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  1. A bit of rain here.

    3.7 here in the last 24 hrs.
  2. 18.4-38's vs 20.8-38's

    20.8 will pull a lot more than 18.4. Twenty five years experience with both sizes on like tractors.
  3. Kory Wagons

    If it was a J&M or McCurdy or any other good quality box would sell better. The Kory is one of the cheap ones that doesn't have the little step by the door so they don't empty as easy. I would say the box alone to be worth one to two hundred dollars. The running gear would be worth more maybe much more depending on the weight rating and the tires. Asking how much a Kory wagon is worth is like someone asking how much their Ford car is worth. A picture or more details would be very helpful.
  4. Company with best D361 engine rebuild kit and other parts.

    To do the overhaul correctly you will need the block bored .002 or .005 over and get the kit with the right oversize on the outside of the sleeve. The bores will not be round they never are after thousands of hours of use.
  5. Harvest corn with a grain header.....

    Oliver's first corn head took the whole plant in.
  6. 1206 prices??!!

    well most people, including me think the 1206 is the best looking tractor ever built.
  7. are these the 39 h 36 inch rims I need

    Those started life as steel wheels like the others said. They are later ones, the '39 steel wheels have clamps like an f-12.
  8. My new old pulling tractor

    For a farm shop job from the sixties it sure doesn't look bad. The frame and hood are stretched four inches. hard to find on the frame. yes it sounds good and very loud.
  9. My new old pulling tractor

    I found this m on craigslist it was near ada ohio, about sixty miles from us. I have been looking for a pair of 13x38 wards tires for over forty years, yes the tires are in great shape. The fellow I bought it from didn't know for sure when it was built, but I would guess in the mid sixties. I was really shocked when he told me were the tractor had originally came from because Ada is a real hotbed of old time pullers like Paul and Carl Bosse and Bill James to name a couple. Curtis Close the original builder of the tractor died this past January. Into the mid seventies Curtis pulled a 460 Farmall that was very tough, he won the triple crown of tractor pulling with it, the Indy superpull, Louisville farm show pull and Bowling Green. I can remember that tractor also because it had a four barrel carburetor sticking out of the hood. Some of the best tractor pulling times I personally had was during the nineties when we pulled a m at the antique pulls and had a lot of quality time visiting with Wheeler Rittinger who pulled a 350 at that time. Ahhh the good old days.
  10. My new old pulling tractor

    I don't know Pete, I'm a lot older than I used to be. The fellow I bought it from said it would go 60 real easy. This tractor is from the days before any safety rules. No wheelie bars and the hitch wouldn't meet todays standards. One of these days I will get brave and take the starter off to see if it has a cast flywheel yet.
  11. My new old pulling tractor

    No, I'm just going to pet it and look at it.
  12. My new old pulling tractor

    I've bought seven h's and m's this fall and this is the one I have been looking for over forty years. It has a Bowling Green participation decal on it from 1971 that's the first year that I went to the Bowling Green tractor pull. This tractor was built by one of my boyhood heroes Curtis Close of Bellevue Ohio. It has a430 Lincoln motor and 13x38 wards tires and it runs like a top. Below the farmall on the hood it says Too little to smoke.
  13. Engine kits

    Early 400lp used high altitude pistons. later ones used standard [flattop] pistons and the higher compression head.
  14. Safe distance between 706 tires

    the tractor is only as safe as the operator regardless of the wheel setting.
  15. Pole barn header

    had a 50 x 80 x 18 hay shed built this spring with 4 20' openings on the one side. builder used 3 - 18" lam beams.