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  1. I got 5th in the 11,500 farm class and 9th in the 13,500 farm class. I was happy everything went good and had a great time. Thought I'd share a picture with you guys. I'm on the 1066 and my buddy TJ is on his 1456. He was a big help with helping change the tires around on the 1066
  2. Love the pictures!! Thanks for sharing!!
  3. Charlie Hoober is the red fever 1066 from Intercourse, Pa. They have the Hoober Case IH dealerships in Pa, Delaware & Virginia
  4. We are staying in champaign at the comfort suites. Anyone else staying there too?
  5. Yeah that's not real far from me at all. The tractor is actually in Bath right now at my buddy's shop lol yeah the crops don't look real bad around us.
  6. Yeah won't take as long now to get there lol
  7. Looking forward to meeting you there bill!
  8. Thanks guys! Yeah I put a new seat on too. I went from 18.4-38 to 20.8R42 with step up rims. The pull I go to I have been going there since a little kid and been there every year so far. It's not far so I drive the tractor there. Glad everyone likes the pictures, glad BJ changed how pictures can go on it's awesome now!
  9. Yeah worn down tires would be better for sure. I'm used to getting last place anyway lol anymore I just enjoy hooking to the sled to have a little fun no matter what place I get
  10. Put new rear tires on the 1066 for tractor pulling. She sits up a little higher in the back now
  11. beautiful tractors Jerry!
  12. You are right btred1466, my pap bought the 856 new the spring of 1970 & the 826 new in the spring of 1971. He only got to drive the 826 a few times in the field and passed away that spring. Glad that everyone is enjoying the pictures!
  13. Looking forward to getting together at rantoul in a couple months Bill!
  14. I've been wanting to put some pictures on and now since it was made easier to post pictures I thought I'd post some, thanks BJ!! Glad you guys like the pictures!!
  15. Got some of the tractors out the other day and thought I'd share a picture. Sorry it's from a distance