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  1. Far all 240 fast hitch question (again)

    2.5" tall @ stop to be small point.
  2. New toy for a demo

    How many yard bucket ? Haven't played with one for 11 years.
  3. Dad passed away

    JD, sincere condolences to you & family.
  4. White 1200. 4x4

    On NAU campus in Flagstaff with historic plates....
  5. White 1200. 4x4

    Sedona. ...
  6. Aermotor windmill advice please

    Doing R & R.....while dangling in the air ...
  7. White 1200. 4x4

    NO ,we. Visited friends who both work at NAU campus . Looks like the 1200 belongs to campus employee by where it,s parked. Yes that bumper looks familiar. If you ever out here, the hwy. 89A from Flagstaff to Sedona is an awesome trip.
  8. Aermotor windmill advice please

    Yes , that's what he said, turn tail. like you said Randy.
  9. ❓What is this fast hitch part for ?

    Is it 2.5" or 3" @ the stop front ?
  10. Aermotor windmill advice please

    Neighbor had his overhauled this year. His has a crank mechanism that can be used to stop rotation from the ground. Windmill for decor only.
  11. Veteran day

    x2.....I was discharged from active duty 45 years ago today.
  12. Scottsdale 3 Bobcats

    5:30 pm today , getting cart ride to room, momma bobcat stood her ground in pathway. Got cellphone to take her picture then her 2 young kits came into view looking for supper . Only 20-30' away from us. Missed the kits...once in a lifetime chance to see.
  13. 1966 Farmall 656

    Wow, nice!!
  14. Inversion tables

    Sore lower back this a.m. even after seeing chiro Friday. Have not been on my Teeters Hang Up for quite long while. Wife said need to get it out of spare room ( so her stuff can stay up stairs ). Well with your reminder, I proceeded to get it set up (in the basement) and did a couple brief swings to vertical. Now I'm good as ever, Thanks MTO!! P.S> I bought it off Craigslist for $100 about 10 years ago. Facebook also has For Sale listing in local areas.
  15. Ruby Red's IH Equipment at Work

    That's COOL!!!

    Thanks, I saw BJ even got in on the video.
  17. Take This Classic Car ID Quiz

    23 / 24....funny Camaro!
  18. DMC stirators

    Thanks, now I have clear picture. Only been around wood & steel cribs.
  19. Farmall 240 drawbar

    A swinging drawbar was an option to add in combo with the Fast Hitch.... $$ & not many around. Is your lateral sway limiter bar in the locked position ?
  20. DMC stirators

    How does the auger fasten to the floor ?
  21. Nice! Saw the 1206 , in April in Oshkosh & in June in Des Moines, but No luck for me.

    When we were in Duluth , the end of April earlier this year , there was snow for a bit... We had to document it too, for our 20th with a pic....
  23. Happy Birthday ny bill o


    Fall tillage.....

    Random from last couple years. ...1-3 in Rock county from one collector.