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  1. Vintage Ads

    that combine one is sweet looks just like our 1440 we had
  2. IH Tractors on Montana Farm

    yes those were the good old days alright in my town i don't remember the UGG since it was closed in 1998 and the pool was closed in i think 2001 or 2 and i can sort of remember a few trips there with dad i've been allover the interenet tonight and found a good handful of pictures of my home town elevators and hopefully this summer i can make scaled down replicas of them
  3. IH Tractors on Montana Farm

    man i love lookin at old grain elevators i'm not sure why but i got a knack for it the ones in my town were destroyed when i was little but the town not there anymore not far from my farm the elevator is still standin privetly owned of course but i love lookin at it it's the only true piece of farmin history that everyone know and can recognized i like lookin at this ol site
  4. Vintage Ads

    man loadstar you must have quite a stash of old ads
  5. Vintage Ads

    ya i know dad had some dynamite Durum crops with them now with the air seeder we haven't had a crop half as good
  6. Vintage Ads

    i miss the old day of diskers they did an excelant job
  7. Vintage Ads

    WOW these are great i would love to show you guys some of mine but i don't have a Scanner but i've been saving the odd one along here Keep these ads comin
  8. IH Tractors on Montana Farm

    thats cool i got one just like that from truscott international in kindersley sask
  9. IH Tractors on Montana Farm

    2 hrs away from you were gettin pretty close to puttin in a crop were about i'm gonna say 2 weeks away but some people say 3 weeks one guy from alberta says he might be able to start in a few feilds by the end of well now it would be this week
  10. send me your wont let me make this thing fit.Mine is

    I can send it that way,sorry for the inconvience,


  11. IH Tractors on Montana Farm

    well we have a 7500KG road ban on right now to but with the weather we got today if it keeps up it will be off pretty quick
  12. IH Tractors on Montana Farm

    were warming up to i drove out into the feilds with the quad today and theres about a 1/2 inch of dry dirt then theres well mud but it shouldn't be to long then were in the feilds again finaly got the air seeder out to day so i'm gettin more and more excited by the day lol
  13. IH Tractors on Montana Farm

    What a neat little tractor. At least it looks small in the photos. Anybody looking for a project W9? I see a rusty relic here on kijiji. i saw that thing i thought it was WD-9 to i'd get it if the head is good but if it's sitting there theirs obviously somthing wrong with it
  14. Learning alot, but want more info

    it all started for my dad in 1968 when Grandpa bought a new IH 75 swather and the dealer didn't have a set up mechanic so the dealer made an agreement you set it up and i'll knock abit off your bill so ya ok my grandpa and dad who was about 10-11 at the time set up swathers and farm equipment then it turned into a summer job (washing tractors and setting them up for both grandpa and dad till dad could drive the 35kms to work then dad went to college after high school and then went on to be a certified IH and Steiger Tech and then became Service Tech then he worked at the dealer right up till the merger. but looking back dad almost has had his hands on atleast every 5x88 series and quite afew 86 series and many other we got to an auction or drive the dealer lot and he right way say "oh i rebuilt the motor in that one or OH i put a new clutch in that one" and is just full of stories about getting calls to do work and the crew he worked with i've been around for 18 yrs and i still hear new stories everytime. only 1 of the mechanics dad hired when it was still IH is still working at the CaseIH dealer today i'd like to see if he has a picture of the dealership i've never seen it since it was demolished after the merger but a freind owns a quanset they did mechanic work in and dad doesn't have one
  15. IH Tractors on Montana Farm

    well i think the southern part of saskatchewan is gonna have trouble this spring around here in West Central sask were gonna have enough trouble but we have fairly good run off on all of our land so we'll be fine but some people are gonna still be in trouble