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    2 1/2 weeks later. ...looks like winter wheat. .
  2. 706 farmall 175 JD loader

    The subframe for a IH 2000 loader to fit on a 706/806 is longer than other smaller tractors.
  3. Electronic ignition for Kohler engines?

    He has everything you need. .....http://kirkengines.com
  4. 706 farmall 175 JD loader

    Maybe a jd site or jd dealer might have an application sheet for that loader. What tractor did it come off from?
  5. Aerated the Lawn yesterday with the Farmall C

    Thanks for the reminder, I need to get my aerator out of the shed & do the lawn. That looks like a HD unit you used.
  6. Triple Post

    I'll add you to my prayer list.
  7. Pulling ripper with 1086

    http://cfcdist.com has dealer list by zip code.
  8. 1975 model 966

    34" rubber?
  9. Triple Post

    Todd, U need some Help or What?
  10. On my 3rd reading of this book

    Paperback copy...I've read hard copy from library & bought and read paperback.
  11. Inside a cotton gin

    Thanks for that video link!

    ABS farm, DeForest .
  13. 30 years ago today it snowed

    Congrats , Happy Day!!
  14. 826-13340

    Another 826D Hydro @ Angelic Organic in N. Illinois 815-389-2746
  15. Hard surfacing would work but if you hit something hard , it could chip blade. Years ago you could buy hard surfaced or regular blades for Cub Cadet mower decks.