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  1. we do 145 to 150 on our sixteen foot hay racks.
  2. of course smaller engine. smaller clutch and narrower final drive gears.
  3. a hy-capacity dealer can help you out.
  4. I have a 340 farmall too. It is the handiest tractor to back empty wagons around with because of it's very short wheelbase. To light to back full wagons. I always called it a super c with 560 tin. Somebody told me they used a 460 utility reared in the 340. The bad thing about the 340 is it has got to be about the hardest tractor ever made to get on and off of. Not enough room between the seat and steering wheel.
  5. happy birthday dave!
  6. All of our tractors with clamp on duals have had the eyebolts lopthreaded into the clamp bolt. We have never used more than four clamps. Like the doctor said after band is seated in the tractor rim the clamps don't do much.
  7. part of the oil pump is pot metal, could be bad. had one on an f-20 once fell apart. you need to call the Nebraska cowman for parts and advice.
  8. any of you Pa. guys do business with hetricks in New Bethlehem. I bought some obsolete corn 234 corn picker parts from them last week.
  9. very nice film. I also liked the open tractors. I hadn't plowed without being in a cab since '78. a few years back we got the 1206 going and plowed a little with it. it was very enjoyable plowing out in the open air.
  10. I wish you were closer. I would trade you a good mta grill and drawbar for the picker.
  11. I looked at the topic 660 recall and they said that ih made over 400000 H tractors in one year. Who comes up with these wrong numbers or don't they proof read their books?
  12. Our 706 gas tractors all take ten quarts.
  13. the book 150 years of international harvester will give you some information. so will the archives inn Wisconsin. we have a Milwaukee reaper, we even tried to use it once along time ago.
  14. we have four 706 gas tractors here. really like them and they all have c-301 combine motors in them.