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  1. Home from Rantoul ! 4500 miles round trip

    No problem, Tony. We just gotta face it. We're analog guys in a digital world. If I didn't have BJ at the other end of the county to bail me out of technical problems I'd have my computer and IPhone both screwed up.
  2. Chapter 6 State Show

    They had some nice trucks there also.
  3. Know Your Combine

    Neat video. Kinda made me miss my 915.
  4. Killing mold

    Zinzer makes a "mold killing primer". I just used some on the bathroom of a rental house. Hope it does what they claim.
  5. Sept/Oct 1975

    That's a great picture!
  6. Happy B/day Farmallfan,NY1468,Kevingweg

    Best wishes to all on your Birthday and a special thanks to BJ for all he does here.
  7. The Girls all got a bath before fall.

    Good lookin tractors! Nice job on the cleanup to.
  8. Mr. Rick G

    So sorry for your loss of your mom, Rick. She must have been a wonderful woman because she sure raised a fine son.
  9. Quest is over, 6*88 2+2 showed up

    Congratulations on finding that. Looks like a nice one. Welcome to "the love em or hate em club". I still love my ol 3788.
  10. Home from Rantoul ! 4500 miles round trip

    So Tony, did Carol get a picture of the group at the meet & greet in front of Pete's dyno?
  11. Video of the music at last RPR

    Yeah, I been moonlightn' on my days off. I'm just surprised you didn't recognize BJ on the banjo.
  12. Happy B/day, Brady Boy & Augercreek

    Best wishes on your Birthday, Guys.
  13. Home from Rantoul ! 4500 miles round trip

    So glad to hear that you and Carol made it home safely, Tony. Getting to spend time with all of you was truly the highlight of the year for me. Hope we can do it again sometime.