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  1. looks great tony! I'm looking forward to meeting you in Rantoul as well as all the other members that can make it there! sounds like we should have a good showing of members there!
  2. we are planning on coming out again for the half century show and the farm progress show. we love the walking but are bringing our Polaris ranger with us this time to help us out on the footsteps lol looking forward to seeing you guys there!
  3. I know that guy personally, he farms about 10 miles from me. his name is clayton stine and his grandfather bought that tractor new. he's been pulling that tractor for 25 years or so I bet now. real nice guy to talk to. was funny to see that picture I knew him right away
  4. I have a chance at a very nice original spirit of 76 lawn tractor with mower deck on it, was just curious what are they worth? i'll try and put a picture up if I can of it.
  5. that is one sweet looking beast there!! bet it was an animal in the field
  6. thank you! I will be in intercourse on Saturday and am going to stop in and see if they have some
  7. that's a cool history book on hoobers, wonder if they are still available? we dealt with hoobers and always had great service from them. I work at eckroth equipment company in the parts dept. now in orefield, pa.
  8. %5BURL=
  9. thanks BJ I appreciate it! i'll have to try that next time I post a picture. that is one of the pictures we took for Christmas cards this year
  10. Help again BJ!
  11. Thanks guys! And thank you BJ for fixing the links! I'll see if I can find a good picture of us to post!
  12. Sorry for no picture it used to post them but I can't seem to put one on. I'll keep trying, sorry!!