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  1. Denny , think I've seen a flat belt gear box on a gear drive rear PTO turning a grinder of some type.
  2. I'm only 10 minutes away, but trying to remember where along the I system that stood. Will have to check loca tion soon.
  3. Hey Jerry, Happy birthday!
  4. Setup for working on rails. Never saw one before. ...
  5. Not June bugs . Drought stress probably , look where can precip get to root system?
  6. Standard gap in stock apps. Up to. 010" in performance apps. per Pertronix.
  7. Check valve assembly # 360402 R92. check valve spring # 350669 R1... $6.85
  8. Factory PTO is , but smaller than 540 standard shaft. Available on gear drive Cadets. I think m & w 9 speed was available. Factory option was Creeper for gear drives, to make 3 speed a 6 speed.
  9. Yep, Herrs Machine, Washington, KS....http://herrshydro.com....785-325-2875
  10. Great pictures! How much do you haul in your trailers (tons/bushel)? How far from Paris are you located?
  11. Yep, & John they named you in the Acknowledgemènts page too!
  12. Remove bottom pulley, put belts on, realign & attach bottom pulley ,adjust idler, start & mow.
  13. Last one with McCormick walking cultivator.
  14. Wife's flower mound.
  15. Got my pre-ordered Red 4WD Tractors book today!