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  1. Where to find 856 grill screen?

    Bates corp in Indiana has them. I got one from them for my 1026.they have them listed for $120.00
  2. The 826 looks like it has a black dash on it. It is a 1970 so it may be a demo in disguise!
  3. Happy b/day rjpont,red tractor fever,red farmer

    Thanks everybody! I really appreciate it! Happy birthday to the others that share this day too!!
  4. Brought this home today

    Sweet tractor! Congratulations, looks sharp! Very nice find
  5. Took some pictures yesterday

    Thanks bill! Was nice to talk with you at the HCOP this year! Hope all is going well up your way!
  6. Took some pictures yesterday

    Thank you Tony! It's a far cry from the quality of your collection but I am very proud of the tractors I have. And I will also say I am very proud of my fiancé, she likes tractors too so I am very lucky there! I was hoping to meet you there at the HCOP but unfortunately we didn't get together at the same time! I was really looking forward to meeting you, but hopefully we will be able to one day at a future show!
  7. Took some pictures yesterday

    Thank you x2! Glad you enjoyed the pictures!
  8. Took some pictures yesterday

    Sounds great 👍🏻😊
  9. Took some pictures yesterday

    Thanks Todd I appreciate it! I really enjoyed talking and spending time with you at HCOP and look forward to seeing and talking with you again one day!
  10. Took some pictures yesterday

    My fiancé and I got our engagement pictures yesterday and got a few tractors out for pictures. I had to snap a couple while they were out. Hope you guys enjoy them!
  11. Chapter 6 State Show

    Love the pictures!
  12. Summer Parade picture of Petey 😊

    Sweet ride there Danny 👍🏻Petey and the 12 are looking sharp as always
  13. Rantoul Revisited 2017

    Awesome pictures bill! I know what you mean, we brought our ranger and still felt like we didn't get to see everything and everyone! I really enjoyed getting to see some of you guys again and seeing new faces as well! I miss it already and am looking forward to the next one!
  14. This will make the neighbors look

    Yeah I am at the Orefield location in the parts department. Dan is a very good guy to deal with, he is the owner and my boss. Done lots of business with him over the years on the farm and now work for him. I hope to work on a farm again full time but till I have the opportunity I'll be working there.
  15. This will make the neighbors look

    Glad to hear everything went well for you. Yeah been around tractors all my life and changed quite some oil in my time so i got to know the filters well lol you're welcome and glad to know you're on here too. Just let us know if you need anything. Nice tractor by the way, like to see them in their old work clothes