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  1. Totally depends on how dirty the air cleaner is. If it is really dirty, clean it and clean it some more until you are sick and tired of cleaning it by steam clean, power washer or soak in a tank of solvent. Then take it apart and see all the crud you never even came close to getting out. Picture of a dirty one I took apart, and cleaned.
  2. Messicks shows$ 515 for 5088 and $278 for 5488.
  3. I don't have bulletins old enough to show cam shaft change to .025 lash . Service manual shows engine serial number on a DT436 114241 and above with new setting of .025. The block will probably show another T in serial number but the service manual always refers to the turboed engines with just the DT. It could have been in the 86 series and then later the wide lobe cam was introduced. Confusing indeed.
  4. The little "dish" in the 4 pad clutch disc caught my eye. When in service training back in the 60's in St. Paul, Minn, they showed us the dish that was being put in the disc. I dished a lot of them over the years and when you got them right, the clutch released really nice. Story about that. We sold a 886 that you could not get in or out of gear without grinding the gears or tugging on lever . I split it , dished the disc, it worked fine. IH rejected the warranty claim as an unauthorized modification. The young pups didn't know about the factory modification. Shortly after that, we received a service bulletin showing how they were "dishing " the clutch disc's on the smaller tractors like 74 series. As far as the Tender foot, one of my friends, customer, has one on a 1086. He likes it but has the feel of how to clutch it. I personally would not want one on a tractor that several different operators used.l
  5. The good thing is that parts are still available to repair it after meltdown.
  6. HUGE is the correct word. Every thing from rear of engine on back including the housings.
  7. Yes, the internal drive gears are different . Like I said,the clutch style rear pto unit is straight through and the planetary style has gear reduction internally. The gears up front is where the difference is to obtain standard pto speed.
  8. You move the seal on the tube. One tube fits all applications. Seal must fit snug in bore to keep air out.
  9. The 460 is same unit. Just has that extra spacer in front which you don't need on the 560. I am assuming it is the planetary like you 560.
  10. Any from Super MTA, 300, 400 on up. Do not install the clutch type(later style on 560) though because the planetary unit has gear reduction inside and the clutch type is direct straight through.
  11. What tractor. If delco three wire alternator, make darn sure the number two terminal connector is tight and not corroded. Poor connection there will make voltage vary and usually get high.
  12. Valve lash depends on which camshaft is in the engine. Early engines were .020 intake and .025 exhaust but they soon changed the camshaft to .025 all valves. If it has the wide lobe cam, which is a still later cam, in it for sure .025. If not, well, you would have to check valve timing to tell which camshaft is in there. Does it have a decal on valve cover . I would guess apparently not.
  13. You indicate it will not catch above 1600 rpms. I will take that to mean the tractor will stop moving. If that is the case there is no other alternative but to repair as like you said, the low side is strictly mechanical . Yes, it does have a free wheeling clutch disc pack that if operating correctly will pull a very light load but the actual load is carried by the Sprague. In your case I would say the free wheeling clutch is also worn out or the hydraulic pressure to it is leaking away so same scenario, repair.
  14. Hy-Capacity shows that new hitch pump for 504 at $498 or was it $398. Are you sure you got gasket and o ring between pumps ok. Guess it depends on how well the hitch worked before also. Most independent tractor repair shops and dealers can get Hy Capacity parts. Also, caution on that suction tube because if you did not replace it , most likely it will give you problems soon.
  15. Early style rocker arms were prone to this type of failure. Usually it is on the exhaust rocker and then the engine pops back through the air cleaner which you notice far more than the miss. What can contribute to this failure is tightening down the rocker arm shaft assembly with tension against valves by not backing out the adjustment screws on rockers. That also lead to breaking the rocker arm shaft. Your next problem (bearer of potential bad news) is that of course the rocker arm assembly is also part of the head bolt pattern. You can lessen any potential problems by draining down the coolant before removing the rocker arm assembly. I would then also go over all head bolts on reassembly.