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  1. Tuesday we met in person for first time. Even though we live only 20 minutes apart. We had lunch at a local restaurant . We had conversed for a number of years on several forums. We probably even attended a Plow Day without knowing the other person was there. The restaurant closed the doors after lunch, but the hostess let us stay at our lunch table even as the early bird folks were coming in for dinner. I got more answers than questions asked. So next time we meet I'll have to bring along one of those butt cushions, cause mine is still.... Denny, thanks for sharing your time, I really appreciate your life experience with farming & Farmalls. Rainman/Paul
  2. Does your company have a logo, ( take pic of door with company logo/name on tile layer) & doesn't printer have talent in house? Oskaloosa?
  3. The Paper Farmer...Mike Becker...(715-726-1942) has huge collection of manuals.
  4. Still have air in TC ...carefully remove filler plug then start engine @ moderate idle speed move both TC levers back & forth 10-12 times thru full range of travel . Place TC levers in rearward position. Shut off engine, add fluid level to reservoir within 1/2" of bottom of filler opening. Operators Manual page 64 (in old)....page 78 (in new Fast Hitch edition) Paul
  5. 510, 510B....D268 TD.7E.....D239 TD.8E.....DT239 TD.12C.....DT239 100E.....D239 125E....DT239 TD.7C....D206 100C.....D206 TD.8C, 125C, 250A, 260A, 270A...either D239/DT239
  6. 1966 model year ?
  7. Very nice..... Did front mounts have a rear to cover tire tracks?
  8. Frost on roof last couple morns . Saw 12 or 16 row planter getting yard prep this morn after church. Sunny 70s today & tomorrow.
  9. With loader on ,the front wheel weights would be better utilized on the rear of the 300 to counter balance loader work. Rainman/Paul
  10. Troy, nice straight line start....
  11. HyTran is best & $$. Non detergent 10w if available or Orschlen's .
  12. "Owners Manual" for 300 Utility will cover basic maintenance & questions on forum are OK. And so are many pics that are very much appreciated for Red Pleasure & problem diagnosis. If your up for a challenge remove loader plow on front , if up for bigger challenge remove loader boom too. If up for biggest challenge remove loader & subframe. Take pics of hose connections & any areas U remove pins & bolts. Probably LARGEST challenge would be putting all back on tractor & working. Rear chains if doing serious pushing and rear weight also.(Fluid in rear tires?) Front wheel weights bolt onto Fast Hitch Drawbar. Basic combination /open end wrenches 1/4" -1 1/4" & 3/8" & 1/2" ratchets with sockets. 16 oz. ball peen/machinist hammer . #1 & 2 Philips & straight screw drivers, 12" adjustable wrench. Pliers & channel lock pliers, A set of punches & chisel and I could go on & on for tools.
  13. Our Red Bud has not blossomed yet. But a lot of trees & shrubs leafing out.
  14. Just a camera woman? Did you tell her that she's just a camera woman? Where the heck U get them young ladies with that kinda talk? ..... runners online harem.com??
  15. X2.....http://rockauto.com lists 4 new masters for $71 - $124 or rebuild kits for less than $15.