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  1. snow shovel

    One for back of pickup, one in garage for cleanup behind snowblower & deck and one in shop.
  2. snow shovel

    yo-ho.com. ...in Monticello,Iowa ...Yeoman & co. Going to coop to get new wear edge for $7.my third /fourth cutting edge. ....$44+ for 30" pusher on their website. sku # 03080
  3. Dr.Pol

    He's on Nat Geo Wild...
  4. Looking for

    Did you check Red Power Magazine add for Gold 826 in Ohio.....440-574-1289 ?
  5. IH 1100 pickup

    60's 1200 4x4
  6. Shop with a living quarters

    2001 bought ranch house with 2 car attached on acre+. 2002 built 30 x40 shop attached to garage , 6" walls and blowin in ceiling better insulation than in house. Walk thru 40" door -- garage into shop. 18' shop door ,220V , 2 ceiling fans and LP gas Hot Dawg Modine. Could add Murphy bed for sleep if needed. Wanted bigger, but code restricted size. Is full , but does function for business and pleasure.
  7. School Buses we Rode on as Kids

    Grade school bus driver was sheriff deputy Bob Shunk driving a 66 passenger Ford. When at school , sitting in back we'd get out Emergency door . High school bus was green & we called it "The Pickle".
  8. life in our corner

    I'm prayin' for you Troy. Life trials make you humble & stronger. We have COLD temps and a little snow.

    Home again jiggly jig.. .....Ground crew @ MSN playing follow the leader. .

    From DFW, Princeton , Duncanville to San Antonio... ...

    Trip to Texas....
  12. Lycoming automotive engines

    Keith, wow that's a neat project truck! I'll have to stop over & check your progress when weather is more satisfactory & you have time from chores & family.
  13. WIX 51253 = IH/Dresser # 386120R91 = Baldwin # PT268 when crossing according to Baldwin & Wix..... online for Models 125C,125E for Trans WIX 51162 = IH/Dresser # 615447C1 = for Trans...... [Verify all crosses]
  14. Why is this so mezmerizing to watch?

    Before patrol trucks had wings , cty had 44 p trucks on sections & (12) Oshkosh, FWDs and Walters with wings when the blades couldn't keep up with the pushback. Had about 8-10 blades/graders & blademan for snow removal. Also for heavy snow winters cty mounted a huge v plow on a IH Hough rubber tire Dozer , that was used during construction season with a straight dozer blade. It would go down in ditches & roll snow like no body's business. .