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  1. 1456 with detroit

    Still cool and a reminder of the good old days showing what creative ideas people came up with for more power. Regardless of why the engine was installed what could a tractor with that much power pull with no added weight? Might be good for pulling on the road or burn offs. I couldn't imagine operating such an obnoxious noisy engine for 10 minutes let alone 10 hours.

    Dicktater pull off the res.?

    E Washington 7-8 years ago irrigated land was over $1,000.00/acre

    Shortly 2 planets will collided with a big bang . One planet is full of a young self entitled generation always wanting more, however, Their not willing to do do much to get more. The other planet is full of technology made robots & machines willing to work nonstop, no O/T, no vaction, no PTL, no employee taxes. These robots are eager and willing work for pennies after purchase . Question is which planet will survive the big bang. Is it to late to stop these 2 from impacting each other?
  5. Retirement

    Before the election I was convince Hildabeast would win. With an EPA that was out of control I felt like I had 4 more years by then the EPA would take control of the ground due clean water rules and Tribal influence over endangered wild Salmon. The kind of wild salmon that are so endangered you can purchase them in most stores to eat, So endangered the local tribe has a successful business model of killing , freezing and selling them to stores. Since Trump got in I have some hope to endure and continue for another 10+ years. IF God lets me.
  6. Land rent contracts

    Farming is always a huge gamble. If the field is of good soil type for what your growing and close I would do it in a heart beat. The next guy that knocks on his door may jump on a 3 year deal then what are your options if you need land?

    People are being dumbed down from so many gadgets doing the mental work for them. Not to far away only Zombies will be walking the streets talking to themselves.
  8. Project truck for someone.

    Kind of an old cool truck in need of TLC https://spokane.craigslist.org/bar/d/1950s-international/6355033750.html
  9. life in our corner

    Sorry, It was a fast trip, no time for chit chat with flights to catch to limit driving time
  10. life in our corner

    Nice Grimme harvester there, Never have too many of those around this area. Just got back from N Dakota, Minnesota and Chicago . Obama had Jury duty so nice traffic jam going on there.
  11. F-14's

    How many guys do you think retired with their plane? Sure miss them!!
  12. Interesting, On craigslist a few months back I saw one of those gas/ diesel crawlers with a turbo I thought it was a custom job. Never thought it was a factory job since it was old.
  13. life in our corner

    Troy, I heard 4-5 weeks ago there's a new sheriff in town I hear he bought up the Rader operation. I asked my field guy from WE what people thought, He said they hoped frank would bring stability to the berry market , ISLMAO at that one.
  14. Farm subsidy programs

    My neighbor was a small organic operation, He got fed up with all the paperwork crap. He sells as no spray then no paper work, so many organic chemicals out there now some as deadly as conventional it's a joke. If mommy with her 4 kids paying big money for the organic stuff really new the deal. Yes I know there are organic guys that are the real deal.
  15. Pto generators

    The rewards can be great and many IF all goes well. Most people that try spuds think you can grow these for a $300-400 acre profit and stay business at the cost of growing and packing a fresh crop you won't be in business long unless your born lucky.
  16. 38" Wedge-locks with 5/8 bolts to rim clamps.

    As long as we are on the rim topic something I didn't know. I've changed wheels around for 30 years, however, it was in the last 5-6 years a friend clued me in on installing the 2 odd wedges first then the others and the idea behind that to help balance the wheel .
  17. Pto generators

    560, Years ago a couple of buddy's of mine went to E WA. to look at a shed full of spuds 15,000 ton or so . The shed was off the road a few miles, They were following the owner as they approached the shed they started smelling the "smell" as they came up on the building the goo was running out the doors. I asked what did you do? "Well we never stopped just made a U turn and left the owner standing there not much we could say or do" . Here on the spud ranch the buildings are checked daily plus give a good sniff test. Have a log to record temps that way you can see if return air temp is changing. It can get expensive in a hurry. I've never lost a building I'm knocking on wood here. occasionally you get few rotting more then you like. Guys that push early harvest for storage when ground temps are high can lose a shed that way.
  18. Pto generators

    Troy, This one will give you room to expand your farm a little . https://seattle.craigslist.org/oly/hvo/d/cummins-generator-set/6354921163.html
  19. https://www.liveleak.com/view?i=328_1508484599
  20. Aircraft 101 safety training needed

    My guess is the F-16 jockey must have thought the #1 B1 on the runway wasn't close to being done with his engine run up, As soon as #1 started rolling #2 B1 started his roll onto runway. Game over. I bet the F-16 jockey is flying a broom for a few weeks. Hurt his pride more then anything . Can't get away with anything with smart phones these days.
  21. life in our corner

    Troy, Pickett story. Back in the day as in early 80's Dale the dad of the boys you mentioned was hauling for (Lee?) groceries out of Everett, So he would haul what ever south to Cali then load groceries northbound. This was back in the day when you needed ICC authority to operate, His truck had the Lee Grocery name on the side of his truck. One day he was stopped at the scale to check his south bound load papers which happened to be shingles. The weigh cop was confused and asked what does a grocery store have to do with shingles? Dale responds "Well you ever heard of Sh-t on a shingle?" The cops says yes, "Well these are the shingles for the sh-t" I believe he got the green light to proceed.
  22. 560 M&W Turbo

    I have no connection to this. Let the bidding war begin. http://www.ebay.com/itm/IH-FARMALL-560-DIESEL-M-W-TURBO-/322828443525
  23. 560 M&W Turbo

    Using a TD9 setup will need a new hole. Plus might have the same issue as using 560 M&W kit with Air cleaner in the way is my guess. The TD 9 turbo setup sounds better IMO.
  24. 560 M&W Turbo

    The clue is in my previous post.
  25. 560 M&W Turbo

    I thought these 560 kits were in demand I'm surprised no one else bid on this.