sorry to hear this, Mark. I pray that God will be with you in this difficult time. I'm sure he was a fine man because he raised such a fine son.
  2. As I understand, it is a commercial operation that wholesales to florists.
  3. Friend sent me these pics from the Carlsbad, CA flower fields. They had wagon tours through the fields on Easter. Always use antique tractors. The one in the background is a SMTA.
  4. Ya know, Atila. MTO was at Lima and I think I remember him talking to some guy that looked a lot like Barney Fife and pointing your way. You don't suppose............naaa.
  5. Congratulations!!! What a cute little guy. So, if you're known as Slegehammer, will he be the little ball peen???
  6. Congratulations Tony! You've earned it. I know only too well that it has been a long and sometimes difficult journey to get to where you are now and that it has not always been a bed of roses. I certainly hope that God will give you the time to enjoy the fruits or shall I say "the nuts" of your labors. I will always cherish the time that I spent with you and Carol when I came to visit. I hope someday that I can extend that same hospitality to the both of you. You are truly one of the premier IH Collectors in the country if not the planet and I am so proud to call you my personal friend.
  7. I was told that was a rule made by the fairgrounds not the event organizers. I suspect it is probably an insurance thing.
  8. Man, if I woulda had one of those for Dad's old Jacobson reel mower when I was a kid, I woulda been in heaven.
  9. OMG!!!! First time ever that I was sorry I clicked on a RPF topic. Hurt my eyes. Bet that one didn't make Lee Klancher's new book. I think Red Bibs Bill can fix that right up.
  10. Happy Birthday guys. Hope to see you in Des Moines this summer.
  11. Wishing you all the best, Tony. Hope you get a good report. Prayers sent.
  12. Now there's another calendar picture. Beautiful!
  13. Friend of mine sent me this from Facebook. Thought it was pretty good.
  14. I'd have to agree with Orchard6. This part of NWOH was a swamp before it was settled. Without an extensive drainage system it would not even be habitable let alone farmable. That drainage system requires a lot of expense and effort to keep maintained and updated.