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  1. 450LP Need an lp expert.

    He converted the l.p.tank. I had cut a square out of the top of the l.p.tank to clean up corrosion inside, then rewelded it into place. That would be easy to spot I think.
  2. 450LP Need an lp expert.

    That's a great tractor! We had one on my family's dairy growing up. My uncle converted it to gasoline, I loved that machine. It was sold on auction 15 years ago. If your building it to work, you might want to consider switching to gasoline and just keep the l.p. equipment in case you wanted to bring it back to original. Either way, I'd check the regulator and carburetor for restrictions, sounds like it's being starved for fuel. There should be a brass filter assembly, start there. I'm sure someone more knowledgeable than I will give you better advice, but it's a start.
  3. Do wild corn dogs grow in your area?

    Lol!!! I heard the marshmallow harvest was slim this year, and the spaghetti trees frosted out. At least there's wild corn dogs to fill the gap.
  4. New joke

    LOL!!!! I'm dying over here, that's funny!
  5. Crispy 7120 Combine

    That'll buff right out.
  6. Convincing dad not to switch oil!

    After repeated mcv and hitch pump failures, I switched to hytran in my Ih machines. Haven't had another pump fail in the 12 years since, could be coincidence. Either way, fix the leaks! Don't buy the cheapest stuff either, look at the bottom of anyone empty bucket of the el cheapo, there is some nasty looking stuff in it.
  7. Tile plow accident

    What an unexpected tragedy. Every day on this side of the grass is a blessing, not a given. Make sure you let your loved ones know how you feel about them every day, it might be your last. Praying for those affected.
  8. SHopping for electric Razor

    Ahh! Seeing this thread makes me appreciate that my wife likes my beard! :-) shaving seems high maintenance, and especially this time of year a beard helps me stay warm. When I did shave, I would trim short with a Wahl beard trimmer and then shave with a razor. I do know the Wahl brand is common in barber shops, that's gotta be a good endorsement.
  9. local 5488

    No, it was sold at auction. It was a very sharp, great running machine, I certainly expected more, but the farm economy here is crap. I just watched an auction this week where some 92&9370 stiegers brought between 10-35k. And the expensive one had nice triples and a FULL set of weights front and rear, 6000 hours. Anyone seriously wanting to sell farm equipment has to be willing to sell cheap, unless commodity prices double.
  10. local 5488

    I think $3.20 corn is finally catching up with most producers. The last 5488 I saw sell on auction was a nice looking 2wd that brought $7200. So $33500 seems out of line.
  11. local 5488

    I'm not an appraisal expert by any means, but 22-25 is more what I expect it would bring
  12. local 5488

    That machine should be in top notch shape for that coin. Just sold a beautiful mx240, 8000 hours, rebuild trans, base/clear DuPont paint, brand new firestones on all fours corners, 2000 lbs of steel weights for less than that.
  13. Backhoe will not start.

    Sorry I tried to p.m. you but it would not send a message said you are unable to receive them. Google search Mylex International, out of Mendenhall Mississippi we've used them for decades for parts and rebuilds.
  14. Backhoe will not start.

    My $30 rebuild kit arrived Monday afternoon, I had the machine running before the evening was through. Went smoothly, I received a complete service Manual with the kit. That was helpful to know all of the specs, as was the copious amount of pictures I tools while disassembling it. I wouldn't be surprised if the flex ring was falling apart in yours too Mr Huffman. Good luck!
  15. 986 exhaust

    X3, all the carbon will screw up an alternator, not to mention making a mess.
  16. 3 year old in the hospital

    Dale, it must be a hard thing to have to go through with your kids. Praying for your family.
  17. Happy birthday Tony in Ca.

    Congratulations on another year!! Here's to many more spent with the ones you love! :-)
  18. And I thought I was just deplorable....

  19. My turn for prayers

    It's always scary when a loved one must go under the knife. The Great Physician is ultimately in control, and we know that He will work all things for the good of those who call upon His name. Praying for peace, comfort, and healing.
  20. Backhoe will not start.

    Thanks! This is what I have to work with, just waiting on the rebuild kit to arrive now.
  21. Give and take word game

    Mustache wax
  22. Over-sized Load or Under-sized road?

    Should have towed it with a farm tractor...
  23. And I thought I was just deplorable....

    X2!! I may not always agree with tilla, but he's an articulate and respectful guy. It's easy to descend into hostilities when discussing political issues. I think everyone here can agree that we need to rise above the shouting to engage in civil discussion, especially with our fellow Americans. It's a great honor and privilege to live in the land of the free, and it's taken great sacrifice from people of all stripes to defend and uphold the freedoms we cherish.
  24. Backhoe will not start.

    I had found that video too, mine is disassembled awaiting the $30 rebuild kit now. My uncle had rebuilt many of these pumps over the years, and had the service manual so I figured it's worth a shot, especially since my barley Malting barn construction is awaiting the crawler loader to grade for concrete. When I got the pump apart, there were only a few pieces of the flex ring left. I wonder where the rest of it went...
  25. drying corn

    I agree, you should use aeration to dry it out. It will also remove co2, helping prevent spoiling