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  1. Retirement

    Doug, If you drove I-75 there and back, you passed within an hour from my house here east of Tallahassee. Most people that drive through North Florida forget or cant believe how much woods, country and or farms are around. They mostly think of Florida as beaches or Resorts. I was born and raised here in Florida living mostly in central florida, only leaving for the military. I'm still active duty and travel to work out of the area. We bought my wife's family farm about 12 years ago planning for our retirement and just recently built our dream/retirement home. Cost of living is great here. tons of farms. bonfires whenever we want, shoot out your front door, hog hunt all year round... etc. I wouldn't live anywhere else! Mike
  2. Trucking quotes

    Down here in the South East along I-10, best quote I got was $1.37 a loaded mile about 3 months ago for our 1206 shipped from New York. My SIL and Uncle are both independent and don't go less than $2.25 loaded. Remember, this is one-way with someone else paying for a load on the return. One way loaded with an empty return, you're spending your own money at that point. Locally here your gonna pay more for 200mi because that's still considered local with no return freight. Friend of mine had a tractor shipped about 100mi and it cost $50 initially and then about $3 per mile. This was a large rollback. Mike
  3. IH 710 6 bottom plow value?

    5 bottom 710 for sale down here in Florida for $800.00. I could probably get it for 600 or 700. Mike
  4. Looking for a parts tractor

    jeff311, I just went with the wife to T&H Sales and Salvage ((229) 859-2643) down here in South Georgia this past weekend. 17147 Ga HWY 122, Pavo, GA. 31778. They have one 460 or 560 LPG sitting in their lot off South Main Street. I cant remember the exact condition it was in but noticed the tank sitting on top. Maybe they (I think his name was Jonathan) will send some pictures to you. They are about 45 minutes North of me. If they cant get pictures to you or find it, let me know. This next weekend I can make a run up there and snap some pictures of it and the other 460/560s they have (maybe 4 or 5). Tell them the guy with the big International 4900 Crew Cab that was there yesterday told you it was there if they don't remember. If there is something big you need, I have family that farm up by you outside of Kokomo, that make trips down here to Fl. Might be awhile though. If its smaller, we can work it for shipping. Mike.
  5. Debating about down sizing trailer

    I agree with cgage. Id keep the current trailer and truck until you can upgrade the truck. I would rather have a larger trailer than a smaller one. Also as stated, don't load up the trailer to full weight. No one will stop you seeing that you have a small load on a large trailer. Just ensure its loaded and strapped properly. I have a huge OTR trailer that I pull with my Medium duty truck that clearly would hold more than the truck is rated. I just don't load it to the max. Never stopped. Then again I live in the south and they let pretty much anything on the road! Mike.
  6. Medium Duty + Goosneck or Day Cab + Lowboy?

    Agreed in the costs. This is the way I saw it. When I did the cost comparison with the cost of a late model dually (F350/450/550 range) with insurance, MPG, occasional breakdown, tow rating to include the what if good deals or occasional heavy load, the math wasn't there to support. My neighbors 1999 IH 4700 just hit over 600,000 miles with only an alternator and A/C fix. As I stated in my other post, purchasing almost brand new class 7 1998 IH 4900 for a steal under $10K was a heck of deal with the same gas mileage. I got it from a OTR truck dealer who bought out Jackson Co. Al. municipal trucks that they were getting rid of to make way for the emissions required equipment. The market is flooded with medium duty trucks down south here. Like most things its how you take care of it. As far as cost to maintain, with the cost of the truck i'm still way under. I just took the 4900 to the dealer for complete PM and inspections for $600. I tried to do it all myself and it was too time consuming with other jobs going on to do all the filters, greasing and different fluids everywhere. Which there are about 18 different fluid change areas. They did it all in 2 days. Mike
  7. Medium Duty + Goosneck or Day Cab + Lowboy?

