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  1. Happy Birthday

    Thank you ,I guess this one is a milestone .70 today .
  2. Just drove the new CH 1050

    Sure hope we get to see it with duals ,as far as ugly ---all new tractors are only a spray can of paint away from looking the same .
  3. IH 1026 Hydro

    You got me an answer about wheel weights My 1256 has a set like those bolted to a set of 2 piece ones on the inside .The shape is enough different that it split the one piece ones right through the lift slots .I had wondered from the time I bought the tractor what those were used on . I had enquired on a thread on RPF awhile back with no response . Thank you ,fabulous looking tractor.
  4. Making Loose Hay

    Modern hay stacking
  5. Who is this Red Power member?

    I like "funny" but Red Green and Mr. Bean are both dick heads as far as I'm concerned .
  6. If you know it worked at the ocean it may have been launching and retrieving boats out of the water .I once saw a tractor that backed out into the North Sea to pull boats out of the water at a village in northern England.
  7. Its a sickness really

    I like the frontend weights on your CIH yard tractor .
  8. Nice work PSP!

    Thanks to alert servers at McDonalds for tipping the police off , they got him sooner than later.

    http://www.thecombineforum.com/forums/18-tractors/293601-20th-anniversary-quad-trac.html That is a nice comparison of old and new ,I'm surprised they didn't use this anniversary paint job . I believe I copied this from Ag talk a while ago .
  10. Flat landers I think have it made

    Absolutely ,right into a slough you can't farm.
  11. 1206 Clean Up

    Now that is one fine 1206 !! Fresh tires and cleaned up rims and it looks like new . What name is on the dealer decal ,just curious.
  12. Value of an IH 1206 cab?

    "You have a problem Houston ", actually 3 . First off too many guys like me that would never spend what it is probably worth. From what I can tell following this forum for years ,there has been much more energy invested taking cabs off than installing them . The number of people spending $30,000.00 to rebuild a $3,000.00 tractor especially with a cab are few and far between and they are the ones whom would treasure it enough to pay a good price . I hope you find a market for it .
  13. IH 1256 Delta

    Beautiful trucks ,do they ever rust in Texas ? The only way you would find a truck like that in this part of the world is if one was bought and put in the Quonset and left there just to stir the pot at coffee row. You sure had me stumped with that "Delta" designation for a while .
  14. Maybe for the Amish market ? In the original post regarding the single rib tire ,the first 1206 I ever saw had single rib fronts and we were along way from any cotton fields .
  15. H sickle mowers value?

    That is an interesting picture .When I was a kid dad bought the older brother to that ,instead of the belt it had a gear box otherwise the frame and hitch looked identical .I have no idea what model it would have been.