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  1. A model #140 running gear ? Pic of front steering & tongue would be nice.
  2. Matt , your welcome...Just sharing the fun. Do you have any pics to share of your progress or do we wait for the finish? Paul
  3. http://cubcadet.com...... $95..kb-19488-74110. Kubota dealer....cheaper. ebay.com http://cubcadetusedparts.com
  4. Way to go John , and another Gold Star for Mike.
  5. 4H is a plus , what other options can be worked out with her ex , since both you & wife see 4H as a plus for your daughter? Since you both are on different ends as far as steer feed (free), how about meeting half way and when steer sold, $ or # are split @ a %? You are right to realize wife has stress with kids & daycare....her decision, but what can you do as, head of household, to help her in some way to release some of that stress?
  6. I have 2 Craftsman Beam T-Wrenches for limited use & need. #2 son is Tech (mechanic) that has Macs or Snap-on click style. So 1 day he says beam aren't accurate. I say let's compare.... In that instance both beam & click types read same. You can do the use cost/use analysis for yourself.
  7. Watched a Nat Geo documentary about water control. Curious what CA residents or people in the know have to share about: Monterey Amendments Paramount Farms Kern county Water Bank S. Resnick A county(?) with 1,000 homes without water (wells dried up)
  8. Great start!
  9. Take some of Profit $ and use on home mortgage ( or whatever you two negotiate to put $ towards) with wife knowing that it came from farming. Part of the truth. Maybe that shows her the $ benefits of helping on the farm. Some profit $ go to invest more cattle... for more $. Have you figured out annual value of your 0% loan? In the end open & truthful, so you won't have a continuing cover up. Take weekend off the farm to show wife you care for family time & surprise her with nice getaway, movie or something simple. Kids grow up faster than you think, smother them with Love even if they don't reciprocate. Good Luck.
  10. http://billoreilly.com in Video Center on 3/16/2017 Weekdays with Bernie @ 1:05, 2:06 & 5:08 .
  11. Top radiator hose....Kubota # K7311-85150 from a RTV, Bottom radiator hose ....7/8" heater hose .....Try http://pegasusautoracing.com for add ons . Update: Large end of Kubota hose needs to be cut off to match top hose. http://mcmaster.com has 3 Coolant type 7/8" hoses available in bulk length Gates Green Stripe 7/8" heater hose $4.59/foot @ O'Reilly
  12. From book ...IH, Hough, & Dresser by Amato....7,500 TD-24 made by 1955, 3,600 TD-24-241 made by 1959, 2,630 Gear Drive units made vs. 997 units for Torque Converter model. Late 1959 ( thru 1962) the TD-25(250) replaced TD-24-(241) with a DT -817 diesel with push button electric start.
  13. Welcome....like I always tell my wife...you can always learn more by listening than by talking. And I still can't shut her up.
  14. NLA, some guys have fabbed up a replacement.
  15. Geeze, Doc Evil got mention 2-3 times on Bill O'Reilly tonight. He even was petting his cat. Wow , now I gots to run over & get his autograph. Maybe I'll haul my Super C over & get the hood signed too....