    All great points as usual with this board and its experienced group with regards to state and fed laws! I got tired of wondering what would happen or trying to figure it out as others have stated its never the same. I went down this road last year when deciding to go to a new/used one ton or medium duty. I already had the CDL and medical card. My point was to sell hay and move equipment for myself and others. On average I travel about 1100mi a week In conjunction with my real job. I'm sure we all see improper loaded one ton tow rigs, but I wanted to do it safely. Not to mention that most these new/used (late Model light duty) 400hp 800tq diesels cant seem to go 50,000mi without going to the shop. And then the price! My cousins new F550 had fuel issues around the 20,000mi needing an entire new system. Loaded flatbed was getting 8mi per gal. I found a 1998 International 4900 crew cab with single axle with 63,000 miles, 275hp 466 for under $10K. still getting the same MPG as his 550. looks brand new in and out with air for brakes and trailer all documented at the local Intl dealer. It wont win a speed record going up hill with a full load but will maintain 60mph and 75mph on flat. You don't need to go faster in a maxed out weight limit medium duty anyway. Especially with the retard drivers on the HWY. Mike
  8. 504 tricycle front axle

    rray, Not sure if this answers your question but a quick search looks like its the same for 340, 230, 404, 504, 240, 2504, 200 tractor axles. Mike
  9. Navistar engine production

    I hope it works out for your dad. I was originally looking for a clean 2003 Super with the 7.3 but found the medium duty for half the price. You can find them everywhere since new emissions standards needing to be met by state and federal. Mine was a municipal crew cab that sat and ran occasionally with full service documentation from the local IH dealer. My main reason was not finding a newer light duty that for a good price, mechanical issues with newer and the new emissions standards. So reconfiguring the Melrose plant again laying off the workers due to low sales of emission concerns (lawsuits) in the 9 and 10 motors (9.3L, 570ci). Getting reamed in the OTR trucking engines as well. The Maxxforce DT (7.6L, 466ci) ended in 2015 when replaced by the Cummins earlier so its been going out the door for a few years. Sorry to see that engine leave for good. There will be plenty left in the yards as you eluded to with them owning the bus market. I guess I need to start putting together a good rebuild kit for use down the road.
  10. Navistar engine production

    I'm sure Ill keep it for a very long time. I laughed and snatched my 1999 4900 up fast when I was shopping for a newer diesel and found this. I paid less than $10K for it with 62,000mi and 3,000hrs on the engine. Its amazing what you can get for a Medium truck vs a Light. It doesn't have a spot of rust, doesn't leak a drop and the entire truck looks brand new. That was a year ago and I am very happy stepping up to air and axles. I'm hoping it lasts 500,000. I Its nice to have a strong diesel but not with the problems they are having these days. As you stated, most don't even need that much power and those that do don't know the proper way to haul anyway from what I see every week on the highway. I'm talking the average guy as I know there are several professional drivers on here that I'm sure have tons of stories. This is where I believe the last great Light diesel engine fit being the 7.3 with 275HP and 525TQ. The 7.3 in my uncles daily worked F-350 just rounded 300,000 with just a Trans rebuild. A few friends that have the 7.6 in Medium duty IH's are getting 500,000 until issues.
  11. Navistar engine production

    Great question. Hard to believe as IMHO the 466 is the best Medium duty engine for the longest time. I have it in my IH4900. Granted its not the fastest or strongest engine in this heavy truck but the most reliable and cost efficient. Agreed! In my mind, the last great diesel Light Truck Diesel was the 7.3. Most of my friends that actually use their diesels for work have switched to Medium Duty Trucks due to the limited reliability of todays Light Duty Diesel. Yes now they have great power and speed, but unreliable as a diesel used to be known for. I guess that's the downside for having Tractor Trailer power in a Light Truck size engine. At work friends have all new makes and models and I don't think there is one that hasn't been in the shop since new for something. Unreliable from a business standpoint. Shame. Guess Ill be keeping my 4900 longer than I thought. Mike
  12. Any of you guys see and or buy the limited edition 1/64 DCP Lonestar Semi at the 2017 RPRU? What was the price they were selling? Mike
  13. 986 cab what do you think

    This is the route I'm going with my 1586 restore. Hopefully will be calling Mike for all my cab parts soon and will take it down over the winter in the shop. Yours Gleaner, looks better than mine. I also have to replace my fenders which I bought both off eBay form a yard in Michigan. Mike
  14. RPRU 1206 Beauty Des Moines

    What size rear tires and rims are those? And who sells the spin on fuel filter kit?
  15. RPRU 1206 Beauty Des Moines

    Great detail ! Like the pan! Before we bought a 1206 weeks ago, I begged dad to find a NF but he was set on a WF. I'm sure the pictures don't do it justice and cant get enough looks.