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  1. snow shovel

    One for back of pickup, one in garage for cleanup behind snowblower & deck and one in shop.
  2. snow shovel

    yo-ho.com. ...in Monticello,Iowa ...Yeoman & co. Going to coop to get new wear edge for $7.my third /fourth cutting edge. ....$44+ for 30" pusher on their website. sku # 03080
  3. Dr.Pol

    He's on Nat Geo Wild...
  4. Looking for

    Did you check Red Power Magazine add for Gold 826 in Ohio.....440-574-1289 ?
  5. IH 1100 pickup

    60's 1200 4x4
  6. Shop with a living quarters

    2001 bought ranch house with 2 car attached on acre+. 2002 built 30 x40 shop attached to garage , 6" walls and blowin in ceiling better insulation than in house. Walk thru 40" door -- garage into shop. 18' shop door ,220V , 2 ceiling fans and LP gas Hot Dawg Modine. Could add Murphy bed for sleep if needed. Wanted bigger, but code restricted size. Is full , but does function for business and pleasure.
  7. School Buses we Rode on as Kids

    Grade school bus driver was sheriff deputy Bob Shunk driving a 66 passenger Ford. When at school , sitting in back we'd get out Emergency door . High school bus was green & we called it "The Pickle".
  8. life in our corner

    I'm prayin' for you Troy. Life trials make you humble & stronger. We have COLD temps and a little snow.

    Home again jiggly jig.. .....Ground crew @ MSN playing follow the leader. .

    Random from last couple years. ...1-3 in Rock county from one collector.

    From DFW, Princeton , Duncanville to San Antonio... ...

    Trip to Texas....
  13. Lycoming automotive engines

    Keith, wow that's a neat project truck! I'll have to stop over & check your progress when weather is more satisfactory & you have time from chores & family.
  14. WIX 51253 = IH/Dresser # 386120R91 = Baldwin # PT268 when crossing according to Baldwin & Wix..... online for Models 125C,125E for Trans WIX 51162 = IH/Dresser # 615447C1 = for Trans...... [Verify all crosses]
  15. Why is this so mezmerizing to watch?

    Before patrol trucks had wings , cty had 44 p trucks on sections & (12) Oshkosh, FWDs and Walters with wings when the blades couldn't keep up with the pushback. Had about 8-10 blades/graders & blademan for snow removal. Also for heavy snow winters cty mounted a huge v plow on a IH Hough rubber tire Dozer , that was used during construction season with a straight dozer blade. It would go down in ditches & roll snow like no body's business. .
  16. Why is this so mezmerizing to watch?

    If you catch a man hole cover. or curb at 45 mph there could be damage to plow/wing and or have loose dental pieces floating in the mouth. Unless you're plowing rural sections without obstacles. I've knocked a few mboxes off & always picked up any aerial mail . Our county policy was if mbox hit by snow. ..nothing done , if hit by plow/ wing then county obligation to repair or replace. Our couny wings are mounted to a front post & rear pole/s to mid truck frame.
  17. Why is this so mezmerizing to watch?

    Try a 11' one way & 9" wing @ 25-30 mph in 4-6" snow,.... watch the white stuff fly over mailboxes and hit any house too close to the road. Sheer pleasure!
  18. gold in my basement

    Whitewater is only one hour away.... Scott, you surely are closer. Any location /address of that basement 1026? Maybe just a Wild Goose Chase...
  19. 756 block heater

    ZEROSTART #3500012 for D310/D358 . 1,000 watt...1 1/4" Dia on Left side or use of circulation heater ok.
  20. Merry Christmas and safe driving

    Thanks. Spent 32 years on call for the white stuff. Be safe. Yesterday no snow here ...
  21. Your IH dealer......what else did they sell?

    Lindsay ., Gehl, New Holland, IMCO, Kasten, Cub Cadet, Knight , Farm Oyl, Freeman , Schwartz , Brillion.
  22. 710 plow

    It,s a 710 automatic ? Spring bolts tight? New reset springs? That's what the bottoms are supposed to do is trip. I have had consecutive bottoms trip one after another in rocky ground. Sounds like shotgun blasts when tripping.
  23. 710 plow

  24. Thread-in/frost plug heater 856

    Zerostart # 3100061, 600 watt , 1 5/8", put in 1st, 2nd, or 5th freeze plug on right side , point element down according to Philips-Temro catalog.