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  1. Engine kits

    Early 400lp used high altitude pistons. later ones used standard [flattop] pistons and the higher compression head.
  2. Safe distance between 706 tires

    the tractor is only as safe as the operator regardless of the wheel setting.
  3. Pole barn header

    had a 50 x 80 x 18 hay shed built this spring with 4 20' openings on the one side. builder used 3 - 18" lam beams.
  4. Should I...

    cousin to farmer tony?
  5. Old time photo of a 1206 super stocker

    I think his setup is very good for the timeframe. Remember back then you couldn't just send jerry lagod a check and get a proven system.
  6. John Deere splits in half

    The clutch didn't hold allowing the engine to over rev. watch the rear wheel slow down.
  7. Electronic ignition spark plug gap

    That tractor had an msd box on it too. Lots of volts.
  8. Electronic ignition spark plug gap

    I gap our using tractors at .035. the m with the big motor that we used to pull was gapped at .045. A lot of times if it was warm and you turned the ignition on it would start without touching the starter. just like a tuned up model t ford.
  9. F20 manifold exhuast pipe thread

    Well a 10-20 motor is the same size as an f-30 so it wouldn't fit your f-20. F-20's all came with the hot style manifold that had the exhaust pipe flange mounted. If yours has pipe threads it is an aftermarket gasoline manifold so it could be a 2inch or 2 1/2 inch thread. I have both.
  10. 1206 serial number

    Looks very clean and straight for a loader tractor.
  11. Steel Wheels

    Your wheels will go on a f-20 or farmall regular. Pretty common not worth too much. Probably get from 200 to 400 a set for them.
  12. M and H hauling

    ok guys some people think to be safe anything bigger than a cub needs a semi. if you are hauling with a pickup and trailer near maximum weight capacity have someone with a ruler measure your rear bumper with just the trailer empty then load the trailer so the bumper goes down three to four inches and it will pull nice. but make sure you have good trailer brakes.
  13. 450 tin

  14. 450 tin

    The white goes in the bottom. I will never buy the high priced piece of white from ih again. It will fade quickly and it's not very glossy to start with. I use 901 white. The 400 hood probably won't have the hole over the hydraulic valves.
  15. narrow front wedge on M

    The wedge makes the angle of the lower bolster the same as a super m. It's purpose is to make it steer easier.